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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

[Episode 51] Follow That Hat to Camp Marimac

Why miss out? Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail!

Hosts: Rachael Burt, Chris Valerius, and David Cameo

Apologies for Dave's Mic! We only found out after the live stream, during the editing process for the audio podcast
HOST David Cameo will be attending #CMCB in Senoia, GA and the #FearTheWalkingDead #FearTWDSeason5 #SeasonPremiere at #IFCCenter. Chris from BMNY Deadcast has a TON of news to catch us up on (merch, panels and sordid tales). Rachael Burt is going FULL #AlphaTWD to raise money for #StJudes (DONATE HERE)
...And a TON of #news!


Intro Music by GentleBruce
* @Thorgon9 is sending #RickGrimes' hat around the world
* Dave is heading down to Camp Marimac Charity Bash (
* With Chris on the line, we take a tour of his lovely new home (for visuals, be sure to watch on Facebook/YouTube)
* Chris got a chance to interview #TomPayne (stay tuned to our Twitter for a link) at #HudsonValleyComicCon (
* In praise of #BlackSummer (in spite of #ZNation)
* Shouting out Renee EVERYTHING she is and does: @iowamamaof3 (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) ... check her out writing on Undead Walking, too!
* We love you all (online) but we don't know who you are in person (COME AT US BRO)... and poorly signing boobs
* ... @Thorgon9's Sheriff's hat will end up at The Woodbury Shoppe (Twitter/Instagram) and the uncanny @daryldixonuk
* Pound (#) Mary keep on pounding... #XanderBerkeley, "It's PROUD Mary...Dickhead"
* Rachael's burgeoning artistry and follicly generous charity:
* "...I can get it up pretty quickly" "title of your porno" "...Noyne-NOYNE!"
* ...Chris steps up: All proceeds from BMNY's Merch store will be redirected to Rachael's charity until the August deadline:
* ...NO, you cannot rewrite #GameOfThrones / The Walking Dead!
* #JudithGrimes, the character was being paid in the womb... or just a pillow of money
* Dave will ALSO be attending the Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere at IFC Center - JOIN US:…1129745204582539265
* ...and if you haven't caught up with FearTWD, DO IT: this season affects The Walking Dead Franchise on the whole!
* Speaking of, #MattFrewer is joining the cast!
* ...ONLY watch #TheOrder on #Netflix if you want to trashtalk about it in DMs #NetflixTheOrder
* Chris discusses CMCB panels and how he got the #NYCC gig
* Driving vs Flying to Senoia from NYC: either way's a bitch
* Scalp Tattoos