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Sunday, June 26, 2022

[Better SQUAWK Saul: E1] Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2 of Better Call Saul, "Wine and Roses" & "Carrot and Stick"

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Originally Recorded 2022/04/25
Our inaugural coverage of (something other than an episode of The Walking Dead Universe) Better Call Saul: In its 6th and final season. You have Sherrandy (AKA @BlazyGardener) to thank as she was the one who was really passionate about us doing this and, as we've alluded to at many points during our podcast's history, we've always wanted to branch out and talk about other television shows under this podcast's banner (and Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul are usually first on the list of series that are rattled off).
As both the 1st and 2nd episodes of this season of Better Call Saul were released, simultaneously, so too goes our episode coverage. As mentioned in the pre-amble, we first debuted these episodes on our YouTube Channel, to fairly decent reception, so we continued along this path. Our first several episodes and reaction videos were marked unlisted, to create more of a groundswell and to receive more feedback from our Ko-fi members, then we debuted them all in a row a few weeks later. If you want the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve on any new material we plan on releasing, the only place we develop these ideas is on our Ko-fi page . Create a FREE account, today, on and follow us on to get the inside baseball on what we're doing as a podcast. You don't have to buy us a coffee or join a membership tier (for as little as a $1): it's the only place where we post our recording sessions, unedited episode recordings, and our new ideas to get your feedback (rather than on Social Media). Don't want to wait for these episodes to release via the audio podcast? They're already up on our YouTube Channel, here:

Sherrandy Swift:
Rachael Burt:


  •  Better Call Saul finally returns after two years!
    A major Better Call Saul season 6 surprise has been revealed – and fans  aren't happy | TechRadar
  • This is our first season opener without Gene Takovic!
    Better Call Saul's Gene Scores Major Props From Cinnabon | Cinemablend
  • The opener was full of hidden Easter eggs, and future "PREaster Eggs" according to the insider podcast!
  • The tequila stopper from an earlier episode appears amongst these Easter eggs!
    Better Call Saul Easter Egg Hints At Jimmy & Kim's Unhappy Ending
  • Sherrandy reveals that we are about two and a half years away from Breaking Bad.
    Breaking Bad" Pilot (TV Episode 2008) - IMDb
  • Where is Kim Wexler in our black and white/Gene Takovic timeline?
    Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn On Surprise Death In Semi-Finale – Deadline
  • Sherrandy reveals the writers considered using the house that Jimmy McGill and Kim looked at in a previous season.
    50% Off - Breaking Bad Locations
  • It has only been about 3 days since Jimmy's journey in the desert.
    Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Bagman is Great — Spoilers |  IndieWire
  • How far will Jimmy go to make Kim happy?
    Better Call Saul' stars on Kim, Jimmy and what happens next - Los Angeles  Times
  • What significance does Kim throwing away the lawyer cup hold?
    Why Better Call Saul's World's Best Lawyer Mug Meant So Much To Jimmy
  • Was Chuck McGill wrong about Jimmy being the danger? Is Kim the true danger?
    Better Call Saul' Returns: 7 Things We Learned From the Season 3 Premiere
  • Are we, as an audience, supposed to hate Howard Hamlin?
    Patrick Fabian Interview About Howard's Big Moment on 'Better Call Saul' |  Vanity Fair
  • Why does Kim hate Howard?
    Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn Has Been 'Grossly Overlooked' by Emmys,  Co-Star Says
  • Is Kim using Jimmy's anger towards Howard to manipulate Jimmy into doing what she wants?
    Slideshow: Better Call Saul: "Smoke" Photos
  • Is Gustavo Fring trying to get Ignacio "Nacho" Varga off the board?
    Gus Will 'Take Matters into His Own Hands' in 'Better Call Saul' Season Six
  • What was Jimmy's intention going into the country club?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: A Tale of Two Crimes
  • Is this the last we see of Kevin Wachtell?
    Better Call Saul (2015)
  • Does Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca genuinely care about his people?
    Better Call Saul' Season 6, Episode 1 Review: 'Wine and Roses' Shines |  IndieWire
  • How different are Lalo and Gus really?
    Gus Will 'Take Matters into His Own Hands' in 'Better Call Saul' Season Six
  • Special shoutout to Mark Margolis for his face acting as Don Hector Salamanca!
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 1 and 2 Recap/Ending, Explained: Who is  Following Saul and Kim?
  • Let's switch gears to episode 2, Carrot and Stick!
    Better Call Saul' Season 6, Episode 2: Do the Hustle - The New York Times
  • How traumatized are Nacho's girls, Amber & Jo?
    Better Call Saul" Carrot and Stick (TV Episode 2022) - IMDb
  • Will Mike Ehrmantraut help Nacho?
    Better Call Saul' Review: Season 6, Season 2 'Carrot and Stick' Hurts |  IndieWire
  • Will Nacho have to confess everything to his father?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3 Review | Game Live Story
  • Will we lose Manuel Varga?
    Better Call Saul' season 4 episode 3: Nachos is in trouble and your  favorite meth cook returns in 'Something Beautiful' | MEAWW
  • Huge round of applause and welcome back to Craig & Betsy Kettleman!
    Better Call Saul' Kettlemans' Office Re-Uses 1 Authentic 'Breaking Bad' Prop
  • The Inflatable Statue of Liberty is the same one Saul Goodman uses above his office in Breaking Bad!
    The Kettlemans Return On 'Better Call Saul,' But It's Kim Who Gets The  Better Of Them This Time
  • Did you feel sorry for the Kettlemans?
    Season 6 of Better Call Saul: Who Are the Kettlemans? - The UBJ - United  Business Journal
  • The Kettlemans are the reason Jimmy and Kim got involved with the cartel in the first place!
    Better Call Saul: Kettlemans' Return Hints At Kim's Gene Timeline Fate -  Phแบงn mแปm Portable
  • How does Kim truly feel about Jimmy giving the Kettlemans the money?
  • Would you agree that this show is the best one on on television, currently?
    How to watch Better Call Saul season 6 on Netflix from anywhere today,  Episode 7 Plan and Execution | What Hi-Fi?

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Monday, June 13, 2022

[Episode 195] Season 7, Episode 16 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Gone"

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Is no one really gone until they're gone? #MadisonClark has returned AND has finally crossed paths with #MorganJones and we have a LOT to say about that. #AliciaClark may be "gone", but her presence still casts quite the shadow over our episode coverage. It feels like a long-overdue clearing of the table that is #FearTWD's 7th season is finally complete and we're already setting it for #FearTWDseason8!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:


  • Jasmine, in response to Dave calling out Rachael's impending drunkenness this episode (and recreational stealth in prior episodes): Don't do drugs kids!
    Fear the Walking Dead' recap 3x14 "El Matadero" - Pure Fandom
  • Fear the Walking Dead's  7th Season finally comes to a close!
    Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 | Radio Times
  • Sherrandy, "I was rooting for the crabs!"
    Madison's Return To 'Fear The Walking Dead' Is A Total Betrayal Of Kim  Dickens' Character
  • Stay tuned for an plethora of content in the coming months, including interviews and special footage from The Camp, a visit to Samuel's Sweet Shop (in Rhinebeck, NY) with WHISPERERS tier member (and host of Let's Taco Bout the Dead) Tyler Phillip Cox, and our Better SQUAWK Saul episodes (covering the final episodes of Better Call Saul)!
    Better Call Saul' Recap: Season 6, Episode 7 — Midseason Finale | TVLine
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  • Twist our arm: here's the photo of Dave with Teo Rapp-Olsson (who plays Sebastian Milton on The Walking Dead) & Margot Bingham (Max Mercer on TWD)
  • Jasmine: Hated this past half season, but really enjoyed the finale.
    Fear the Walking Dead' Resurrects Madison Clark in Season 7 Finale (RECAP)
  • Bridget: Really loved both Morgan Jones and Madison Clark at different times in their lives, but feels they were out of character this season.
    Fear the Walking Dead has a big reinvention coming in season 8 |
  • Bridget: This episode felt like a backdoor pilot.
    Fear the Walking Dead' Resurrects Madison Clark in Season 7 Finale (RECAP)
  • Should they have just let Madison appear, or was it right to announce it on Talking Dead? Meanwhile, enjoy as DAVE REACTS to the moment when it was revealed that Kim Dickens was returning to Fear TWD.
    The Walking Dead Big Announcement - Madison Returns to Fear | Talking Dead  Special Guest Kim Dickens - YouTube
  • Sherrandy: Enjoyed the episode, on its own, but doesn't like Madison or Morgan.
    Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained
  • Jasmine: Enjoyed Madison for the first time because she was presented as severely compromised.
    Fear TWD': Kim Dickens Has 'Gotten Past' Pain of Getting 'Killed Off'
  • How will Madison feel if and when she meets Charlie?
    Fear The Walking Dead episode 402 review: Another Day in the Diamond - Page  3
  • Will Charlie survive long enough to even meet Madison, again?
    Fear The Walking Dead: 10 Questions Fans Have For Season 8
  • Check out our last episode with Sarabeth Pollock!
    Fear the Walking Dead says goodbye to Alicia
  • What was your impressions of Madison's reaction when Morgan finally reveals the fate of her children? Dave was very emotional: WHISPERERS Tier member, Aidan, saw it first hand!
    Fear The Walking Dead 7x16 Morgan Tells Madison Her Kids Are Dead Season 7  Episode 16 [HD] - YouTube
  • Did you feel disappointed by Madison's reaction/behavior?
    Fear The Walking Dead 7x16 Morgan Realizes Who Madison Is Season 7 Episode  16 [HD] - YouTube
  • How long has Madison been working with PADRE?
    Fear the Walking Dead: Madison will return and now we know why
  • When and in what manner did you start watching Fear the Walking Dead? Did you start watching since day one, in 2015, or did you start midseason, somewhere, and rewatch? Were you only introduced in the 4th Season, like Sherrandy?
    Fear the Walking Dead': Garrett Dillahunt Explains John Dorie – The  Hollywood Reporter
  • Could PADRE be affiliated with the Civic Republic Military? Or Perhaps The Commonwealth?
    Fear the Walking Dead/CRM Update: Sydney Lemmon Teases Stay Tuned
  • Bridget spots that Morgan/Madison are somewhere in Louisiana!
    FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale Recap (S07E16): Gone
  • What role might Sherry play in this upcoming storyline?
    Fear The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 13 Review - The Knockturnal
  • Continuing our thought process from the last episode (because you can't unring a bell), could Annie, Max, and Dylan (et al) have been at PADRE this whole time?
    Bailey Gavulic
  • Could most of our unaccounted for characters be at PADRE?!
    Fear The Walking Dead: Some missing characters from season 4 trailers
  • Will Morgan ever figure out how to quit that radio, cold turkey? Walkie-fiend...
    Fear TWD' Has No Current Plans for 'TWD' Final Season Crossover
  • Who is your favorite character in The Walking Dead Universe? Do you have a favorite on each TWDU show?
    The Walking Dead' Season 8 Finale & 'Fear The Walking Dead' Crossover To  Play In Theaters – Deadline
  • Bridget: Can we be we certain that PADRE even picked up Baby Morgan?
    Madison's Return To 'Fear The Walking Dead' Is A Total Betrayal Of Kim  Dickens' Character
  • We had heard or (may have mis)interpreted Madison's callsign as Jay. Sherrandy notes that Blue Jays are known for their intelligence and complex social systems with tight family bonds; however, Blue Jays are known to take and eat eggs and nestlings of other birds. (
    Blue Jay Life History, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Was Morgan's decision to let Ava go a wise one?
  • Ava joins the ranks of many characters that perished in the same episode they were introduced, this season.
    Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Images Reveal New Character Ali
  • Were you, like Dave, reminded of Morgan's encounter with walker Rachel (Baby Mo's biological mother, played by Brigitte Kali Canales) when walker Ava was revealed to him? Or, perhaps you thought as Sherrandy did and were reminded of the man/walker Morgan tried to save in Episode 4x01.
  • What would you call Madison's new weapon?
  • Dave: No complaints on this episode.
    Fear the Walking Dead' Resurrects Madison Clark in Season 7 Finale (RECAP)
  • In what ways are Victor Strand and Madison different and the same?
    How Colman Domingo got Kim Dickens back on Fear the Walking Dead |
  • Would Madison have been a successful, long lasting leader of Strand's Tower?
    Fear TWD': Colman Domingo on Strand's 'Fully Askew' Moral Compass
  • How would Madison have reacted to Teddy Maddox?
    Fear The Walking Dead season 6 episode 11: who is new villain Teddy?
  • What motivation does Madison have (to live and move about the series/universe) in the absence of her children?
    Fear TWD' Coshowrunner: Season 6 Doesn't 'Close the Door' on Madison
  • What might be on the horizon for Season 8?
    Fear The Walking Dead, Survival Rule Of The Week: Bad For Good
  • We went from Beer Bottle Balloons (the impossible is possible) to nuclear fallout (nothing is possible): We've had quite the rollercoaster of a journey.
    Fear the Walking Dead The Little Prince - The Game of Nerds
  • It's been confirmed that the anthology-style storytelling will continue, but largely in the same setting (PADRE): do you think it gives us a deeper dive into characters than we would've had otherwise or have you felt fatigued/distressed by the lack of characters appearing in a given episode?
    Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 Review & Recap
  • What are you possibly most looking forward to in Season 8?
    Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date - OtakuKart
  • What might Madison & Strand's reunion look like?
    Fear The Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 9 Review: Los Muertos
  • Will Victor Strand live up to Alicia Clark's sacrifice?
    Fear the Walking Dead Archives » SpikyTV
  • You know what they (don't) say: A Victor a day keeps the Morgan at bay! ...or vice versa!
    Fear the Walking Dead's subtle jab at Strand's haters

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