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Sunday, February 27, 2022

[Episode 178] Season 11(B), Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, "No Other Way"

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WE'RE BACK breaking down episodes! The fate of #Neggie hangs in the balance! We dissect the state of #TWD on the whole, whilst drilling down key examples: including some #SpookyBetaShit in the case of #FatherGabriel!
THE UNEDITED VERSION of this recording is a whopping 3 HOURS! It's filled to the brim with gaffes and expansion that just went missing in the high quality recordings that we simply couldn't technically retrieve (so this one is well-worth the watch). To stream it while supporting the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcast, just click here:

David Cameo:
Sherrandy Swift:




  • Can take a few watches to feel the impact of the episode.
  • Finality looms on the horizon.
  • Aliza: Foreboding and Frustration.
  • Bridget: Excited and Emotional.
  • Jasmine is a SQUAWKING DEAD TWD Coverage virgin! "WE’RE ALL FRIENDS! WE’RE ALL FRIENDS!"
  • Jasmine: Satisfied by Meridian, Disappointed by Alden’s death, Excited and Nervous about The Commonwealth.
  • Contrast: Lame Commonwealth versus Indomitable Reapers.
  • Sherrandy: Loves Meridian, Meh on Alexandria Safe-Zone, Shoe-horned Ending (with the time jump).


  • You use what you have.
  • Experts in Munitions, those crafty Reapers.
  • Undoubted Reaper maintenance reminds us of Aliza’s Secret Santa gift to Merle Dixon (rubbin’ his nub)!
  • Maggie Rhee, Reaper Fisher, and her Nutcruncher!


  • Gracie’s inability to protect herself: is Aaron creating a Sam Anderson?
  • Sherrandy calls for a Tia Rosita Espinosa training session.
  • Hope Bennett (The Walking Dead: World Beyond) eventually learns to fight, so why not Gracie?
  • Alexandria was supposed to be a safe-haven.
  • Gracie being sheltered put everyone in danger, more than once.
  • Will Aaron suffer the same fate as Jessie Anderson?
  • Gracie’s Savior genetics!
  • Daryl Dixon and Rosita taking steps to protect the kids.
  • With Alden’s expiration, who will take care of Baby Adam?
  • Parallel to John Dorie’s death on Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Jack of all trades or specialist in one?
  • Aaron to the rescue!
  • Worried Aaron would end up like Bob Stookey in the basement of Father Gabriel’s church’s food bank.
  • Horror is back! Walkers are still dangerous!
  • Aaron and Lydia come full circle.


  • Maggie’s emotions return, full force, upon finding Alden.
  • Did Alden’s death fall flat? Is it because of how long it was left hanging for viewers?
  • An off-screen death lessens the impact, whether you wait for the episode or binge it.
  • Alden’s lack of juices!
  • Just say "No" to Walker Sherrandy!


  • Alex Meraz’s excellent work as Reaper Carver.
  • 3 on 1: Carver wipes the floor with Maggie, Negan, and Elijah.
  • Jasmine’s Justice for The Reapers: The scenes with Leah Shaw and Daryl may have made he Reapers seem less threatening, but this scene was redeeming.
  • Daryl tries not to kill anymore Reapers after his fight with Reaper Austin.
  • #CallMeGabriel
  • Sherrandy promotes the #Neggie #HateBang.
  • Leah takes over Pope’s vendetta: they have no reason to think they can lose.
  • Daryl’s white lies about his family demolished Leah’s trust in him.
  • Leah’s three chances to choose another path led to demise of The Reapers.
  • Negan and Leah parallels.
  • Maggie’s rage as she takes out the last of The Reapers.
  • Maggie remembers her campfire talk with Negan from 11x07.
  • It was Agatha All Along!
  • Leah is an anchor that bought the Reapers more time.
  • Will we get a Negan & Leah team-up? Socks on?
  • Could Maggie be hiding Negan and Leah at The Hilltop 6 months later?
  • All of the Meridian Wardens died because of the Reapers, besides Elijah.
  • Frustrations with Elijah’s recklessness
  • Dave’s Story Time: Like Elijah his temper got the best of him at his friend’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.
  • People should know better than to be reckless 12 years into the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Will we ever know why Pope marked Maggie?


  • The evolution of Father Gabriel Stokes.
  • "Christ promised the resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something different plan in mind" ~Hershel Greene.
  • Gabriel sees Reaper Mancea as a reflection of himself.
  • Would our perception have changed had we started the story from the perspective of The Reapers?
  • Callback: Gabriel takes off his collar at the campfire with Daryl, just like he did in 5x10, Them, after eating the dogs.
  • Aliza: Is he angry, not only at Mancea and The Reapers, but at himself and God?
  • Would Mancea have been spared Gabriel's wrath had Reaper Jenson’s sniper rifle not fired in that moment?
  • The Angel Gabriel is God’s messenger in the Bible.
  • Would Mancea have just slaughtered Gabriel had Gabriel spared him?
  • On Doubt: Aliza shares a conversation she had with her pastor.
  • Was Mancea God’s sacrificial lamb/scapegoat?
  • One more: Gabriel’s exhausted look just before The Commonwealth arrives.
  • Gabriel’s & Daryl’s crisis of faith.
  • But Maggie, was the trip to Meridian really about the food?


  • Daryl & Maggie are at odds in both The Reapers arc and the six-months-later-time-jump, at the end of this episode: In contrast to their scene with Jesus Paul Rovia at the end of All Out War.
  • Has Daryl found a way forward that Maggie cannot get behind?
  • Is Maggie perhaps afraid to join The Commonwealth because of her failed endeavors with Georgie?
  • The Civic Republic and The Commonwealth are thriving while smaller communities like Alexandria falter.
  • Even in Commonwealth Trooper uniform, Daryl refuses to cut his hair months later.
  • Lance Hornsby's attire provided by L.L. Bean
  • Does/Will The Commonwealth approach other communities like they did Alexandria?
  • Did The Hilltop pool supplies from Alexandria & Oceanside?
  • Where is Luke?
  • Could the six-month time-jump be the cliffhanger in Season 11B, going into 11C?
  • Aliza describing Juanita Princess Sanchez’s flat/sad hair and what it might mean (referencing Linda Peck Athens’ depiction of her)
  • Don’t give Judith Grimes to Carol Peletier!
  • The Commonwealth’s job-assignments


  • The Reunion of Daryl and Connie.
  • Jasmine, "Connie and Daryl are in the texting phase"
  • Aliza, "He dropped his basket for her"
  • Lydia is heartbroken upon discovering Negan's absence.
  • Aliza: Carol looks happy seeing #Donnie reunite and probably feels relieved that hers and Daryl’s relationship is intact.
  • Highlighting (ridiculous) speculation on the Daryl & Carol Spin-off series.


  • Blackboards in the background during the Reaper Austin & Daryl fight.
  • Bibel: Germanic spelling of the word "Bible".
  • Black Board number: "Let everything that has breath praise the lord".
  • S.T.O.P.:
    • Stop as soon as you realize you’re lost
    • Think about the situation
    • Observe your surroundings
    • Plan what to do.
  • Lessons in food and wildlife revealing what Ms. Adams was teaching in the zombie apocalypse at Meridian.
  • TWD logo in the title sequence is dripping with water.

  • Aliza: This episode was "Jam-filled". You mean, like the cakes in Elodie’s Bakery! Right?


  • In response to Negan’s departure and #Neggie’s chances, "But Dave, Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
  • Negan did not want to be next after Maggie’s Reaper-killing-spree.
  • Negan’s swan song: Will he go out saving Maggie or Hershel Rhee?
  • Potential Meet the Saviors spin-off on Tales of The Walking Dead?
  • Was Maggie asking Negan’s opinion or permission before her Reaper masacre?
  • Some Alexandrians might have chosen Negan over Maggie, due to her absence (and how he ended The Whisperers War).
  • Sherrandy: I never thought Negan would hit her, but I thought he might hit it.

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

[Episode 177] NO ONE'S GONE: Madison Clark Returns

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Even before her departure, many of us had differing opinions on #MadisonClark. Now that she's coming back, we felt it necessary to reevaluate all those feelings within the context of the present narrative on #FearTWD.

Featuring friend of the show, Brian Castrillo!

This episode was originally recorded during a livestream, there's no unedited episode recording; however, you might be interested in our 🎖SURVIVORS tier, which entitles you to join us on camera and mic to break down episodes with us. We were joined by two such members, Jasmine & Bridget, for this open discussion! You can even join our entry-level tier for as little as a dollar a month! Check out all our memberships, here:

Brian Castrillo:
David Cameo:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener


  • Watch the DAVE REACTS to Fear The Walking Dad's Midseason FinaleThe Walking Dead: World Beyond's Series Finale, and Talking Dead announcing Madison Clark's return:
  • Introducing the discussion panel and taking a compliment for our Fear The Walking Dead audio/video intro sequence (which we still haven't turned into a ringtone you can download in our Ko-fi Shop)
  • Our impressions of Madison Clark prior to her departure and our personal relationship with FearTWD.
  • Addressing the elephant in the room when discussing anything related to FearTWD: the shift in narrative & tone come Season 4 and announcing the discussion between Dave & Sarabeth Pollock, the unfiltered version which you can stream here:
  • Was Madison always meant to return, despite claims for years that she wasn't? Further discussing the rationale for the shift in tone & narrative in Season 4
  • In light of our FearTWD characters becoming stronger iterations of their former selves or making up for past mistakes, how we think Madison might look like, act, or even react to everything that's occurred these past few seasons.
  • Lores mentions that Madison might take on the villain role, but Dave thinks otherwise
  • Sherrandy's take on Madison's return is marred by Madistans (definition: fans who think you must love Madison Clark, or else).
  • Bridget thinks, much like Rick Grimes, that there may be a Civic Republic (Military) component that has delayed her return.
  • Brian wants there to be a Qaletaka Walker & Crazy Dog connection to her return, but actually agrees with Bridget.
  • Addressing the larger concern: will Kim Dickens' return limit screen time for other characters, especially those who are already receiving less screen time or have disappeared, altogether (like Annie, Max, and Dylan, Ranger Samuels, Nora and the Office Building Dwellers, and Tess).
  • Lores also points out that there are other characters like TobiasAlex, and The Proctors that have long been neglected (from Seasons 1-3).
  • Does Madison or Alicia Clark take on the villain role, in light of the specter of Alicia's illness and Victor Strand's appearance of already being a villain?
  • …and, side note, do walkers remember something?
  • …will Madison side with Alicia against Victor or is there a world where she sides with Victor against Alicia?
  • Is Madison's return going to be short-lived or will she be staying with us for a while? Will that effectively cause Colman Domingo's or Alycia Debnam-Carey's exit.
  • Dropping some knowledge: FearTWD's midseason premier will not have an early release on AMC Plus and while 7x09 airs publicly at 9:00PM (Eastern/US) on April 17th, AMC Plus will also drop 7x10 for early release.
  • Lores confirms Kim Dickens will be a series regular:
  • Though Alycia has stated she wants to see her role through the story of FearTWD for as long as they'll have her, is her number finally up this season?
  • Is it still Fear The Walking Dead without The Clarks? Comparisons to when Rick left TWD and when Gene Roddenberry passing during Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Do you trust that Ian Goldberg & Andrew Chambliss have a grand(er) plan with the introduction of Madison?
  • And what does it mean for the characters who remain (and those who have left)? Especially Charlie (and the absence of Nick Clark).
  • Does Madison have a bigger role to play in TWD Universe? Maybe brainwashed with Rick at the CRM?
  • Could Madison and Jadis be a triple threat and show up on all running shows? Will we see what happened to her (post the Dam explosion, after The Diamond) in Tales of The Walking Dead?
  • Would you want to see spoilers/production photos of Madison prior to her appearance?
  • Morgan Jones has expressed the desire to return to Alexandria Safe Zone on at least two occasions: could there finally be a reverse crossover from FearTWD to TWD?
  • P.A.D.R.E.? Project Votus? Was the Zombie Apocalypse staged decades ahead of time? And whatever happened to the Dead In The Water mini-series?

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

[Episode 176] Half Naked with Christine Evangelista

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What underwear are YOU wearing? Christine's NYC cred is on display as we talk about her fascinating podcast (Half Naked with Christine Evangelista ), her insights into food and wellness, and of course her role as SHERRY on both #FearTheWalkingDead & #TheWalkingDead.
We wasted NO time releasing this interview and, have to say, we edited out some MAJOR news we could NOT make public (but is still contained in the unedited recording)! If you want to attend these closed recording sessions in the future and/or receive a link to the unedited #interview recording as soon as it becomes available - all while supporting the BEST #TWDU podcast - click here:

Christine Evangelista:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • Welcome to Jam-SQUAWK, Christine (guys, it's a play on Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley which was played during the wrestling-ring fight in Fear The Walking Dead 7x05 Till Death)!
  • What underwear are you wearing? is the opener for Half Naked with Christine Evangelista, her podcast! Apparently, if not for Amazon, she wouldn't be wearing any (just moved back to NYC and forgot to pack some)!
  • Discussing the genesis of her podcast, its emphasis, and evolution.
  • How she chooses the topics and guests.
  • Yes, she does interview men (even though she mostly highlights women) and both men and women have answered, "What underwear?" to the initial question.
  • Sheila Kelly, Strip Down, Rise Up, and giving attention/love to your own body.
  • The most important takeaway from recording her podcast: We're all the same, throughout history.
  • Talking pets, specifically her rescue dogs (Holly & Buddy) and cat: growing up with animals and how she came to adopted them.
  • Pivoting to cooking: Linda asks if Christine has tips on transitioning to a healthier diet.
  • The obsession with Bone Broth and its cooking.
  • Christine's favorite and least favorite foods while discussing her relationship with food. Fuck eggs, yes grits.
  • A question from Thomas O'MaraCynthia Carmona prefers the compliment, "You're smart," instead of, "You're beautiful," but what does Christine prefer? She's also a ball-busta
  • Matthew asks what it felt like to come onto Fear The Walking Dead after being away from The Walking Dead for so long.
  • Did Christine see/meet/speak to Austin Amelio (Dwight) ahead of her first appearance on Fear The Walking Dead or did they hold back? Working with Colman Domingo as a director
  • The distinction of what it's like to film on the set of both TWD & FearTWD from all other productions. Name-dropping Chandler Riggs visiting the set of FearTWD
  • Dove-tails nicely into how TWD Universe engenders TWD Family.
  • Aidan asks if there's anything Christine misses from her time filming on the set of The Walking Dead.
  • Tess asks what Christine's most physically or emotionally demanding scene on FearTWD. Gives a little insight into what's coming for Sherry in the latter half of FearTWD's 7th Season.

  • Thomas asks whether she's ever driven SWATTY / The MRAP. Elicits some funnies.
  • Bella asks what it takes for Christine to get into the character of Sherry.
  • "What magic makes the tears" flow?
  • Thomas asks if Christine is looking forward to her first convention.
    Note: the unedited recording contains a little more than we were able to reveal, publicly, that we simply had to cut out!
  • Umm, at the end of FearTWD 6x13 J.D., did you almost fall off your horse?

  • Cameron asks what Christine likes or dislikes about Sherry.
  • her particular dislike of Sherry may have contributed to her predicament with Negan and The Saviors.
  • Linda asks: had Negan killed Dwight instead of punish him, would Sherry would still have helped Daryl Dixon escape?
  • Donnie asks what would be different for Sherry had she killed Negan.
  • Vladimir wants to know who's team Christine, herself, would be on in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Who would Christine love to have a scene with from any TWD Universe show?
  • You are not going to believe what Christine thinks Sherry's last name is.
  • Christine gives an ominous response to the question of what she thinks would be the perfect ending between Sherry & Dwight.
  • Sherrandy discusses how she came around on Sherry; Rachael discusses the strangeness of coming around on Dwight & Sherry's story after all the horrible things Dwight did on TWD.
  • Lightning Round: 🏖 or ⛰? ☕ or 🍵? 🥧 or 🎂? 📱 or Tablet? Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune? 📚 or 📽? Mittens or Gloves? Sweet or Savory? 🩲 or 🚫? 👠 or 🦶? Negan or Virginia? Dwight or Rollie 🤣?
  • Christine goes down the list of her fellow FearTWD actors' characters to describe what underwear they would be wearing: Grace Mukherjee, June Dorie, Sarah Rabinowitz, and Sherry.
  • Buddy comes on screen to say "Hi" ...sort of...

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Saturday, February 5, 2022

[Episode 175] Jackbox Games Charity Livestream | SAT, FEB 5th @ 3PM (Eastern/US)

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🔹 What: SQUAWKING DEAD's Jackbox Games Chairity Livestream
🔹 When: SATURDAY, February 5th @ 3:00PM (Eastern/US)
🔹 Where: Subscribe to both our YouTube & Twitch channels, as well as follow us on, so you'll be ready to play!
🔹 Why: We're raising money on behalf of Vanessa, a #TWDFamily member in desperate need of financial assistance.
🔹 How: We'll be taking donations through our Ko-fi page on behalf of Vanessa during the event. Your donations prior to each Jackbox Game will determine whether you are eligible to play (the more you give, the greater your chances of playing). Whether or not you are eligible to play, each dollar you give acts as an entry towards a prize that we give away after a round or rounds of Jackbox Games. After each giveaway, we wipe the slate clean and start over with a new Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games leading up to the next giveaway.

Tune In To Main Event:

  • First thing's first, here's what you need to do in order to participate
    • Subscribe to at least both YouTube & Twitch channels and enable all notifications in order to play. The link to the actual YouTube event is just above. You can click the button to get a reminder prior to the event to receive a reminder ahead of when the livestream starts.
    • To be able to play and/or receive entries prior to a giveaway round, you'll need to create an account and follow our Ko-fi page:
  • Shout out to Renee L'Archeveque, who's giveaway alerted me to Vanessa's GoFundMe campaign to raise money to repair her collapsed roof (if you cannot make our livestream for whatever reason or you missed it entirely, please click the link to her campaign and consider donating directly)
  • Dave gives folks a little background to why he was so moved to throw this massive charity event.
  • How the event is structured:
    • Every Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games is followed by a giveaway prize (more on that below) and each Jackbox Game we play has a limited amount of player slots.
    • To determine who will occupy those slots, we open the floodgates to allow folks to donate to our Ko-fi page, prior to each game. In the message field to your donation, please include one of your social media accounts (be sure you're following SQUAWKING DEAD from that account) so that we can DM you the room code and the link to join us on stream (we can also do this directly on Ko-fi, but just in case you miss it or it doesn't work, we'll be ready).
    • After closing the doors to your contributions, we tally the amounts given and the speed at which they were given (in that order) to determine who is eligible to play. The largest donations will occupy those slots (if the last few candidates donated the same amounts, we check the speed at which they donated to determine who plays).
    • We will DM those users the game's room code as well as the link to join us on stream through Ko-fi and/or the Social Media account they provided in their donation message.
    • Regardless of whether a donor is eligible to play, each dollar given acts as an entry towards the giveaway we announced prior to starting a Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games, so anyone has a chance at winning!
    • After the game or round of games, we will be spinning a wheel containing all the entries of everyone who's donated prior to a Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games (again, regardless of whether they were eligible to play - every dollar counts!) to determine the winner of that giveaway. After the wheel determines the winner, we wipe the board clean  of entries and announce the next giveaway and start the process from scratch with another Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games leading to the next giveaway prize.
  • To add a fun layer to the event, the winner of each Jackbox Game we play will receive a SQUAWKING DEAD Classic T-Shirt of their choice from our merch store!
  • Before we continue on to prizes, please take a moment to follow us on all our social media. Be sure to turn on all post and stories notifications so that you don't miss a thing. Links to follow us are available on
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