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Friday, January 7, 2022

[Episode 174] Schmoozin' with Bailey Gavulic ("Annie" from Fear The Walking Dead)

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Originally Recorded: 2021.10.15
I (probably don't) know what you're thinking: how can they say that this is by far the funniest #interview SQUAWKING DEAD has ever had after #interviewing #MoCollins & #JennaElfman? Don't take our word for it: listen for yourselves. #BaileyGavulic is a passionate, energetic actor with impeccable comedic timing who has a tremendous amount of kindness and talent to offer the world. Casting directors must never be ready when she walks in the room and blows doors off! You can see why!
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Bailey Gavulic:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • The Camp's 2021 main event was her first convention!
  • She loves being involved in our shenanigans (AKA, birthday shout-outs, Secret Santa Specials, and other fun fan projects)
  • David reminds us when he won her Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 inspired Camp Cackleberry merch giveaway!
  • Know the difference... (between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead)
  • Recently performed many parts in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) and her favorite scene was the Othello rap.
  • Bailey dedications to FearTWD on her Ukulele.
  • Caught the acting bug playing an elf in her 3rd grade Christmas play.
  • Bailey’s mom had to call her out of school when she needed to shoot (claiming "sick days").
  • Was used to self-taped auditions prior to COVID-19, growing up in the south east of the United States (Florida), which is how she landed the role of Annie.
  • Had to quickly jump onto set after landing her part on FearTWD
  • Ian Goldberg, Andrew Chambliss, and Michael Satrazemis revealed, early on, that she and her siblings were responsible for the Walker Blockades.
  • Bailey talks about the importance in taking direction and the impact that has on the story, overall.
  • The key difference between TV and Film is the pace, as she learned on the set of At the End of the Day.
  • Bailey’s favorite moment on set was driving the Camp Cackleberry van.
  • She was star struck by Colby Minifie (who plays Virginia).
  • Fun fact: The Walker goo in their mouths tastes like thin mints.
  • Her favorite episodes (though hard to choose) are 5x01 & 5x06.
  • Annie's real hair was made to look like a lion's mane was dragged in the wild. Leaving it that way in the real world? …priceless.
  • After Dave stops dying from laughter, he asks whether Bailey has considered doing stand-up comedy.
  • Weapons training was... quick.
  • Don't say the z-word: Bailey's (and Annie's) favorite word for walkers is growlers or, interestingly enough, Empties (what they're called on The Walking Dead: World Beyond).
  • Where is Annie in Grace Mukherjee's imagined future (a la In Dreams, FearTWD 6x12)?
  • Annie mirrors Alicia Clark's stubbornness.
  • Linda asks who Annie would want to take care of the campers if she was no longer around.
  • Walker Annie would eat Dylan (Cooper Dodson's character) first... but, wait a minute, there is another character who she thinks would be more perfect.
  • Charlie and Annie would be BFFs!'s why...
  • Besides having a scene with Alycia Debnam-Carey, she would want a scene with a villain (like Ginny) or Karen David (because she's nice and loved her on Galavant).
  • Umm, if Annie met Alpha (from TWD)…
  • Her perfect post-apocalyptic weapon is the Camp Cackleberry van.
  • She absolutely adores her Camp Cackleberry season wrap hat with the logo in gold embroidered on the hat.
  • As much as she loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she would love to perform a role where her character has superpowers or is set in a historical period.
  • Her advice for emerging actors is training: Find a class; find your confidence.
  • Dolphins make Bailey cry; Dave does whale (watching) sounds.
  • Yes to pineapple on pizza, but not artichoke.
  • Cool cool cool cool cool: Regularly quoting Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as Chunk’s monologues from The Goonies. Loving, in particular, Ted Lasso.
  • Charlotte asks what's her favorite thing to do on the ukulele.
  • Worst thing she's ever done is lie to her parents (she answered that so, so quick).
  • She really doesn't scare easy: very adventurous and loves taking risks.
  • Speaking of channeling your fears, she tells us how she handled being star struck at New Years Eve party at a big-name actor's house. Fangirls the most over Karen David and Mo Collins (particularly her character on Parks and Recreation).
  • Bailey has caught up on all Fear The Walking Dead (just not The Walking Dead) and even caught reactor Katie O'Shaughnessy talking smack about Annie.
  • Rapid Fire Questions!

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Monday, January 3, 2022

[Episode 173] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |SERIES FINALE| The Last Light

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We laughed, we cried, and we learned something along the way. #ThankYou: to you, the fans, who have stuck with us throughout this journey and gotten so much out of our conversations; to #MattNegrete and all the cast and crew who made this incredible show possible. In this, the last episode/light, we take a closer look at the symmetry in #Jadis & #SilasPlaskett's respective journeys, as well as the yin-yang parallel of how Silas somewhat ended up in the same place as the start of the series. We also reflect on the satisfying, yet unfinished ending that is both life, in general, and #TWDWB's end.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Watch the DAVE REACTS to Fear The Walking Dad's Midseason Finale, The Walking Dead: World Beyond's Series Finale, and Talking Dead announcing Madison Clark's return:
  • Thank You, Matt Negrete and all cast & crew involved in creating/executing this show.
  • The show never confirmed that Perimeter Colony are the folks Jennifer Mallick saved as a Marine in Middletown, NY.
  • Even though the series asks more questions than gives you closure by the end of it, it's still fairly satisfying. As Elton Ortiz says, "Maybe there is no ending or beginning."
  • Last episode, we had said the higher-ups in the Civic Republic Military know that what they are doing will make it so they are tried for war crimes and, case in point, Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek is on trial... but not for that.
  • Though it feels like our little group didn't really have an impact, they saved Portland.
  • Silas Plaskett is alone in the end, like he started, only now he's a hero. 
  • Will we see these characters in the Rick Grimes movie(s)? There’s a lot of room for them to appear throughout The Walking Dead Universe franchise.
  • Maybe the PPP card (Tara Chambler found when Heath disappeared) was a first draft CRM logo?
  • On top of the Felix Carlucci & Lt. Frank Newton fight scene being incredibly satisfying, it was also supremely homoerotic. An honorable mention goes to Robert Palmer Watkins' crotch.
  • Felix and Will Campbell get married (tattooed wedding bands).
  • Huck should have known her intel caused the downfall of Omaha/Campus Colony; then again, she might've only acted surprised in order to tie up Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes long enough to explode the gas.
  • Much like Negan, Jadis a very entertaining character you love to hate, leaning into her badness like Victor Strand.
  • What pre-apocalypse Jadis might've looked like.
  • Maximilian Osinski's Austrian accent slips, delivering lines as Agent Dennis. The father/son bond between Dennis and Silas parallels what Silas had to do to his biological father.
  • What Jadis actually sees in Silas.
  • Brief discussion on weird names like "Rachael" and "Sherrandy"
  • Leo Bennet bringing the gun/smoke show. We'll forever see romance between he and Indira in our heads.
  • Anna Khaja and Indira’s one-second hourglass.
  • MON 26: the present date on Huck's father's watch. Sherrandy theorizes that the night the sky fell must have been September of 2008
  • What will Portland do knowing their kids are effectively kidnapped by the CR? Will they even believe Iris et al?
  • The unanswered questions, alone, might spawn more spin-offs.
  • The Walking Dead ARM-my: Alicia Clark, Elton, Aaron, and Virginia.
    Editors note: I shook my head as I typed that last line, but what is done cannot be undone... 
  • Elton stabs us (but mostly Dave) right in the feels with his - the show's - final monologue:
    • There was a time when I thought I was gonna die - that we were all gonna die - because I believed we were the last generation. The Endlings.
    • And then for a while, I thought we were the beginning. But that ignores everything that came before - everyone who came before.
    • What I know for sure is that there's a lot that's tough about the world - a lot that's harder than I ever thought it could be. Those things have left their mark on us - on all of us - in ways I never could've expected.
    • I also know there's a lot that's good - that's beautiful. A lot that brings me hope.
    • But maybe there is no beginning? Maybe there's no end? Maybe there just is - and "is" is whatever we make it, because really we don't get to know.
    • There's no perfect modelling - no way to predict if today is the last day - if the world lasts a year or two or forever. Maybe all we get to know is now.
    • And whether we make a small mark on this world or we change it entirely, it's really about those little pieces of now that get us there - those small steps that move us forward, keep us growing and evolving. Because all of those moments put together: that's a life - and that's everything.
    • "So let's see who we really are, shall we?"

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

[Episode 172] Season 7, Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Padre"

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WE'RE BACK and finally ready to deconstruct the events of #FearTheWalkingDead's S7 #Midseason Finale with you. After recovering from the SHOCKING events that transpire (MOSTLY TO #ALICIACLARK), we've uncovered some great nuggets we can't wait to share with you! We want to know what you think, as well!
The unedited episode recording for this episode is an absolute MUST! After not recording for a week, we had to reacclimate to one another, plus there were so many things cut out of this episode. So why not support the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcast? Click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Watch the DAVE REACTS to Fear The Walking Dad's Midseason Finale, The Walking Dead: World Beyond's Series Finale, and Talking Dead announcing Madison Clark's return:
  • Taking some time to process these last few episodes.
  • Backtracking on the story, thus far, to place certain events in the timeline.
  • So Arno is stripping the dead so Alicia Clark can’t find Walker Senator Elias Vazquez? When did he splinter off and why? Is Arno too pretty to die?
  • June Dorie and John Dorie, Sr were residing in Strand's Tower well after Will's yeeting.
  • To understand Alicia's behavior, Dave compares it to a D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate). Sherrandy points out how little she's slept.
  • It's not just the possibility that walkers might contain echoes of who they once were that reminds Alicia of what the world once was.
  • Morgan Jones's remorse over seeing Alicia’s arm.
  • Is Alicia's story, this episode, resemble Morgan Jones' story? Alicia needs the Senator Walker to mean something
  • Why Victor Strand isn't that bad and, in some ways, Morgan is to blame for what's happened.
  • But why is Alicia so mad at Strand? Oh yeah, remembering everything he's done in all seasons, but specifically Season 6.
  • Walker Will's back looking like an accordion: but does he remember Alicia?
  • "We’re going to War!"
  • Regardless of what it it actually was, Strand yeeted what might've been between Will and Alicia.
  • Gus Halper (who plays Will) personally attacks Sherrandy when he says Padre Island would've been "too obvious" a location for P.A.D.R.E.
  • Screen-grabbing as Alicia thumbs through the PADRE docs, dates/events described and surrounding The Munich Massacre emerge: September 14, 1972.

  • On the subject of dates: TWD World Beyond's post-credits scene and the early 2000s dates on Project Votus documents; Why are they watching Jenner? Is the Munich Massacre mention relevant?
  • What purpose does Arno's naked walkers (in lettered pens, spreading them out across the landscape) serve?
  • We might be crazy, but it seems like there's a lot of evidence that either Strand or Arno sent Dirty Bomb Walkers after Morgan.
  • Strand's comically clear shot of Morgan: how did he miss?!
  • Look ahead teaser into the rest of Season 7Rabbi Jacob Kessner looking like one of the Knights Who Say Ni (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) in a screengrab.
    Courtesy of @BlazyGardener's Instagram
    Regrabbed with better resolution by @MystYang
  • Mickey (Aisha Tyler's character) is not feeling Alicia's methods of finding PADRE (to put it mildly).
  • Concern over Alicia’s mental state, but also concerned about the future of her character.
  • Apropos signage plastered all over the bunker.

  • Alicia’s 28 people vs. Strand’s 200+; What winning might look like for Alicia; How Strand convinces his particular variety of people to fight for him.
  • Lines are being drawn between all our beloved characters due to Alicia's & Strand's personal beef.
  • Alicia's current state reminds us of all the idiots that wish for Clear Morgan's return.
  • Deconstructing the state of FearTWD's storytelling, thus far, and why it must change.
  • Will represents us and how we would truly be afraid of  going "up there"; "Weak" people not only remind us of our humanity, but are a necessary element in telling The Walking Dead Universe's story, moving forward.

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