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Friday, May 21, 2021

[Episode 136] Season 6, Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, "J.D."

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Introducing #JohnDorieSr: an almost #WhatIf version of #JohnDorie, had he been allowed to survive this rough world. What's terrific about this episode is that it provides tons of closure for everyone involved, which is super-duper rare in #TWDUniverse; I feel like we've been saying that a lot lately (that #FTWD, yet again, offers us something that we've never experienced).
We literally cut out 20 whole minutes in the middle of this episode because it was too contentious and didn't get us anywhere. We're really curious about your thoughts, though, because the conversation revolved around whether June could ever find love in someone else, again. For that, the hefty and spicy pre-show, and the non-existent post-show (someone was a little too trigger happy), head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • The Walking Dead is coming back in August of 2021.
  • Johnny O’Dell is no longer social media manager of Skybound's @TheWalkingDead account:
  • Did you miss these fantastic @FearTWD social media marketing campaigns from Season 5?
  • #BelieveInJune t-shirts! Get yours via @Cosmomom09, right now, or check our our booth at The Camp!
  • @UnderTheFeather was designer of the #BelieveInJune T-Shirts: check out her site,
  • John Dorie Sr. joins the fight and brings valuable information about Theodore "Teddy" Maddox.
  • Serendipitous timing, reading John Dorie’s letter to June Dorie, right when everyone witnessing it was ready to listen (especially John Sr. & Sherry).
  • Both June & John Sr. can’t face the truth.
  • When and why John Sr. opens up a little, lets us in on Dorie history, and how he proposed to Mrs. Dorie. 
  • June doesn’t need anyone’s help (except from Dwight and Sherry)!
  • The day we learned Dave tortured his younger brother, Isaac.
  • Sherry witnesses the depths Dorie Sr's obsession can do to someone.
  • Sherry’s trauma doesn’t excuse her acting out, but don't forget how horrible it was.
  • Dwight's wisdom: Say you get what you want, then what?
  • The incredibly emotional moment when June returns Dwight's & Sherry's rings.
  • If we didn't know any better, this could have been the season finale.
  • It's always good to be honest about what we want to see as viewers.
  • Go to Talking Dead or @BlazyGardner for the details: we go deeper.
  • Crawling Walker (at Tank Town) looks like Dwight, with its half burned face. Skater boi/Gaunt-framed Austin Amelio
  • June on the title card(?): make-up/costume tests @jojokatsaras posted of Keith Carradine gave us pause
  • Christine Evangelista & Austin almost fall off Rollie Mask Horse.

  • Birds nest evoked Robinett’s Eggery feelings (over Grace Mukherjee's miscarriage).
  • "Sperm to worm", embalming keeps the "unworthy" out, "crazy as a cut snake", and "kick rocks"!
  • That Dwight doesn't despise Rollie more than one often would says a lot about Dwight.

  • The wolf and Eagle/Hawk(/Owl?) on the back of JD Sr’s RV.
  • Madisonville is located North of Grimes, TX.
  • Sheriff’s hat(?) on the keychain to John Sr's truck (that Morgan Jones helped fix in The Door).
  • What is/Where is The Orchard? Check @BlazyGardener & @Cosmomom09's ongoing FearTWD Google Maps Project!
  • Why June hesitates to tell Sr. about Jr.’s death.
  • June’s last goodbye to The Dorie Cabin 
  • Don’t throw out a whole friendship over a single disagreement/argument.
  • Do not miss our theory πŸ”΄Livestream [Episode 135] Finding John Dorie Sr.! We make some incredible predictions about Sr's whereabouts for the last 40 years!
  • Morgan can't afford to blame himself for Grace's miscarriage (much like Victor Strand won't show his emotional cards).
  • 40 years apart and John Jr. still ended up like his dad: Sharp-shooter, proposing with candy wrapper, and punishing himself.
  • The feeling John Sr. might've felt when seeing Jr.'s grave marker and confusing it for his own.

  • Hill has been at the cabin for several weeks: why hasn't he/it changed much?
  • Why June is avoiding The Hospital.
  • Why "It’s not too late" is not only repeated, often, but Dorie Jr.'s last words.
  • Why Sr. should've stayed in Jr.'s life.
  • Dwight's Horse was wearing Rollie's mask! 
  • Why you should play JackBox games with us (from one of our TeeKO games, shirts you can actually purchase for yourselves!):

  • Hats-off to Aisha Tyler at an amazing job, directing this episode!

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[Episode 135] Finding John Dorie Sr.

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This is, essentially, our way of attempting to channel our grief towards the loss of #JohnDorie, while reconciling our feelings towards Dakota (see: [Episode 132] ). Both Dave & Rachael have some pretty big theories that involve #JohnDorieSr: But what do you think? Do you think we're onto something? Do you have theories of your own? Let's SQUAWK about it!
There's no exclusive content for this particular episode, but you can download and watch the start of our Unedited Episode Recording of [Episode 131] to get the gist of our theories, way ahead of this livestream, to get your thoughts in order. When you do, you'll have access to our other Unedited Episode Recordings + the ability to join us in future recordings and receive a whole bunch of perks, along with that! Click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • What has John Dorie Senior been doing for the last 40 years?
  • Dave's theory: J.D. Sr found his own Laura and, perhaps, started a new family.

  • Ginny uses same verbiage as Senior.
  • If J.D. Sr. is Virginia’s father, that would make Dakota John Dorie Jr.'s niece.
  • Rachael's theory: Like Dave's theory, J.D. Sr found someone and had a child.
  • Riley, being J.D. Sr's kid, might be trying to take Teddy down from the inside.

  • @MarioCavar agrees: Riley might not be a bad guy.
  • @fftcocoon wonders if Riley could just be Dakota’s father, instead.
  • That was Humbug's Gulch on Derek’s mural: We now The Enders were responsible for what happened there, when our gang discovered it in Season 5 (not Virginia)
  • Watch @BrianCastrillo2’s YouTube video about The Ender’s being soldiers from the submarine (we see in the first episode):
  • Dead in the Water, the mini-series that covers how that submarine came to be on FearTWD, is coming soon!
  • Dave & Rachael are cheap: why those using AMC Premier may eventually switch to AMC+.
  • If Dakota knew she was related to John Dorie would it have made a difference?
  • "Spoiler Free Reviews"
  • Follow @BlazyGardener and DM her to join in on Thursday Watch Parties, re-watches, and even trivia tournaments!

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

[Episode 134] Season 6, Episode 12 of Fear The Walking Dead, "In Dreams"

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A simultaneously beautiful, heart-warming, and tragic episode: there's never been an episode quite like this one in #TWDUniverse. #GraceMukherjee's unborn child, Athena, literally fights for and saves Grace's life, ultimately resulting in Grace's miscarriage; however, the world Grace builds for a daughter, in which she has lived the life she will never have, is the most beautiful gift one isn't able to give or receive, whether in the #ZombieApocalypse or otherwise. In turn, it's the most beautiful gift we, as viewers, were able to share with her, but that very gift is the cost of peace.
We have quite the pre-show and edited out chunks during the episode that you an only watch in our Unedited Episode Recordings. Download it today and receive the ability to join us in future recording sessions, too, all while supporting the #podcast you know and love! Click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave Reacts to FearTWD 6x12, In Dreams:

  • You try saying the name "Roy Orbison" without sounding drunk.
  • When you can't say "Great": Ultimately, sad episode.
  • Foreshadowing Athena’s death: Vultures/Hawks, circling above.
  • Grace Mukherjee knows what Riley looks like and why he appears In Dreams.

  • Grace’s hopes for all her friends: June Dorie & Charlie; Daniel Salazar & Victor Strand, Dwight & Sherry.
  • Athena's life was the cost of peace.
  • Among many factors involved in Athena's demise, Ionizing Radiation poisoning
  • Story Arcs are relatively new, compared to Serials.
  • Why Riley doesn't just murder Morgan Jones and Grace to retrieve the key.
  • The relationship between Strand and Alicia Clark. @frostedangel67 thinks Strand might have Madison Clark tucked away in Lawton.
  • But how can Madison really return?
  • Dave, "You might not get what you want, but you'll like what you get"
  • Dr. Dorie & Charlie, her apprentice. Jenna’s beautiful full wig. Clinic in the Dam, Veterinarian Clinic, June's new hospital.
    Left: Erica Durance ("Lois" on Smallville), Right: Mary Katherine Duhon (Older Charlie)
    Resemblance? Eh, maybe not...

  • Release the Collins cut: We think future Sarah Rabinowitz still can't get that beer recipe right.

  • Older Max! ...but where’s Annie & Dylan?
  • Sherry's daughter, Tina, is named after Sherry’s sister. Little John is played by Austin Amelio's son.
  • Where in the World is Sherry San Diego? "Hats-off" to @jojokatsaras: costume designer for Fear The Walking Dead, who is moving onto bigger things.

  • Grace Mukherjee: Did Dave call it in one of our episode breakdowns? Find the reference in our back catalogue and win 5 T-Shirts from our merch store!
  • Athena’s biological father, Matthew. We want more Sahana Srinivasan.
  • If not Athena, is Grace the key to their future?
  • Reminder: Morgan and Grace have not even kissed.
  • On horseback, Athena holds Grace around her waist.
  • The significance of the colors Pink and, more importantly, Red in Indian Culture.
  • Calling Morgan Babaji. Honorific/Spiritual Father: Grace thinks very highly of him.
  • "I don’t believe you, but I trust you," are you going to argue with Grace over the key? ...not us!
  • At 16 years-old, in Indian culture, young adults are looking for a mate/being matched. Check out Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.

  • For so long, Grace's purpose was to have Athena: What now? The cost of peace: Sacrifice.
  • Discussing Morgan & June's unsettling interaction in the opening minutes for FearTWD 6x13.
  • @BlazyGardener: Glasses in dreams represent not seeing clearly. Grace makes adjustments.
  • Cartographers, Sherrandy & Rachael, found and marked Junction 77 & 28 on Google maps. Here's their ongoing FearTWD locations map project (click the image):

  • In Dreams lyrics and relation to the episode, by Renee Hansen.
  • Dave has beef with Old Man Morgan’s hairline.
  • Tomato seeds: Tomatoes represent (dashed) hopes for the future in #TWDUniverse.
  • Athena, the goddess of war/rational thought/civilization: will they name The Dam after her?

  • Dwight’s Fajita makes a comeback. We're all just Squashed Tomatoes.
  • The arm falls off the first walker we see: Future walkers... according to Grace. Iris Bennet could've taken lessons from Athena.
  • Dave gets weird when Morgan gives Grace water in a dog bowl.
  • This tragedy could still bring everyone together: Rallying around a common friend (like Daniel, a few episodes prior).
  • Morgan & Strand parallel: My way or the highway.
  • Is June taking on John Dorie’s storyline? Does it Matter? You may not get what you want...
  • We’re coming to The Camp! See you there!

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

[Episode 133] Season 6, Episode 11 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Holding"

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#TheEndIsTheBeginning: We finally meet the cult that's been the backdrop since the 1st scene of the season premiere, 11 episodes in. We go into their motivations, the components that actually make them a cult, and outline the means by which they might just be the biggest threat in #TWDUniverse.
Dave dropped a HUGE theory (that we hope the show explores) in the pre-show that will only be available in the Unedited Episode Recording. If you want that, as well as the chunks we edited in the middle, as well and the post-show, while supporting your favorite #podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave’s Initial, Super-Jump-Cut reaction to FearTWD 6x11:
  • What does The Holding even mean? Teddy’s arms holding everyone?
  • Teddy’s looped broadcasts, the same message recorded differently.
  • Derek drank ALL the Kool-Aid
  • @bccastrillo gives us insight into the gentlemen holding our gang captive in the embalming room in his own recap:

  • Is there a someone from The Enders among us? Victor Strand is definitely not doing The Triple Dip (our gang, Lawton, AND The Enders).
  • We were right: The Enders are somewhat of a super-duper environmentalist group.
  • The dulcet tones of John G. Lover: Teddy narrates the intro, the show's visuals reflect it.
  • The power of intrinsic belief in the written/spoken word: how Cults build trust. Read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

  • A very strange "interview": Riley is just letting everyone talk.
  • Information Control - Teddy knows all: he is the hub, through all communication flows.
  • Keith Carradine could be Riley’s dad, brother, or future Riley?
  • Dave catches a mistake: filming during COVID-19

  • Teddy answers Wes’ question for Derek, "Who are you, if not my sheep?"
  • Wes' denial: can't even believe his brother is too far gone during the struggle for Derek's gun.
  • "Remember to try / the rhubarb pie"
  • Silver Linings: Wes has some closure. Derek's end is his new beginning.
  • They’ve been setting this narrative up since Season 5
  • What does it mean? Keeping the maps and recon in an empty can of Harper's Condensed Milk.
  • Are all The Enders privy to the details of Teddy's final solution?
  • Childlike Teddy.
  • What if Alicia Clark had just killed Teddy before the audience could see him come into focus?
  • Cognitive Dissonance Reminder: Derek knew Wes was at Tank Town.
  • Ender’s could have been allowing our gang to take Derek all the way to the dam.
  • The legend of Morgan Jones: the tapes Althea made and his walkie pronouncement (just live) had an even greater effect than originally anticipated.

  • ...but it could just be about the key he retrieved from Emile: how do they know he has it?
  • A spy? Nora’s co-workers make up most of the Dam residents (so nope!) and if Rachel were the spy, The Enders would already know the Dam's location (had plenty of time to give them intel).
  • Derek's log book describes Luciana Galvez and an Elementary School: geographical boundaries are the safest area for kids to learn.
  • Paige was an Ender in Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg: scratching out 32 people to 31.
  • Becky, "What if Morgan is the spy?"
  • Dwight to Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki sounds like Rick Grimes to Morgan (but not exactly), "If you don’t check in, I'll come find you."
  • Will The Walking Dead: World Beyond and Fear The Walking Dead meet/reference/crossover?
  • Constant Reminder: Don’t base a characters fate on the actors schedule.
  • Teddy's psychopathic socks and sandals: the meaning of the color blue (socks). Possible Teddy vs Victor STRAND-off?
  • How long can The Enders really survive underground?
  • The significance of seeing an embalmed Civic Republic Military soldier.
  • Derek’s mural: Nora’s building, Tank Town, Motel #4, Austin's Pennybacker Bridge, and Lawton/Humbug's Gulch?
  • It's Wes’ novel/manuscript, not Derek’s?! Why?! Our Derek/Wes name swap theory, acknowledged?!

  • Following in your brother's footsteps: @MystYang's brother, @RipYang.
  • Addressing possible continuity issues: Angela Kang and Carol Peletier’s claustrophobia. 
  • Morgan to Dakota, "We’re not there yet."
  • Possible parallel to Daniel Salazar: What will it look like for Morgan to settle.
  • Hate Morgan? Alicia was the one "sticking her neck out" for Dakota.
  • How to determine if your group is a cult: Steven Hassan’s B.I.T.E. Model of Authoritarian Control: Behavioral, Informational, Thought, and Emotional control.
  • Morgan predicts The Enders will move (Alicia) to an alternative location.
  • Why Madison Clark won't be returning.
  • Harvey, the embalmer: played by Dean Neistat, he is YouTuber Casey Neistat’s younger brother.
  • Colman Domingo will be Guest Professor at University of Southern California (and may have gotten the idea from Dean Neistat).
  • Being a realist/slave to only the story: we will accept all ships and theories, as long as the writers can get us to accept it.

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

[Episode 132] The Dakota Dilemma

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While recording [Episode 131] - covering Season6, Episode 10 of #FearTWD, "Handle With Care" - we veered off the rails of our usual episode breakdown into the territory of our overall feelings regarding Dakota . Normally, we would keep this discussion in our normal episode breakdown, but we ultimately decided to extract it and create a very short episode discussion around the topic instead. You'll soon see why we felt it deserved its own episode, partially because it just didn't seem to fit our overall discussion of the episode, but mostly because of the feelings it produced, as a result.
To download the raw, unedited version of this entire conversation, as well as the ability to sit in on future discussions, all while supporting the podcast you know and love, click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Does Dakota now live in a world of consequences?
  • Ginny taking on Dakota's Punishment.
  • Dave draws the line at killing Dakota/kids.
  • Dakota might forever be an outsider, for starters.
  • Rachael thinks Charlie to put Dakota down.
  • Comparing Dakota to Lizzie (in TWD 4x14, The Grove)
  • When does the killing stop?

  • What if June killed Dakota? Could John kill a kid? Can anyone?
  • Will the pay-off be sufficient to compensate for our emotional investment?

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