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Friday, April 30, 2021

[Episode 131] Season 6, Episode 10 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Handle With Care"

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FUEDING is the underpinning of this discussion, today: in a world where some semblance of harmony is necessary to jumpstart civilization, so too our podcast exhibited discord. We hashed out disagreements, challenged each others' positions, aired our grievances, and learned something along the way while rallying around a friend, rather than a common enemy.
This relatively short podcast is part of a 4 HOUR conversation, part of which was significant enough to have its own release discussing what we should and shouldn't do with Dakota. You can access that, completely unedited, from NOW, all while enjoying the ability to join us in the chat during our recording sessions, and download past and future unedited episode recordings, here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave's Super-Jump-Cut Reaction Video to FearTWD 6x10:

  • @BlazyGardener's FearTWD Trivia Tournament is May 9th @ 3:00pm, Eastern/US!
    DM her to participate and Subscribe to her YouTube Channel to watch!
  • Daniels Past: Setting fire to Celia’s mansion.
  • Where is Tobias?! Alex?! Back when Talking Dead was called Talking Fear; When FearTWD stopped getting the Talking Dead coverage it deserves.
  • Daniel the cat and his 9 Lives; Stellar performance from Ruben Blades.
  • Dave's crazy brain suspected everyone. Rachael suspected Rabbi Jacob Kessner.
  • Taking the journey with Daniel, from his POV.
  • CDT (Clock Drawing Test) & Mini-Cog(nition) test.
  • No one cares, Sherry! Why it's hard to sympathize.
  • Dave considers the possibility that Daniel is fooling everyone.
  • Luciana Galvez is SUS: killing a walker with paint can.
  • Rachael's wild theory: Daniel, The End is the Beginning cult sleeper agent.
  • The Death Cult's graffiti is spreading... 
  • Personal transformation parallels between Daniel & Morgan Jones.
  • Sherry is SUS for blaming Charlie & Grace. Maybe Sarah Rabinowitz, too?
  • Everyone is SUS because everyone has "done stuff"!
  • Rallying Behind a Common Friend (rather than against a common enemy)

  • Is Daniel safe with Victor Strand? Why Lawton might be best for Daniel.
  • Strand’s way or the highway: are his days numbered?
  • Why you can't take character progression cues from actors' real lives: Christian Serratos & Brianna Venskus
  • Sherry bogarting the MRAP ๐Ÿ™„
  • We cut out 26 minutes, talking about what to do with Dakota. If you want the raw, heated discussion, now, download the Unedited Episode Recording!

  • Moment of Joy, "Hey Rabbi, it’s Kosher."
  • Judaism lesson from Dave: What makes something Kosher?
  • Daniel subconsciously manufacturing himself as the common enemy, "I deserve this."
  • Dave gives Rachael kudos for slowly conquering her Naviphobia
  • Watch @Blazygardener's Fare Thee Well, Colby video!
  • Maybe Morgan should just grab the Bo-Axe...
  • Morgan's lack of eye-contact with June Dorie

  • Dakota may not be locked up, but she's definitely become an outcast.
  • Is Ginny buried at the dam? Did Dakota (have to) bury her?
  • Belated Disclaimer: Dave does not like Dakota; however...
  • Rachael's rage towards NFTs: name-dropping real/fellow artists Robin Overton, WalkerWyn, and Linda Peck Athens
  • Shouting-Out our irreplaceable committed fans: @Blazygardener, @RebeccaPunch_Alania Stevens Hassel, and @freefromthecocoon. You are a large part of why we continue to do what we do.

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[Percolation Nation] April, 2021

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Welcome to our 17th Percolation Nation! This blog highlights our ☕Ko-fi backers' generous contributions for the month of April, 2021! ICYMI, we detail the benefits of supporting us on Ko-fi in our first-ever Percolation Nation.
If you like what we're doing, want to join us during our recording sessions, and/or (at least) want to pick up Early Access to our Unedited Episode Recordings, head over to our Ko-fi page and just follow us (by creating a account). Watch our intro video, view our funding goal (currently: self-sufficiency), and scroll through the feed to see who's backed us. Ultimately, you are going to want to check out the posts section to view all the supporter-backed content you're entitled to when you join the nation! When you see something you want access to, just buy us a ☕coffee!


  • SQUAWKING DEAD Ringtone!
    We wrote about our ringtone in the last Percolation Nation, but thought it might be a great reminder to talk about it again! The ringtone is a perfectly looped version of our new Episode Intro Music, for when we were covered The Walking Dead's bonus episodes of Season 10 (and will undoubtedly be our Episode Intro Music for when we cover the final season, as well).
    Note: ☕Ko-fi Backers receive this free when they buy us a coffee or subscribe to a coffee a month, or more! If you've supported us, already, (first of all, thank you) and haven't picked it up yet, you can get it, here.

  • Our Interview with Alexa Nisenson (AKA, "Charlie" from Fear The Walking Dead)

    A lot has happened in a month, hasn't it? Not too long after our interview with Peggy Schott (AKA, "Tess" from Fear The Walking Dead), we were afforded a lovely interview with Alexa Nisenson (๐Ÿ—ฃ๐Ÿ“ฃspecial shout-out to @BlazyGardener for making that happen and co-hosting). If you thought our interview with Peggy was great, you will love getting to know, Alexa. Not only was this a tremendous success, in terms of the numbers (as well as receiving a ton of new subscribers/followers), but (as you'll see, below) a lovely handful of new ☕Ko-fi Backers, as well (who wanted to sit in during our recording and download the Unedited Interview Recording)!
    In case you missed your opportunity to download the Unedited Interviews for both Peggy & Alexa, here they are, again!
  • I don't know how it's even possible that you would miss it (and if you have, get on it), but Fear The Walking Dead is back in full swing and the critics, as well as the fans, are lapping it up. Just like the first half, the second half's episodes, thus far, have been overwhelmingly well-received. That being said, it's been overwhelmingly emotionally taxing and has even caused some tension (what a mark of an incredible series)! To cut some of that tension, what we've been doing lately is releasing the super-jump-cut reaction videos of Dave's first watch of the last few episodes, the first of which was very hilarious and well-received (what a way to kick off a new tradition)! We've been featuring them at the beginning of our episodes, before we jump into the actual breakdown. In case you missed the first one, here it is:

  • There's so much more coming down the pike! We revealed a major undertaking in the Unedited Episode Recording for [Episode 131]. We often give our ☕Ko-fi Backers a little extra for taking the time out to join us during our recording sessions (or, barring that, downloading our Unedited Episode Recordings). To get that recording, where we discussed this news (not yet ready for public consumption), head here:
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Sunday, April 25, 2021

[Episode 130] Season 6, Episode 9 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Things Left To Do"

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Our heads are still spinning from the events of what was supposed to be the #MidseasonPremiere, as we try to piece together what exactly happened and, more importantly, their ramifications - both immediate and for the remainder of the season. As intended midseason premieres go, they did not skimp out on physical scenes, complete with a shoot out and gunslinger walk-off, a la #JuneDorie.
We cut out a fantastic pre-show, an hour's worth of content during the actual episode, as well as a great wrap-up in the post-show. If you want to participate in the audience during these recording sessions or, at least, receive unedited versions of this and other episodes (in the future, too) - all while supporting your favorite #podcast - head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Watch Dave's initial Reaction Video to FearTWD 6x09 in a supercut:

  • "We make deep"
  • Holy shit, Colby Minifie.
  • Victor Strand’s intentions: where does he st(r)and?
  • Alicia Clark will make her own path.
  • Keeping track of the St. Christopher medallion.
  • Dakota’s response to Ginny’s death could be a catalyst for cyclical revenge.
  • Strand & Sherry: leaders with no dog in the fight.
  • Sherry finally admits she’s not ready.
  • If Ginny admitted, from the start, the truth surrounding Cameron’s death, she might have lived.

  • Holding children raised in the zombie apocalypse accountable. 
  • The Dakota Dilemma: what's the proper punishment?
  • Don’t trust your first instinct.
  • Ginny is Dakota’s mom: Dave called it.
  • Alexa Nisenson is so mature, we forget she’s 14.
  • Both we and Virginia just wanted her to finish telling her story.
  • Morgan Jones’ speech parallels the end of All Out War.
  • Morgan having flashes of John Dorie, like Alicia did of Nick Clark, Victor, and Madison Clark in Close Your Eyes.
  • The Story of Twisted Round, the power of (non)communication and The Truth. Althea’s notions of the truth delivers hope throughout the episode.
  • Who can blame June Dorie for what she did. When June puts on John’s hat.
  • W.W.J.D.: What would John do, if Dakota had killed June.
  • Note: John hadn't written about the serial killer his dad chased down in his letter to June.
  • A round of applause for Michael Satrazemis and Adam Suschitzky.
  • Morgan knocked June out of Ginny's favor. June blames Morgan for, perhaps, everything that's gone wrong.
  • Morgan & Sherry face off in the woods. Sherry’s Negan baggage.
  • We talk a big game, for armchair murderers.
  • Sherry pushes Dwight away: Is Rollie giving her the D (not the D)?
  • Dwight is a sympathetic character now, whilst Sherry is not.
  • Favorite lines from Althea. 
  • We can do this the easy way we can do it the hard way: Victor "Booty Warrior" Strand to Virginia.

  • Grit (School Road): The location of Morgan's toppled water tower (head to our blog, covering FearTWD 6x01, The End Is The Beginning for pictures and maps).
  • Ginny's Rejects have been listening the entire time.
  • Like John, Ginny doesn’t know which way is up, and everyone is turning on her (today).
  • The walker approaching Ginny under the log looked a little like Isaac.

  • Grace versus everyone else: who would Morgan choose?
  • Strand’s pathetic/symbolic shot at Morgan, as Morgan drives off.
  • When did it all get away from you? What is Strand’s plan now? 
  • Is no place is really safe/sustainable?

  • Don’t take anyone for granted.
  • Where is Hill? He has John’s pistol.
  • The second batchRabbi Jacob Kessner, Wes, Wendell, Grace, Daniel Salazar, and hopefully Tess. Filming around COVID-19.
  • Lennie James’ accent slips out, "HEEES life!"
  • How Morgan gives John's death meaning, convincing Ginny's Rangers of the truth about Cameron's death.

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

[Episode 129] Season 6, Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Door"

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Therapy Circle? More like Group Therapy: all of us were affected by the tragedy of this episode (not just the death of #JohnDorie, but the unstoppable-force-meets-immovable-object of both his and Dakota's ideologies) and, by the end of this recording, we realized that this episode ended up being more of a love letter to our dearly departed than anything else... and that just made sense.
Although this was quite a long recording, our pre/post show recordings continue the healing process, if you can believe it. we continue discussing this episode far more frankly in the unedited version. To grab it and join us in the next recording while supporting this #podcast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • To Believe by The Cinematic Orchestra: Perfect song playing while John Dorie is falling under water.

  • The Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t change John (like it does other #TWDUniverse characters), he just became a cowboy full time (instead of just on weekends).
  • The symbol of hope.
  • Parallels to Meet John Doe.
  • The catalyst for June’s transformation.
  • #BelieveInJune
  • We’re all going to miss John.
  • #DIEkota.
  • Even John’s death will mean something.
  • Understanding Dakota’s point of view, product of her environment.
  • Dave finally admits Dakota saved Morgan Jones.
  • Timeline triggers!
  • 2 weeks since John saw June: she can’t risk Ginny's Rangers finding him.
  • Should Morgan give June the scrabble tiles (Goodbye June)?
  • Rabbi Jacob Kessner has the letter John wrote to June in The Key.
  • John bears the weight of Janis’ death.
  • Parallels to Laura: John cleaning his guns in the beginning of both episodes.
  • Meet John Doe playing while John prepares to take his own life (D.B. Norton, the antagonist, telling him his suicide will mean nothing).
  • Melissa McBride on set during the filming of Laura.
  • John is too good for this world: mixed feelings about (not) killing Marcus.
  • It’s been a long time since we’ve lost a main character. Remember when @Celtictso educated us on "radioactive blood" hitting Alicia’s mouth?
  • Could John have evolved into someone who could live in this new world?
  • We killed John Dorie?

  • Had John survived, we wouldn't recognize him.
  • June will carry The John Dorie Movement forward.
  • What does Fear The Walking Dead look like without its characters inspiring hope?
  • John lived in a bubble that would've eventually popped.
  • It's not The Zombie Apocalypse that transforms John: It's Love.
  • Had June never met John, June would've turned out a lot different.
  • June allows John to live in this world: we've seen him waiver with Dwight & Strand.
  • The Zombie Apocalypse is a free for all: a world with no consequences.
  • Could(n't) anyone have sympathy for Dakota?
  • June will survive John’s death, but how will Morgan fair?
  • Charlie taking out Dakota might be more palatable to the audience (than Morgan murdering a child). June could also coerce Ginny to kill Dakota (via @BlazyGardener)
  • More Parallels: Charlie handing John his hat right side up; Dakota hands it to him upside down.
  • Dakota vs. Charlie: similar, but completely different circumstances.
  • We know nothing about Virginia & Dakota’s estranged relationship.
  • There were literally know hints that Dakota saved Morgan (with many opportunities to chime in).
  • Symmetry with the water line: Beginning with John in the canoe; Ending with him falling into the water.
  • Heavy attention on John Dorie Sr.: his pistols, truck, and the picture of he and John Dorie Jr.

  • Dakota and (sympathy for) psychopaths.
  • Virginia’s genuine, but confusing (given our lack of knowledge) love for Dakota.
  • @Blazygardener reverses course: says Ginny manipulated June into saving her life in Tank Town.
  • Rumor has it The End is the Beginning death cult is the most formidable antagonist in The Walking Dead Universe. Sure could've used a sharp-shooter for that...
  • John wanted to be free of The Passed/Past
  • Sherrandy is Morgan, "You gave me this family, man"
  • Even Fear The Walking Dead's critics mostly rallied around John Dorie's demise.
  • Even Seasons 1-3 allow you to appreciate Season 6: watching Alicia’s steady growth.
  • The world, to Dakota, has no meaning: People, to her, have no inherent value.
  • What is a fair punishment for Dakota? If she's seeking a world with consequences, she might just get more than she bargained for.
  • #TWDUniverseFamily is the best: it's why we do this.
  • With enough determination, you might just get what you want, John, even if you try to pull back at the last moment.
  • June's memento mori with walker John: she, of all characters, can afford to stop time.

  • another thank you to AMC & Valhalla for delaying this episode.
  • Further analysis on To Believe by The Cinematic Orchestra: In this fantastic world, where belief is essential to reality, in the absence of anything to believe in, be the person in whom others can believe.

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[Episode 128] Interview with Alexa Nisenson ("Charlie" from Fear The Walking Dead)

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We're very proud to present our hour-long sit-down with the intelligent, sweet, and remarkable Alexa Nisenson. We had a lot of excellent fan questions prepared, with some very handy and complimentary questions provided by our Supporter-Backed audience members. We go through both the sweet and sour of Alexa's journey through #TWDUniverse and we all come out of it stronger for having done it.
Please, do not miss out on the opportunity to join us in the audience for our next interview! ...and, failing that, the ability to download the uncut version of this interview. We went on a few tangents (our Friends conversation), as well as some funny moments we simply had to edit out!

Alexa Nisenson:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
David Cameo:

  • Thanking Alexa for participating in @BlazyGardener's Walking Dead Universe Secret Santa Christmas Special:
  • Being on set of Fist Fight with Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan and other big stars.

  • Rapping Big Sean live (rather than pre-recorded) and eventually meeting him!
  • @bccastrillo asks: What was like rapping I Don't Fuck With You by Big Sean?
  • Getting into acting through competitive dance
  • Alexa the High School Graduate! Congratulations!
  • Home Schooling and On-Set Learning and its challenges.
  • Love for music, and instruments
  • What comes after school?
  • We're all re-watching Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead

  • @comicbookboy_ asks: How did you land the role of Charlie?

  • Alexa made Charlie an indispensable character, becoming a series regular in Season 5: she wasn't supposed to last more than a few episodes.

  • @frostedangel67 asks: Have you ever met Melissa McBride?
  • @daryls.moonshine asks: How do you feel about Charlie? Are you Team Charlie?

  • Comparing Alexa and Charlie
  • Charlie coming into her own on Ner Tamid.

  • @maxi170703 asks: Had you heard of or seen Fear The Walking Dead before you landed the role?
  • @grimeify asks: If you could play another role on Fear The Walking Dead, who would it be?
  • @tylerphillipcox (Let's Taco bout The Dead) asks: If you could cross over to The Walking Dead and have scenes with any other character, who would it be?
  • Charlie's future: sticking with Alicia Clark, protecting her new family.

  • @oliiimediiina asks: Do we know Charlie's surname?
  • Grimes? Smith?
  • @mockjaygrimes asks: Are Charlie & Daniel Salazar going to have more scenes together, this season?

  • @michaelandlordzachary asks: Do you have any funny stories or any on-set pranks you could share with us?

  • Tom on the bridge is high up there:

  • Not much to do with her free time: a lot of take-out, but also socially distanced hang-outs with cast and walks/drives with family.
  • @maxi170703 asks: What is a typical day on set look like?
  • Days start/end as early/late as 4am! Lots of testing for COVID-19 and safety protocols, but still positive energy on set.
  • @frostedangel67 asks: What has your favorite episode of Fear The Walking Dead been to film, so far?
  • She and Alycia Debnam-Carey wore wet suits in the basement scene of Close your Eyes (FearTWD 4x10)

  • Drying off and changing clothes after many takes for the stair collapse.
  • Read our love letter to Adam Suschitzky & Michael Satrazemis on our episode recap for Close Your Eyes
  • Water temperature probably helped Alexa's performance, rather than hinder it.

  • @katyE052293 asks: How would you describe Charlie to someone who's never watched Fear The Walking Dead?
  • @maxi170703 asks: How do you perform these scenes so convincingly? Is there something specific you think about when you are supposed to cry?
  • @TWDeadDaily asks: If you could change one thing about Charlie, what would it be?

  • Would Madison Clark forgive Charlie for killing Nick?

  • Handling fan backlash to Charlie killing Nick Clark, internet toxicity, and real life harassment/threats.
  • Things changed for Alexa after attending Walker Stalker 2019, seeing real-life positive feedback (and met @Blazygsrdener, too!)
  • Learning resilience from haters.
  • Alexa as a villain? She would love to play one!
  • @frostedangel67 compares Charlie to Carol Peletier: "She does what's necessary"
  • @celtictso asks: Which Charlie image he should add to his #TWDUniverse tattoos?
  • Also, check out Alexa on Summer Camp Island as the voice of Alexa Mongello

  • Alexa wish Daniel in the audience a Happy Birthday!

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