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Monday, December 28, 2020

[Percolation Nation] December, 2020

Welcome to our 13th Percolation Nation! This blog highlights our ☕Ko-fi backers' generous contributions for the month of December, 2020! ICYMI, we detail the benefits of supporting us on Ko-fi in our first-ever Percolation Nation.
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Some House-Keeping:

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Friday, December 25, 2020

[Episode 103] Season 6, Episode 1 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The End is the Beginning"

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HERE AT LAST! It's been well over a year from when we last left our gang, split up by Virginia, and Morgan, shot at point-blank range and bleeding out at the steps of the chapel in Humbug's Gulch 1.0. A phenomenal start to what is already shaping up to be a terrific season!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Morgan Jones doesn’t die, but shouldn't he be dead?
  • Opening Parrallels FearTWD S4: Meeting Emile/John Dorie
  • Is this the last time we see Emile?
  • Title Card: Morgan? Emile?
  • Walter = Rollie’s brother?
  • New music
  • Spray paint dudes waiting for Walter, But what does his key open?
  • Spanish lesson with Dave
  • Smells of the Apocalypse
  • Who stitched up Morgan?
  • Morgan inspired Isaac and Rachel to leave Ginny
  • Morgan’s Map Coordinates: Grit School Rd & Lake Buchanan
  • Walkers STILL bite
  • The Nativity scene: Morgan, Rufus, Rachel, and Baby Morgan
  • “My dog was called hither” - Emile
  • Isaac: balancing honesty, while gaining Morgan’s trust
  • Life, Death, and Morgan: Rachel in labor, Emile approaching, and Morgan in the middle 
  • Morgan doesn’t kill, but Morgan Jones is Dead
  • Colby Minifie’s AMAZING performance
  • Morgan’s new weapon: Lucille vibes?
  • Dave predicts who’s behind the white masks
  • Ginny’s diary entry

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

[Episode 102] The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Series Premiere: "Brave"

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As Rachael says, most notably, in this episode: it's a SQUAWKING DEAD first to be able to break down a #TWDUniverse series from its start! We hope you enjoy our coverage of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and that we do it justice! We are all on the same page as having not only enjoyed it, but excited to see it develop, based on the roadmap it has already laid out, pretty neatly.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • What if Zombies were horny instead of Hungry?
  • N.S.F. = The Night the Sky Fell
  • Connection to Flight 462?
  • Poor Dr. K. & Souls vs. People
  • Who’s “The Soldier”? Well placed blood spatter
  • Iris shares her nightmare with the world
  • Remembering Mrs. Ortiz
  • Using a fossil as a weapon?
  • Dark vs. Light/Iris vs. Hope
  • Hope: Psychopath or Reminder?
  • What is Silas’ story in Omaha
  • Elizabeth is looking for “HER”. Hope? Iris? Isabelle?
  • Pilotitis
  • Relatable Characters: Seeing yourself represented
  • Four Corners Agreement?
  • Elton Ortiz/Silas Voci [Editor's Note: Plaskett (Voci is his mother's maiden surname)]/Felix Carlucci/HUCK
  • @BlazyGardener: Iris=Martha?
  • Iris/Rick:Hope/Shane
  • Death predictions
  • Congratulations Brian Castrillo: SQUAWKING DEAD's #TWDUniverse Ultimate Fan

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

[Episode 101] Season 10, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, "A Certain Doom"

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WE'RE BACK, BITCHES! Finally covering an actual Episode, not a trailer/teaser break-down, a retrospective (like [Episode 100] Part 1), or a filler episode: we're breaking down the Season Fauxnale of The Walking Dead's 10th season! Are you too cool for Jules? Only one way to find out!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Thank you @BuffyBong (previously @Freakish.Order) for the new graphic (our website is updated in prep for Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season)
  • Did this episode feel compressed?
  • How long have Connie and Virgil been together?
  • Eugene and Co. never would have made it back to assist in the war
  • Dave wants to add drums to the intro
  • Beta the Prophet
  • Princess = Abraham/Tara combo
  • Foreshadowing for Pamela Milton? and those Commonwealth uniforms?!
  • Could Georgie have built up an army?
  • Who’s watching us?
  • Why/How did Maggie leave The Hilltop?
  • Negan's signature: should he and Lydia live alone?
  • Where are the Whisperers? Listen for the pan flute
  • Goodbye Beatrice...
  • Lydia and Carol lip locking?
  • Only Negan could do what he did 
  • Father figure Daryl
  • Stop punishing yourself Carol
  • ”Burning down the House”
  • Beta’s nightmare
  • Cool like Jules
  • Father Gabriel Survives! "You are my other half" 
  • Henry Simmons as Mercer? 
  • Masked Ninja is a MAN
  • Stop posing and kill the Whisperer
  • Get your BETA BEAR from (Liz) Iron Angel Creations

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Sunday, December 6, 2020

[Episode 100: Part 1] Our Best Clips Covering The Walking Dead's 8th Season

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After a LOT of hard work: listening to our back catalog, deciding on clips, clipping them out of each episode, editing them professionally, uploading them to YouTube, adding the descriptions/tags/details, crafting the thumbnails, and actually recording all 5 parts and finally editing this 1st offering, Part 1 of our 5-part SQUAWKING DEAD retrospective is FINALLY here! Take a trip down memory lane as we go through and comment on our best clips throughout our flagship episodes!

To grab the UNEDITED version of this podcast (filled to the BRIM with so much more insights into - not only the content, but - where we were at, as an emerging podcast, click here

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • New Riverside platform
  • Ultimate Fan contest almost over
    We announced the winners: Here, Again, and yet Again
  • Please buy us a Ko-Fi
  • Eating tainted pig meat? Not a problem apparently
  • Grace’s dad’s tattoo
  • NOT JERRY!! BIG characters deserve EPIC death scenes
  • A distrust for Enid
  • Predicting a future group: The Helios
  • Predicting the snowy weather
  • Carol predicts Simon’s Junk Yard massacre
  • Nyssa compares Steven Ogg/Simon and GTA Trevor
  • The color Blue: Hope?/Clues?/Innocence?/Harbinger of Death?
  • Carol predicts a 5 year time jump
  • Using ghosts to move the story and off-camera flashbacks
  • Simon the meter maid
  • Is a Negan backstory necessary?
  • Hate the character, not the actor: Josh Mikel on Cameo
  • Dave and Carol; firearms pros
  • For the love of Gabe: Makes sense he and Rosita would find each other
  • How do we build a better future? Stop killing
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