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Monday, December 26, 2022

[Episode 209] Season 11, Episode 24 (SERIES FINALE) of The Walking Dead, "Rest in Peace"

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All good things must come to a close; but as one door shuts, several more have opened: between the return of #RickGrimes & #Michonne, the journey of #DarylDixon, and #Negan & #MaggieRhee's spin-off to NYC via #TWDDeadCity, there's much, much more to cover in the expanded #TWDUniverse.

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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:

Aidan Atkin:
Tyler Phillip Cox:
Mitchell Shoemaker:
Takeerah Lawrence:
Mollie L.:

  • Could we ever see a release of the original ending featuring grown-up versions of the children characters?
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  • What did you feel when you saw the return of Rick Grimes and Michonne?

  • Jasmine says she is still having trouble processing the ending!
  • Are you satisfied with how The Walking Dead came to a close?

  • What did Rick's smile at the end of the episode represent?
  • Did you feel we needed to see Rick and Michonne in this episode to be satisfied?
  • Aidan says he would be satisfied, either way, and was more concerned about getting closure for characters who don't have spin-offs coming.
  • Jasmine said she cried harder at Luke Abrams' death than Rosita Espinosa's.
  • Dave said he screamed when Jules Butler was bit.
  • Jasmine adds she was a little disappointed that there weren't a lot of deaths in the finale.
  • Sherrandy suggests the events of The Walking Dead: World Beyond may have allowed Rick to escape to get this message out to Michonne.
  • Who is the Civic Republic Military soldier in the helicopter referring to when he says, "it's like he told you: there's no escape for the living"? Because of the echo in the voice, there was some disagreement on whether it was he or she. If it is indeed he, our hosts suggest Major General Beale. If she, our hosts suggest Warrant Officer Anne (Jadis) Stokes.
  • Mitchell says the person on the radio sounds like Giancarlo Esposito. Could we see him join the Rick/Michonne spin-off?
  • Dave says he was ecstatic to see Rick wearing the same cull facility outfit as Silas Plaskett from World Beyond.
  • Did the walker heads at the end of the episode remind you of anything? Our hosts mention examples from the dead buried up to their necks on the beach in Fear the Walking Dead episode 7x16, the heads in fish tanks in The Governor's room, and the scene where Meghan was bit in TWD episode 4x08.
  • Aidan mentions that the person who designed Michonne's outfit for this episode was Eulyn Colette Hufkie. Hufkie was costume designer for the first six seasons of TWD before Vera Chow took over. Hufkie will be returning as costume designer for the Rick/Michonne spin-off.
  • Bridget references an article that chronicles the original ending for the series finale. Which ending did you prefer? To read the article, Tap the image or Click here!
  • Will we eventually see a spin-off chronicling the lives of the younger characters on the show? Perhaps Judith Grimes, RJ Grimes, Gracie, Soccoro "Coco" Espinosa, Hershel Rhee Jr, Rosie Porter, and all of the others.
  • We have to ask for Dave: Does The CW series Charmed matter? In the pantheon of popular televisions shows, which do you think ranks higher, Charmed or Dawson's Creek?
  • Would you watch a complete reboot (not a continuation) of The Walking Dead?
  • Did you enjoy the orchestral version of the theme song for the finale? What did it make you feel?
  • Tyler had to wait for the episode to come out on Disney+ (in England) and persuaded his coworkers to let him come in late the next day to do so.
  • Tyler was a lot more satisfied with the Series Finale than he was expecting.
  • This episode features Daryl Dixon saying "We ain't the walking dead", which is not only a callback to Rick saying "We are the walking dead" in season 5 episode 10, but a cheeky way of referencing the comic book version of Rick Grimes saying, "We are NOT the walking dead!" near the end of its run.
  • Do you think Rosita had enough screen-time throughout the series?
  • What was your reaction when Rosita fell off the pipe and into the horde of walkers below?
  • Bridget talks about how impactful the scene was where Eugene Porter talks to Rosita about taking Coco to swim next summer at The Oceanside.
  • Tyler would have been happy to see half the cast die in this episode. Again with this odd word choice of happy in relation to wanting deaths.
  • Did you feel Rosita's death was dragged out (i.e. the way Carl Grimes' was)?
  • Did this episode make you cry on first watch or were you too over/underwhelmed?
  • Did you inadvertently/purposefully have this episode spoiled for you?
  • Our hosts praise the acting in Luke's death scene. Special shoutouts to Angel Theory, Nadia Hilker, Eleanor Matsuura, Lauren Ridloff, and Dan Fogler.
  • Tyler suggests Aaron's last name is "Raleigh" since his marriage to Eric Raleigh is canon.
  • Tyler was upset about the lack of closure regarding Oceanside's fate. Takeerah feels these last few episodes implied that they were massacred.
  • Mollie loved the wonderful the score played throughout the finale.
  • Did you expect Daryl and Connie to kiss?
  • Takeerah suggests that Daryl is too focused on his upcoming mission to start a relationship just to leave again, like he did with Leah Shaw.
  • Dave mentions how drastically things have changed since the season 8 finale - where Daryl and Maggie Rhee were planning a coup against Rick - and, now, they are planning the future together.
  • Tyler mentions that Pamela Milton's attempted suicide-by walker resembled Carol Peltier's comic book death. What do you think Pamela was feeling in that moment?
  • Were you upset that they decided to jail Pamela, thereby having her survive the series?
  • Sherrandy says that, in a vacuum, it would have been poetic for walker Lance Hornsby to bite her; however, in the greater context of the overall story, it was a refrain that needed to occur (Mercy Prevailing Over Wrath and Law and Order).
  • With the hefty amount of closure for Maggie and Negan Smith, will something change between them that prompts the events leading to their journey on The Walking Dead: Dead City?
  • Do you think Dead City is necessary? For that matter, have you watched/will you watch all of the walking dead universe spin-offs?
  • Where is Annie Smith in Dead City? Has her child been born and do you think they are alive?
  • Angela Kang confirms that Annie was always meant to survive The Walking Dead. Read more about it here!
  • Takeerah says one of her favorite callbacks was how Daryl blockading Judith in the hospital room mirrored Shane Walsh doing the same thing for Rick in the first season.
  • Bridget adds the Big Ass-kicker/Lil Ass-kicker conversation between Judith & Daryl was one of her favorites.
  • Does Judith know that Shane is her real father and were you even slightly upset that he wasn't included in the list of people Daryl said he would tell her about who loved her?
  • Mitchell says that both the series finale and the series premiere clocked in at an hour and seven minutes.
  • The black eye sported by Daryl in this episode was real. Norman Reedus was injured during the filming of the finale. Dave jokes that the cause was probably something so lame, they were too embarrassed to reveal it.
  • In what capacity will we see Carol in future spin-offs?
  • Bridget mentions Chandler Riggs makes a cameo at The Hilltop. This was something that was mentioned during Talking Dead.
  • Dave mentions the irony of Gabriel Stokes opening the gates of The Commonwealth estates for fleeing residents seeking refuge, after initially locking out his parishioners from his church and all the times he forgot to shut gates and lock doors.
  • He then mentions the family photos of young Pamela and Sebastian Milton (Laila Robins & Teo Rapp-Olsson, respectively) near the record player just before The Milton estate explodes.
  • In who's house were our survivors celebrating Glennsgiving? Was it Yumiko Okumura's, a random, unexploded house in the estates, or one of the the houses in Alexandria Safe-Zone?
  • Mitchell heard that more pieces of the wall were being shipped to Senoia, Georgia (the location where Alexandria & Woodbury towns were filmed, among many others). Could this be for one of the upcoming spin-offs, not limited to Fear the Walking Dead?
  • Our hosts discuss the concept of taking mental images to capture significant moments in your life, while discussing Glennsgiving and Landslide by Fleetwood Mack. What mental images have you captured in your life?
  • Aidan mentions Tomichi Okumura is the only adult not drinking during Glennsgiving. Is he maintaining his sobriety in light of his prior alcohol abuse, even after The Commonwealth's change in leadership?
  • Will Tomi continue being a surgeon?
  • What does Landslide signify in this scene?
  • Aidan mentions his favorite part of the dinner was seeing Yumiko and Magna getting back together. 
  • He also adds that the show didn't hide Eleanor's pregnancy later in the episode. Mitchell responds that Yumiko, like her brother, also did not drinking during Glennsgiving. Could Yumiko and Magna be expecting?
  • Sherrandy says with Eugene and Maxxine Mercer (err... Maxxine Porter?) and maybe even Yumiko and Magna having a baby, what are Michael Mercer and Juanita "Princess" Sanchez waiting for?
  • Did you enjoy seeing the return of short(er)-haired Carol?
  • Besides Coco, to whom do the other babies rescued by Rosita, Gabriel, and Eugene belong? One of them is presumably Jerry's.
  • We finally catch a glimpse of an older Adam Sutton at the end with Maggie!
  • Why did they leave Jules out of their toast to Luke, during Glennsgiving?
  • Mitchell mentions the last names chosen for Jules and Luke come from actors that have been on the show. Abrams comes from Austin Abrams (who played Ron Anderson) and Brett Butler (who played Tammy Rose Sutton).
  • Bridget drops additional parallels she noticed: Judith slipping in and out of consciousness like Rick did in Season 1 and the walker trying to break the glass with a rock like the one in episode 1x02.
  • How many countless people did Jerry and Elijah have to watch die while stuck amidst the herd of walkers?
  • Aidan mentions the following parallel: Carol telling Daryl that she is her best friend mirrors their interaction in Season 10's premiere, when Carol mocks him for trying to tell her the very same thing.

  • We're the ones who live.

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