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Saturday, March 28, 2020

[Episode 93] Season 10, Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, "What We Become" (/w Kirsten Acuna)

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Thanks to our special guest, #KirstenAcuna (head TWD analyst and contributor for, we were able to pulverize this episode way beyond our expectations: which also means we broke our rule about trying to keep the stream in and around the 1-hour mark ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
You DEFINITELY want access to the Unedited content as Rachael & Dave practically give you another 2 hours worth of extra content, speaking on a RANGE of personal and even DEEPER TWD topics! Want it?

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Kirsten Acuna:

  • Introducing Kirsten Acuna
  • "Believe a Little Longer"
  • Don't be "Coldplayed"; thankful for the production delay
  • We want to hear your #Coronapocalypse stories, after our last Morning SQUAW-fi: leave us a voice message
  • How we're doing, lately, and what we're up to
  • Kirsten gives us her overall impressions & #DanaiGurira's expressions
  • More than one barometer to judge the show
  • What if #Michonne "met the wrong people first"?
  • "Wrong" is not the right word: Shifting perspective and following your protagonist
  • You're definitely not a #RickGrimes: Either #ShaneWalsh or #EugenePorter
  • What about one-off origin stories? #AbrahamFord #AltheaSzewczykPrzygocki
  • Breaking the news to Rachael about the #SeasonFinale delay and #TWDWorldBeyond #Premiere
  • Initial reactions and planting seeds to Michonne's #VisionQuest #SlidingDoors #InAMirrorDarkly #BackpackGuy #Siddiq
  • "Evil" Michonne? The #TrolleyProblem. If not for her Vision Quest, would Present-Day Michonne chosen not to save #AndreaHarrison?
  • Juxtaposed: How far is #CarolPeletier is willing to go?
  • Breeda Wool and King Bach at the end of the episode
  • ๐ŸŽMichonne's best moment, lowest moment, and "eh" moment. Seeing #LindsleyRegister, #MattMangum, and #StaceyCrowder (but not #FatJoey)
  • Virgil's "Thank You" and could this all have gone differently? Under-utilizing @KevinTCarroll
  • "The Devil's Snare" and comparisons to #MorganJones.
  • GIFable, revisted/reinvented moments. Reconciling Virgil. Sniffing for clues. #CivicRepublicMilitary
  • The caravan at the end: Virginia's/Ginny's group? Love letter to Terriers with Donal Logue & The Wahlberg Cousin (Michael Raymond-James: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Figuring out the timeline based on Daito's & Shoto's walkie-talk. Some Sneak Peeks
  • When moral compasses break #GlennRhee #SashaWilliams. We know #WhereIsHeath
  • Where does #Negan go? #MaggieRhee #MyMercyPrevailsOverMyWrath
  • Negan's "Wives"
  • More Sneak Peeks: #BetaTWD & Eugene, #KingEzekiel, and Yumiko... Maggie & #TWDPrincess.
  • #AaronTWD & Beta showdown?
  • Danai & #TWDMovie? Impressions of World Beyond
  • Misc: "Rippers" new word for The Undead. "The Others" on Bloodsworth Island. Morgan & Rick revisited with Judith & Michonne. #StopTheSpread. Timing is everything #FearTWD #Chernobyl.

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[Percolation Nation] March, 2020

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Welcome to our 4th Percolation Nation, where we highlight our ☕Ko-fi-backers' generous contributions for the month of March, 2020! ICYMI, we detail the benefits of supporting us on Ko-fi in our first-ever Percolation Nation.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

[Episode 92] Season 10, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, "Walk With Us"

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Walk With *US*: We're #LIVE! Did you miss us? We didn't go anywhere! ...but it's been several months since we've had to take over for #TalkingDead. With the spectre of #coronavirus hanging above us, we knew it was the right thing to do for #TWDFamily.
Want the entire, unedited episode, complete with pre-show & post-show, as well as the ability to join us in the real-time chat on future recording sessions - all while supporting our show?

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • A #GregNicotero Masterpiece
  • #CarolPeletier is used to taking punches
  • #JudithGrimes’ first kill
  • #EugenePorter asking Carol for advice?
  • Magna’s reappearance was shocking
  • #Negan knows #AlphaTWD wants Guardians
  • #TWDSeason9 parallels/callbacks
  • Negan was our #DanteTWD
  • Negan be Neganing / Carol be Caroling. #AaronTWD
  • #BetaTWD finally dubbed “Frowny McTwo-knives”
  • #RIPGamma. #GammaTWD
  • Negan & #MaggieRhee?
  • Where’s #ConnieTWD?
  • Alden, Kelly, and Mary are actually what represents #TheHilltop
  • Kelly’s neck wound
  • Sister, Mary’s, Frances sees the light
  • #RyanHurst’s basketball hands will hide his face
  • Alden’s “Mercy for the Lost”
  • The irony of Eugene & Carol, together
  • Feels like #Terminus, with callbacks to #ShaneWalsh
  • Did Carol deserve/ask for her “Cherry Cheesecake”?
  • The ballads of #MorganJones
  • Where is #LydiaTWD?
  • #EarlSutton’s patronage & Botched Goodbye in The Hilltop kids’ shack
  • When the Omega calls the Alpha on her bullshit
  • Yoga with Beta #Satnam
  • Did Negan Love Alpha?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

[Episode 91] Season 10, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, "Morning Star"

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#WhispersIntoScreams: Our group has their "Hello Goodbye" as the fife, drum, and #EugenePorter's rendition of "When The Wild Wind Blows" preps us for war with #TheWhisperers.
Want the unedited copy of this podcast, while supporting our work? AND be a part of the real-time chat on future #podcasts?

David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Awesome Cinema Photography and Directing by #MichaelSatrazemis
  • Do you trust Stephanie (after #DanteTWD)?
  • A setup episode with a good payoff... will #MaggieRhee show up? Will someone #spoil that reveal, too?
  • Maggie's odd disappearance and return is a lot to deal with. #RickGrimes won't come back, right? #Jadis
  • #EugenePorter has a neurological disability? Regardless, his emotional growth shows.
  • "Blue" Weevil called out at the end of #TWDseason9. The Eugene & #RositaEspinosa fake-out. #TheCommonwealth
  • #FatherGabriel not long for this world? #LookAtTheFlowers #TwinPeaks #FireWalkWithMe
  • Where The Wild Wind Blows: want to analyze the lyrics? The 1986 Animation the song is based on.
  • Carol's Cliff's Notes to the Apocalypse: coming soon
  • A lot can happen in a week... apparently. And, eww, Rat Tails
  • #EarlSutton & #Alden's bond / #Xenophobia. And is #AaronTWD is asking too much?
  • Yumiko is a good leader, but #TheHilltop leading by committee is peak
  • Is #DarylDixon allowed to have love? #ConnieTWD
  • #JudithGrimes is scared and wants to help. Meanwhile, a BLUE wing for Daryl, please
  • #Negan be Negan... right? Right. Wait, right?
  • ...Rage #BetaTWD, post #AlphaTWD's death
  • #KingEzekiel's & #CarolPeletier's fleeting moments
  • "It would feel good" Negan to Alpha, Carol to #LydiaTWD
  • Will Judith be just another kid (disassociated) in the apocalypse? Daryl's growth, too. #CarlGrimes
  • We're seeing peak Rosita: gets #AndreaHarris' death?
  • Being Honest: Daryl to Zeke. Carol to Lydia Parallel: "You should hate me". Carol & Daryl remembering #GlennRhee
  • Kelly is a ranger a la #DungeonsAndDragons. Christians be crazy.
  • "Daito". What Undead Walking thinks
  • The Battle of Hilltop, Background actor shout-outs: William Bell & Lance (special voice appearance by Eric Burt)
  • Negan connecting with Alpha? And Alpha's abuse

Friday, March 13, 2020

[Episode 90] AMA: Who Do You Think You Are, SQUAWKING DEAD? An Interview Conducted by @wtfnyssa

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You've had questions, we have answers: @wtfnyssa grills Dave to get clarification on SO MANY THINGS that SQUAWKING DEAD has been up to, as well as take your questions via Live Chat!

David Cameo:

Keep in mind, even though Dave answers the questions, he expounds greatly on them, talking about his personal life, career history, experience in podcasting, and much, much more!

  • Why are you pre-recording videos, just to premiere them live?
  • Ko-fi-backers? that like Subscribers? But why?
  • Can anyone be a Guest-Host without Paying?
  • Do the Regular Hosts pay?
  • Do Hosts need to be Ko-fi-backers?
  • Where does the money go?
  • Why even ask for money? (Part 1)
  • How many Ko-fi-backers do you have, so far?
  • Lois: I want to know if it's cold there
  • Pรคivi: Why [podcast about] The Walking Dead?
  • Linda: Do you think Alpha has doubts about Negan's intentions?
  • Darren: If you could have any 3 people, past or present, on the podcast, who would they be?
  • Darren: What's the most dumb injury you've ever had?
  • Darren: If you could bring back anyone from seasons 1-4, who would that be?
  • Dom: Can fans join as Guest-Hosts without paying?
  • (Part 2 of why we ask for money)
  • What did you think of Sunday's episode?
  • Thomas: Stockpiled TP?
  • Thomas: [FMK] Tara, Maggie, Rosita

Saturday, March 7, 2020

[Episode 89] Season 10, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, "Stalker"

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The Walking Dead PEELS OUT into the action/suspense portion of the season, featuring parallels between #DarylDixon & #BetaTWD, #AlphaTWD's & Daryl's painful past but wildly divergent outcomes, and #JudithGrimes pulling it all together in her conversation with #GammaTWD, "You met the wrong person, first."Want the uncut/unedited version of this podcast & be a part of the next recording via our real-time chat, all while supporting us? Head here

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • NO you can’t be on the POD
  • Multiple "Stalkers"
  • What's good for the Daryl is good for the #CarolPeletier?
  • #TheHilltop weaponry: get the whole set!
  • #RositaEspinosa gives us a solid time frame
  • #DanteTWD’s gilded cross
  • #ChrisHatesEverything
  • #ThoraBirch’s acting. #DanielSalazar / #RubenBlades
  • Dave is #HOTforPreacher: #FatherGabriel
  • #TheWhisperers, one-on-one
  • #LordoftheFlies = #Beelzebub = Beta?
  • #WeAreTheWalkingDead / #WeAreNOTTheWalkingDead vs The Whisperers mantra. #RickGrimes
  • Beta wreaking havoc in #AlexandriaSafeZone
  • In defense of Judith's #SelfDefense
  • Morgan Street: #MorganJones
  • We're all #EugenePorter... or Dead Meat
  • Parallels: Daryl & Beta, Daryl & Alpha, Alpha & Carol
  • #Ballistics
  • When Alpha sneezes, Beta gives everyone a cold
  • Gamma is more like Comic-Book-Beta
  • Will Beta surprise us?
  • Step Towards Mary?
  • Rosita taking on Beta. Dave taking on #Gabrita hate
  • #Negan is #TeamWhisperers... for now
  • Gas Station call-back to #Siddiq
  • Don’t take characters for granted
  • Should Daryl be dead?
  • #ShoutOut to @KirstenAcuna
  • Would Lydia killing Alpha have worked for you?
  • Gabe's direct line to God
  • Alpha's cloudy past and why does she claim she's "Strong"?
  • Daryl could've been Beta, if not for Rick
  • #RIPLauraTWD
  • Symbolic Flies and the fast-paced, bumpy road ahead

Monday, March 2, 2020

[Episode 88] Season 10, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, "Squeeze"

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...AND WE'RE BACK (where did we go?) with #TWDx's #MidSeason #Premiere! Was that #Negan / #AlphaTWD scene *really* that gross? On a scale of 1-10, how frustrated are you with #CarolPeletier? #HEYYOUGUYS: what do you think after watching this episode? Let us know in the comments!
...oh, and do you want to see the unedited version of this podcast (and a whole lot more)? Buy us a ☕#Kofi!

David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Chris Valerius (BMNY DeadCast):
Rachael Burt:

  • O.G. SQUAWKING D. Carol G.'s take
    • Carol is self-destructing
    • Didn't think #AMC would "go there" with Alpha/Negan
  • The internet, socks, and "getting it up"
    • Alpha -is- THE reward
    • Negan: Alpha's husband 2.0 (and #BetaTWD is a beta)
    • picking appart looks, dirt, feces, and Fearrections
    • Negan is #TeamWhisperers, until-
    • Alpha wants to believe (in love/loins/Negan)
  • WHY Negan is 100% Team Whisperers
    • Alpha/Negan are a match/alike
    • Why DID Alpha move the herd?!
  • Will Alpha die the way we expect?
  • CHRIS enters the fray!
    • "The scene [Negan/Alpha] was a little gross"
  • #Triggered by Carol's primal scream opener
    • Alpha's facial contortions: simultaneous pleasure/disappointment
  • #ChrisHatesEverything
    • "leap-frogging" #AngelTheory #CooperAndrews #TWDJerry #AaronTWD #Thor #Mjolnir
    • Rachael is keeping her head shaved
    • "go back up the cliff you fell" #Magna
    • #MichaelSatrazemis brings INSTANT see-in-the-dark juice #CarrotJuice
    • "plug the hole!" and Cooper ain't #MethodActing
    • Establishing outlandish #Walker Laws.
    • #Michonne: #ZPoc dentist. Chris will follow suit.
  • #TheGoonies vibes
  • Walking Rachael through the order of events
  • O.G. SQUAWKING D. leaves us on solid ground: follow her blog!
  • Turning our/their backs towards Carol (who's been INCREDIBLY lucky). #LOST
    • Dave = #DarylDixon: "Don't bullshit me"
    • Hating Carol means the writing is incredible
    • Deconstructing Daryl's reaction: when not to say something. #Abuse #DomesticViolence #TheDevilYouKnow
    • #ConnieTWD's moment with Carol & "just stop" with #CARYL. #KingEzekiel
    • Daryl & Connie? Daryl & DOG = DaGyl?
  • #SneakPeek: Beta emerging from a grave at #AlexandriaSafeZone, fighting #RositaEspinosa
    • TWD finally killing babies? Where's #RJGrimes?
  • Recapping why Magna & Connie are stuck
  • The People see through #TalkingDead's stupid poll
  • #TWDWorldBeyond looks/sounds GOOD. Nods to @SarabethPollock (Twitter/Instagram)
  • #BlackSummer is coming soon, #AlteredCarbon is back. WATCH #BetterCallSaul: a better #BreakingBad. #DispatchesFromElsewhere #Preacher #TheBoysTV
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