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Sunday, February 11, 2024


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Originally Recorded 2023.05.02
With the Series Finale of Fear The Walking Dead months behind us, it's kind of serendipitous that we never got around to actually releasing our 7 favorite moments from the show (representing the first 7 seasons, prior to Season 8). The intention was the same - highlighting our favorite moments of FearTWD amidst the final episodes - but it feels that much sweeter releasing this episode after the fact because it not only highlights our love for the show but the fun we had discussing it on our podcast.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:


  • Dave, who wasn't prepared with a list of favorite moments, randomly chooses the time when Morgan Jones tells both John Dorie and (mostly) Alicia Clark (Episode 4x09 People Like Us) that he wants to bring everyone back to Alexandria Safe-Zone.

  • Rachael, throwing shade at Dave for being unprepared, chose the time when Victor Strand introduces himself to Howard as Morgan Jones (Episode 6x16 U.S.S. Pennsylvania).

  • Bridget's 7th favorite moment was June Dorie killing Virginia in Episode 6x09, Things Left to Do.

  • Sherrandy jumps into the ring with the wrestling scene involving Sherry, Dwight, and Mickey from Episode 7x05, Till Death.


  • Bridget is tagged in by Sherrandy to body slam us with her 6th favorite moment: a double-dose of the wrestling scene!

    • Honorable Mention: Aisha Tyler's contribution to both her character, Mickey, and to Fear The Walking Dead itself by way of directing Episode 6x13, JD... where Christine Evangelista nearly fell off the back of her horse...

    • Honorable Mention: Episode 5x09, Channel 4, for its lo-fi, documentary-style filming, giving us a different point-of-view (through Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki's camera lens).
  • Dave smoothly chooses the often overlooked crossover moment of Alex, from the Flight 462 webisodes to Episode 2x09, Ouroboros.

  • Rachael chooses the precious moment when Dwight reunites with Sherry in Episode 6x03, Alaska.

  • Sherrandy's list reaches new heights after choosing the take-off, flight, and landing sequence in Episode 5x08, Is Anybody Out There?.

    • particular though, she points out a callback: a walker trips over the Christmas lights that Sarah Rabinowitz and Wendell strung along the runway, shutting them off and threatening to botch the plane's landing sequence, which is foreshadowed in the Season Premiere of Season 5, Here to Help, where Alicia trips the walkers to make it easier to cut them down.


  • Dave is (not dead and you are not) dealing with somebody else now in choosing his 5th favorite moment: Morgan's and Ginny's entire first conversation at the end of Season 6's Season Premiere, The End is the Beginning, capping it off with the ever-so-memorable line, Morgan Jones is dead and you are dealing with somebody else, now.

  • Rachael unmistakably hates Madison Clark and chose her "death" as her 5th favorite moment, from Episode 4x08, No One's Gone.

  • Bridget rocks our world with the denouement of Season 3 (its season finale, Sleigh Ride) with the dam explosion.

    • Honorable Mention: Bridget loved that, even though the refresh between Seasons 3 & 4 wasn't everyone's cup of tea, they maintained the show's continuity by showing the consequences of Daniel Salazar's face being shot in Episode 6x10, Handle With Care when he reveals his dental prosthesis to Strand.
    • Sherrandy points out that Strand uncovering the airplane in Episode 5x04, Skidmark, saying, Not my style or my color, is a callback to Episode 3x02, The New Frontier, where he uncovers a car saying, My Style and my color.
  • Sherrandy punches us all in the cooch (the ol' sushi-chop) with her 5th favorite moment: when Morgan prevents Alicia from killing Naomi/Laura/June in Episode 4x08, No One's Gone, not only to save Alicia from being caught in the loop of cyclical violence, but to make up for not stepping in before Nick Clark, her brother, murders Ennis, one of The Vulture's leaders.

    • Honorable Mention: Morgan trying persuade Rick Grimes not to do the same to The Saviors on The Walking Dead in Episode 6x12, Not Tomorrow Yet.
    • Honorable Mention: Rachael adds that he looks at Rick similarly after they both track down The Saviors who escaped the hilltop to an abandoned bar and broke his word that he'd take them alive if they came peacefully. This was Episode 8x14, Still Gotta Mean Something (a man's word).
    • Honorable Mention: He also says this to Charlie in FearTWD Episode 4x07, Wrong Side of Where You Are Now: eventually, the killing has to stop.


  • Tensions increase with Dave's 4th favorite moment: when everyone expects Morgan to be the one to execute Virginia outside of Eden in Episode 6x09, Things Left To Do.

    • (Dis)honorable Mention(?): comparing Colby Minifie's overall casting to that of Tonya Pinkins as Martha (who was initially titled The Trash Lady/Filthy Woman until her name reveal).
  • It doesn't take long to find Bridget's 4th favorite moment: when Travis Manawa returns to the group having searched for his son, Chris Manawa in Episode 2x14, Wrath.

    • Definitely Dishonorable Mention: we shame/Shane Sherrandy for never really having watched the first 3 seasons.
  • Rachael's 4th favorite moment is Strand's laugh when he finds out Dwight & Sherry are The Darkhorses in Episode 7x05, Till Death.

    • Dave finally gets a chance (never got to in the original breakdown) to tell us how oddly similar in appearance Strand's caddy was to Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead game.

  • Sherrandy amazes us with her 4th favorite moment: The San Antonio Split performs in order to save Dwight in Episode 5x03, Humbug's Gulch.

    • Honorable Mention: When Arya Stark takes out The Night King in Game of Thrones in Episode 8x03, The Long Night.


  • Dave is feeling both the spirit and nostalgic when talking about Judaism with both fellow hosts and the audience in our own coverage of Episode 5x12, Ner Tamid.

  • Rachael barely saves herself from criticism - naming Episode 5x07, Still Standing as her favorite moment - by telling us her 3rd favorite moment: when Alicia saves Annie, Max, Dylan, and the rest of the Camp Cackleberry clan.

  • Bridget hails us on all frequencies with her 3rd favorite moment: Strand's conversation with Cosmonaut Valery Stepanovich Vashchenko in Episode 3x08, Children of Wrath.

    • Honorable Mention: Last Man on Earth with Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis, specifically the introduction of the latter as the main protagonist's brother who happens to be stranded on a space station during the initial outbreak.
    • But back to FearTWD, it's also Strand's farewell to The Abigail.

  • Sherrandy makes our collective hearts skip a beat by choosing the moment when Sarah jumps out of the refrigerator at a roadblock and admits to Rollie, at gunpoint, how deeply she regrets being responsible for killing Clayton (AKA Polar Bear) to show how little she'd regret killing Rollie in Episode 5x13, Leave What You Don't.

    • Honorable Mention: We get hints of this in Episode 4x15, I Lose People, when she earnestly and simultaneously tells Jim Brauer off while praising his beer while trapped on the hospital roof, which ultimately convinces him to sacrifice himself in order to draw away the walkers below.


  • Eye Spy Dave's 2nd favorite moments, primarily when Madison subdues Troy Otto by holding his right-eye hostage with a spoon in Episode 3x01, Eye of the Beholder, but also using a hammer to take him out in Episode 3x15, Things Bad Begun.

  • Bridget finds her 2nd favorite moment in John finding Laura again in Episode 4x06, Just in Case.

  • Rachael does her best impression of Macho Man Randy Savage in trying to explain how much she relished her 2nd favorite moment: when Nick kills Ennis by way of further impaling him on the antlers of a mounted deer head in Episode 4x03, Good Out Here.

    • Honorable Mentions: in the same episode, a tied-up Nick tries to get away from Morgan, but hilarity ensues when Morgan trips Nick up at every turn. Another ridiculous moment occurs when Morgan and co are cutting the bonds of Alicia, Strand, and Luciana and the way Victor sticks his wrists out to be cut free was so Strandish.
  • To no one's surprise, Sherrandy's 2nd favorite moment was the satisfaction of watching June sort of break bad by killing Ginny in Episode 6x09, Things Left To Do.


  • Dave's favorite moment is the apex of all the incredible moments found in Episode 6x03, Alaska: Althea's bittersweet moment pseudo-connecting with Isabelle near the end. Had she not pursued the clues that ultimately lead to that encounter, Dwight never have found Sherry again.

    • Honorable Mentions: aside from Dwight finding Sherry, he and Al having this touching and wildly unexpected sibling-esque relationship with one another.
    • Honorable Mention: two episodes later - 6x05, Honey - Dwight and Morgan have some killer dialogue, specifically when they talk about what happened during All Out War in relation to the present moment in which they find themselves.
    • Callback: Isabelle reveals to Al, in their brief conversation, that the office building dwellers can use the Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) to treat the anthrax they contracted, which is a callback to Episode 4x12, Weak, when Swattie runs out of fuel, Al becomes ill, and June tries to find antibiotics to help her. They run into June's doppleganger, Quinn, who had stolen Swattie, and Al tries to convince him to return it because it has Cipro. Quinn proceeds to call her Cipro throughout the episode.
  • Rachael commits and even graver sin than mentioning her favorite episode by telling us anything Sarah says. She quickly recovers by highlighting Sherrandy's 2nd favorite moment, but landing on Sarah's reaction to seeing Wendell again in Episode 6x06, Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg. Wen?

  • Bridget's favorite moment is the original title sequence, especially the sound!
    ...just kidding, it's the opening sequence of the Series Premiere, where Nick finds his girlfriend, Gloria, eating someone else's face. The icing on the cake is that, when he runs out of the church, the outside world is completely unchanged.

  • The litany of sins committed in this episode has reached its summit when Sherrandy mentions her favorite moment: the entirety of Episode 4x05, Laura. To atone, she mentions the moment that really hooked her to the series, which was the scene with Laura and John in the canoe.

What are your Top 7 favorite moments on Fear The Walking Dead? You can tell us in the comments below or you can leave us a podcast rating at!

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