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Sunday, February 28, 2021

[Percolation Nation] February, 2021

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Welcome to our 15th Percolation Nation! This blog highlights our ☕Ko-fi backers' generous contributions for the month of February, 2021! ICYMI, we detail the benefits of supporting us on Ko-fi in our first-ever Percolation Nation.
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Saturday, February 27, 2021

[Episode 120] The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Season 1 RECAP /w Brains Gone Bad & Aim For The Head Podcast

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Originally Recorded: 2020/12/18
Edited for our podcast: 2021/01/14
Joined by Steve, from Aim For The Head podcast, Lizzie invites us all over to Brains Gone Bad in order to discuss our thoughts on The Walking Dead: World Beyond's 1st season. It was a real treat to exchange our feelings and perspectives and, by the end of it, I think we all got something out of it and we wanted to share that with you!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • "How has Rick Grimes NOT taken out the CRM?" ... "Can’t do much without his boots".
  • Huck’s backstory: Liam O'Leary, from Undead Walking (incorrectly referenced as Cameron Bonomolo, from says it could be made up. Huck's BIG mistake.
  • Scenes/Characters with impact: Shadow Puppets.
  • Elton: Worried about his future. But don’t be, "No one dies anymore!"  Prepared or not?
  • Canned foods: Only good for about 18 months; Mountain Dew gate; Skunky beer and SMEAT.
  • Who loves flashbacks?: LOVING Huck’s; Reflecting on a disappointing FearTWD Season 1
  • Initial description of TWD World Beyond: 2 sisters take different paths.
  • Pacing of the show: Slower pace, but for a reason; See the beauty in the scenery/story.
  • Lizzie & Joe Holt ("Leo Bennett"): Stay Tuned.
  • Cause & Cure: Will we get answers? Dave hates flashbacks (on the original TWD), but everyone else pretty much loves them (or at least the possibility).

  • Shameless Plug: Lizzie’s book, BUY IT!
  • We’re all Martha in the apocalypse.
  • The ever expanding #TWDUniverse.
  • Hope the little psycho: Jupiter trophy bead.
  • #HUCKyeah: Most interesting character; Sketchy behavior; #TEAMHuck.
  • What this series needed was a real time map: old timey plane flying across with dash marks; keeping track of geography.

  • Finally coming across "others".
  • Doesn’t matter where we are, only where we’re going.
  • Book Smarts vs. Hands-On Learning: We see the kids struggle a little.
  • Dave describes the beauty in death.
  • Seeing new stuff: Keeping our attention via the Hornet Empty; Trypophobia is Matt Negrete’s real life fear of holes-in-things.
  • Who’s drinking the Kool-Aid? Can we trust Lyla? Maybe Doctor Samuel Abbot just had an accident.
  • Favorite Characters: Rachael's is Silas, Kim's & Lizzie's is Huck, Steve's is Huck then Silas, Dave's is Hope then Elton.
  • Series-Thus-Far Ratings: Dave ⭐⭐⭐⭐, Rachael ⭐⭐⭐➕, Kim ⭐⭐⭐➕, Steve ⭐, Lizzie ⭐⭐⭐
  • Lizzie & Joe Holt, Part 2: Lizzie is an on-set educator and was working on the same set as him.
  • Alexa Mansour: The Shout-out Rachael bought for Dave (for Christma--- I mean, Hanukkah). During it, Alexa confirms filming of Season 2 is underway.
  • Elton/Percy scene.
  • Constructive criticism.
  • Unexpected results: Keeping an open mind.
  • Closing thoughts: We talk about being on another podcast.

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Friday, February 26, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 5] Our Best Clips Covering The Walking Dead's 10th Season

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Originally Recorded Sept 30th, 2020
All good things must come to an end, as our 5th and final part of our SQUAWKING DEAD retrospective comes to a close, as we highlight our best moments covering The Walking Dead's 10th season (just before the season fauxnale, 10x16).
You will definitely want to consider downloading the Unedited Episode Recordings for this podcast: we expand so much further on so many of the topics we discuss (on a greater #TWDUniverse level or even a personal one). Along with the ability to join us in the next recording, via the realtime chat, isn't it time you supported the podcast you know and love? Click Here!
David Cameo:

  • #NYCC Panel: James Chen ("Kal") on Working with Andrew Lincoln: BMNY DeadCast's Chris, MegTheGeek, and SQUAWKING DEAD's Dave hosted a TWD panel with other guests - actress Elyse Dufour ("Frankie") and artist Oscar('s Red Hat) Rodriguez

  • Daffy for Dante! Sad for Siddiq...: Straight outta the comics...!

  • Unmasking The Truth: Alpha tells Gamma's sister, Frances, to bring Adam to Hilltop. Mary/Frances represents the two warring sides of Alpha

  • LIKE! FOLLOW! SUCSCRIBE! SHARE!: Promoting oneself on social media and The Road to Thousands giveaway

  • When Did Michonne & Aaron Cross Their Border?: When? Where? The Bridge? What Bridge? Oh...

  • Angela Kang = If Dave & Carol Had a Baby: and, obviously, went back in time. Obviously.

  • Negan's Living Legacy: What if Brandon wasn’t real? Dave makes Carol mad (what else is new?)

It's about this point where we accidentally went out of chronological order, in terms of the clips! If you'd like the link to all of our clips (past, present, and future clips waiting to be dropped), ☕Ko-fi Backers receiving this perk, right when they sign up! Here's a Supporter-Backed post with the link!
  • Rosita’s Breast-Pump Armor (Bonus: Rachael's Squeals): Rachael squeals for Beta

  • Game of Stickers & Secret Baby Society: Trinkets from @Nightmareon3lm (Aaryn) left all over Walker Stalker ATL

  • Tales of Waffle House Past: Dave tells us about the cow he and his friends drove over like a ramp

  • Waffle House Quest: the first one we drove to, the ramp to the parking lot was blocked off by chairs... spooky

  • Plans for the Future, Adventures in Production: SQUAWKING DEAD's future with Ko-fi

  • Rapid Fire Questions for Jimmy McAfee: An except from Rachael's interview with the background actor

  • Breaking Into The Walking Dead Crew: Carol’s interview with Greg Nicotero

  • How A Real Man Pits An Avocado: Dave injures himself, unglamorously

  • Fill Your Geek Hole:

  • Sherrandy has to leave πŸ˜₯
  • It’s "Miller Time" All The Time:

  • No One Ever Thinks They're The Evil One: Carol’s actions and the possibility of ending a friendship.

  • Siddiq Killed Himself?: The lie Alexandria is told about Siddiq and Rosita and Gabe burn Dante's body in secret

  • Daryl, Inaudible: Ashley does some Daryl-speak

  • The Audience IS The Cast: Making some predictions about The Walking Dead: World Beyond

  • Carrot Juice Conspiracy: leapfrogging rocks in the dark requires a lot of Vitamin A & K

  • Did I Take Daryl Dixon For Granted?: Daryl gets beat the f*ck up...

  • #AMA: Why (Podcast About) The Walking Dead?: @WTFNyssa interviews Dave

  • Hot for Doomed Preacher: Dave’s crushin' on Father Gabriel

  • Not Today, Aaron: Alden & Aaron's argument over whether to allow Gamma/Mary near baby Adam

  • The Benefits of Buying Us a Ko-fi: voice appearance from Rachael’s husband Eric yields a funny moment

  • Would The Michonne of Today Save Andrea?: With Kirsten Acuna joining guest-hosting. Michonne's transformation over the course of TWD Episode 10x13 What We Become

  • Negan’s Respect: Michonne & Carl have it. Spencer? ...Not so much

  • The Cat That Stays: The outcast cat, of all cats

  • Beyond Your Bowels, Rick Grimes, and Human Nature: Do walkers poop? LT CMDR EK: WHAT DOES IT MEA--- Oh...

  • Oh, F*ck That! People in Masks?!: Who might these masked crusaders be?

  • A Certain Doom for Father Gabriel: Rachael (and Carol) predicts (and taunts Dave about) Father Gabriel's impending death.

  • [WSCAtlanta2019] Alanna's Awkward Onboarding: Alanna Masterson talks about her first days on set

  • Don't F*ck This Uo, Ashley!: As Talking Dead's Ultimate TWD Fan of 2018, Ashley talks about the moment leading up to her being notified on the show.

  • Dave takes a moment to show Rachael his appreciation

  • Surviving The Workpocalypse: Working as a community.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 4] Our Best Clips Covering Fear The Walking Dead's 5th Season

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Originally Recorded Sept 27th, 2020
From whether we should eat our own pets over babies, all the way to getting serious about the annoyances of certain people on Social Media, we go through that and more in the midst of covering our favorite moments of #FearTWDseason5!
You are not going to want to pass up the opportunity to download the Unedited Version of this podcast. We had to seriously edit for content, simply because we would either tangent (hard) or get a little too personal. To grab a copy and join us during future Recording Sessions, as well as a whole host of other perks, click here!
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Team People?: Or team animal? Eating Pets, Animals, People, and Babies
  • FearTWD’s Swan Song: Al keeps their stories alive, but will eventually join the story

  • Survivors Assemble! ...Wait, Nevermind: Just Kidding

  • Victor Strand and the Propellers of Doom: Also on John and June’s movie list, "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

  • Ruben Blades: Understated/Underrated:

  • Rachael Smashes Our Predator Dreams: Dead bodies register cold on thermal imaging... right?

  • You Should See Her After A Shower!: Rachael ruins a beautiful moment between Isabelle & Althea

  • The Uncanny #BeerTWD: Horrible/Awesome Hot Air Balloon CGI? Is it like the infamous bad CDI Deer or Junkyard Helicopter?

  • Tell Us How You Really Feel, Kim Dickens
    What If Madison is the Big Bad:

  • When Prehistoric Mosquitos Attack!:

  • All That Glitters is Not Gold: Dwight chasing Sherry

  • Morgan’s laugh, "HYUK!"

  • What camp is Sherry in? Is she the big bad, or even with them?
  • How Does The Movie Start?: In the middle, in order to break our brains then explain in the process

  • TWDUniverse’s First Jewish Character: Rabbi Jacob Kessner, played by Peter Jacobson. We only found out later that Sarah is also Jewish (Rabinowitz)

  • San Diego Comic Con 2019:
    • That God Damned Movie Trailer: Rick is not coming back

    • Babies Aren’t Born With Clothes On:

  • Who’s Helping Whom?:

  • I Forgot To Say Goodbye: How would a brain tumor effect a walker?

  • When is a "Wes" not a "Wes"?: Or is he Derek?

  • We Need Kids, But Kill The Stupid Ones: But not Judith... right? This clip almost got us canceled.

  • Girl Colby, Boy Colby: "Uncle" Colby Minifie and Colby Holman

  • Using fake names: Naomi/Laura/June. Keeping a distance

  • Don Quixote: Even a bad book has value. Is there "good" in "bad" people?

  • mmmBYEEE, Come Find Me!:

  • SQUAWKING DEAD is Convoy: Shout out @johnney5salive, navigating ups and downs of social media, and how you should be social on social media.

  • Morgan Roles Underneath The Dumpster: "No one’s gone until they’re gone"

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 3] Our Best Clips Covering The Walking Dead's 9th Season

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Originally Recorded Sept 26th, 2020
Be sure to catch our video intro to this podcast on YouTube (embedded video, just below), for a special Holiday greeting and to watch Rachael open Dave's Christmas present!
Midway into our Season 9 coverage is when things really started to come together for SQUAWKING DEAD, but it wasn't without its troubles. We go through it all, while picking up #AshleyWeidman, Rachael Burt, and even Chris (from BMNY DeadCast) as hosts, along the way. One can easily say that Season 9 of The Walking Dead was sort of a renaissance for #TWDUniverse: so it was for us, as a podcast!
We HIGHLY encourage you to download the Unedited Version of this Recording, as it expands on the things we've said here and we all get VERY personal. It sucks when we have to cut for time, but at least we give you the option, all while supporting the podcast! Click Here!
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • The Mother of All Bunkers: Underground shelter and taking proper precautions.

  • Breaking Wild Horses: Maggie tames herself? Foreshadowing?

  • Warning Smudges: What is on Michonne’s arm? A mystery solved, 2 years, later.

  • Carl Died For Nothing:

  • A vs B: Rick is a B, but Gabe was an A. People are the currency.

  • Beauty Keeps You Going: Thriving vs Surviving.

  • You Only Hurt The Ones You Love: A difference in opinion is healthy and makes for stronger relationships.

  • Please, PLEASE, Miss A Thing: Dave with a bone. Dave, Carol, and Rachael = The Dream Team

  • A TWD Christmas Story: Ashley Weidman's 1st episode hosting SQUAWKING DEAD. Ashley was 2018's Talking Dead's TWD Ultimate Fan

  • Zombridezilla: O.G. SQUAWKING D. Carol G. makes her demands.

  • Even Bad Social Media is Good Social Media: Social Media Mishaps a la #Ekekiel.

  • Negan Erectile Dysfunction: Judith anchors Negan. Brandon, in his own way, shows Negan the light.

  • Lydia’s Post Traumatic Stress: hearing the crying baby at Hilltop.

  • Angela Kang’s run with the show
  • Not To Spoil Your Fair, But...: The Kingdom's Fair = Fyre Festival.

  • Wait, R.J. Grimes Isn't Real?: Ashley really messed with our minds with this one.

  • Women in Leadership: Carol, Tara, and Yumiko. The way in which Carol chooses to handled The Highwaymen

  • Judith Remembers EVERYTHING: A Zombie Mommies episode (only the mothers hosted this episode)

  • Siddiq is a Traitor, Chem Trails Are Real: did he make up the story?

  • ZIP UP YOUR COAT, LYDIA!!!: We learn about Bomb Cyclones.

  • Requiem for The Vultures: Lazy Villains ain't so bad.

  • Pound Mary: Chris slips up during an interview with Xander Berkeley.

  • The Travelin’ Man: Dave tells Xander about The Traveling Hat; Xander draws Dave like one of his French girls.

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Friday, February 19, 2021

[Episode 119] Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Wrap-Up /w Just Keep Walking podcast

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We're taking a moment, during our break, to have a casual discussion about our impressions of Fear The Walking Dead's 6th season with Ben from Turn Sounds/Just Keep Walking podcast. In true fashion, we weave in and out of other #TWDUniverse properties, mostly in relation to #FearTWD S6 (but not exclusively), and even manage to discuss the state of (streaming) media, as it pertains to our love to hate on relationship with #AMCPlus.
Since this was recorded, live, there's no supporter-backed exclusive (Ko-fi backers had the option of joining us in the exclusive, realtime chat, rather than experience the lag of public livestreams), so check out the embedded livestream, just above this text⬆
...but don't miss out on other exclusives! ...such as joining-in our recording sessions and the chance to download future unedited episode recordings -- all while supporting the podcast you know and love! Click Here!

Benjamin Scotford
(Just Keep Walking/Turn Sounds):
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Ben’s feelings about season 4 and 5: He’s a videographer and the found footage wasn’t fun for him, but loves Season 6
  • Comparing TWD to FEAR
  • Ben’s favorite FearTWD characters are John Dorie, Dwight, and Alicia (but how do you choose?).
  • Rachael’s MVP’s this season is Althea & John
  • NEW Walkers: Razor-blade fingers
  • Ben’s fancy standing desk
  • Will Madison return? Do you want Madison to return?

  • Color differences
  • is about much more than just TWD 
  • AMC+: love it or hate it? Mostly hate it. Early releases allow for spoilers & loss of human connection
  • Ben’s favorite villains: The Vultures and is impressed by Colby's performance
  • Troy: The Villain and His Potential
  • Social Media Trolls
  • Questions from the audience: @BlazyGardener, "If not Morgan who should lead?"

  • Strand: Everyone has that asshole friend
  • Ben looks forward to Sherry’s story. Ginny's Rejects are expanding and the possibility of them joining The End is the Beginning death cult
  • The caravan at the end of  TWD episode 10x13: "Ginny’s" group? Breeda Wool is future Dakota?

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

[Episode 100: Part 2] Our Best Clips Covering Fear The Walking Dead's 4th Season

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The SQUAWKING DEAD retrospective rolls on with our best clips covering Fear The Walking Dead's 4th season! After watching/listening to this, we sincerely hope you appreciate how far we've come, as a podcast! ...and maybe appreciate our predictions and thoughts, in the moment, as we were breaking these episodes down (considering the complete shift in tone for #FearTWD, as a whole)
DON'T MISS OUT: Get the Unedited Version of this recording + the ability lend your insights in the realtime chat during future recordings -- all while supporting the work we do!
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Morgan & John Dorie are Karate Man & The Gun-Slinger

  • FEAR bringing a bit of comedy: will The Walking Dead: World Beyond bring the funny?
  • John Dorie & Laura Love story is the reason @Blazygardener started watching

  • Madison’s Death, Foreshadowed: "Walker Madison" in the Silo & Madison’s reflection while June kills walker outside the FEMA center

  • @Wallaani is in the audience! 
  • Mel: That Guy Friend, Ready to Offer His Weiner: @Wallaani, "Are The Vultures a splinter group of the Saviors?" Don’t know what’s going on in the most fun way. Hipster Saviors

  • John Dorie’s Movie Reviews: One-Word Reviews, like Glitter, "Not as funny as promised"; Meet John Doe, is that a reflection of Morgan, or John?

  • The Corpses of Dead Children: Implied, not shown. As parents, it hits us harder

  • FearTWD​ Characters are More Human: FEAR does what TWD can’t.

  • No One's Gone `til They're Alpha: Carol predicts Madison is Alpha and Taqa is Beta, but how would that work, really?

  • [Episode 14] SQUAWKING DEAD's first livestream, covering the mid-season ramp up (FearTWD S4B + TWD S9). JDM & Andrew Lincoln @SDCC reenacting "Love Actually"
  • Daryl stepping up and telling Rick he can’t stay at Sanctuary

  • Sometimes, You Just Need A Win: People like us, hinting at merging the shows, but no one wants that!

  • Isn't it Ironic? Don't You Think?: Covering Close your Eyes. Would Nick forgive Charlie for killing him?

  • There's No Place Like Home: Wizard of Oz parallels

  • Althea: The Sole Survivor: she’s responsible for the lives she's captured on her tapes

  • How to Make a Better Martha: Could Martha have started the fire at Mel and Ellis’ farm, which would've eventually created The Vultures, which led to the deaths of Nick & Madison Clark?

  • Looking Past The Surface: No One's Gone `til They're Gone: Martha helps keep Morgan sane; he sees in her what he could become

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

[Episode 118] Rachael Surprises Dave with a Cameo from Alexa Mansour

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Dave reacts in realtime to Rachael's Hanukkah present: a Cameo from Alexa Mansour ("Hope Bennett" from The Walking Dead: World Beyond)!
Click Here to watch the original Cameo and PLEASE RATE/COMMENT on it, to show Alexa some SQUAWKING DEAD love (tell her we sent you)!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

A little public note, here, for my co-host, Rachael.

Thank you.

This was a very thoughtful Hanukkah present and I know what it represents to us as a podcast, as fellow hosts, and friends: The completion of breaking down a #TWDUniverse series from its start, together. Look, not all the good feelings I've had about people have panned out, but seeking you out and doing this thing we do, together, has been the best decision I've ever made. You may not have known it, at the time, but you carried me - and this podcast - through some tough times. And you show up. I know it should be a given - that's what friends do, right? You can't imagine how many special projects I've been a part of just wither because people just stop caring too little to even bother. And I haven't had you tell me that it's annoying yet, me blubbering about how grateful I am that you do show up, so I have to say it over and over again. Maybe it's because of those folks who become too disinterested that I do the best I know how to show you how much you are valued, here.
This was awesome. You are awesome.

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