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Sunday, December 5, 2021

[Episode 171] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x09| Death and the Dead

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#Jadis says, "It's about life, doctor," two episodes ago, but her semi-quoting #ThomasMann to him early on in the episode (all that's out there is "Death and the dead") is all we need to know, narratively, the seat from which all their motivations derive: Fear. Our protagonists show, in action, all the ways in which Thomas Mann "Wakes up": by living life as if death doesn't exist.
So not much pre/post show to speak of, since we recorded both #FearTWD and #WorldBeyond on the same day, but we did edit out chunks and chunks of footage in between for various reasons. Support the #podcast and get the episode that God/Nature/Science intended:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • We went into a rant about the quote from whence the episode title's namesake is derived:
  • Huck is finally releasing all the emotions she's pent up inside. Parallels of what she felt she finally had to do against her brothers in the Marines (the right thing) and her driving away in the jeep in the series premiere.
  • Sherrandy is the M.V.P.: Jadis is allowing nepotism (Mason Beale being held hostage) to halt the Civic Republic Military's agenda (which shows their hypocrisy, considering Elizabeth Kublek and Jennifer Mallick and even Sergeant Barca). Although, from our point of view, do you blame Warrant Officer Stokes from hiding this from Major General Beale?
  • In the aftermath, even though Project Votus was used as a smokescreen for genocide, they still believe in it. Jadis turns into the monster (Simon, of The Saviors) because MGB wants all the scientists back alive.
  • Clear parallels between the state of The Walking Dead communities in episodes 1-5 of Season 9 to The Alliance of the Three: How The Sanctuary was a drain on Maggie Rhee and The Hilltop's resources. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is also somewhat an echo of Carl Grimes' vision of the future.
  • Mason's actions near the end (leading to Percy's death), in spite of hearing The CRM's deceptions from Jadis' own lips. Dave struggles, while the ladies appeal to the rationale that even he has in his own notes. He's a good person, but maybe what was said is a seed in Mason's mind that might sprout later on?
  • CGI Empties in this episode plus Elton Ortiz and Silas Plaskett hamster balling it in Perimeter Colony's globe art for the Civic Republic Research Facility were kind of necessarily hilarious and light-hearted.
  • Iris Bennett's decision to stop Hope Bennett from killing Mason (even though The CRM took Iris' future, twiceCampus Colony and Percy Delmado). Drawing yet another line from Iris to Rick Grimes - and even Michonne to Virgil
  • I think we'd all be pissed if Dennis('s abs don't save him and he) dies. Annet Mahendru is the M.V.P.  Dave works out why actual prayer isn't implemented in this extremely emotional scene.
  • The premise if the show: the reason why the CRM executioners cull Campus Colony, Omaha, and is moving to genocide Portland. Rachael brings back our theory that, without loud sounds or bright fire, dead columns/walker herds are drawn to massive communities of people.
  • The CRM might already know that The Civic Republic will try them for crimes against humanity for what the CRM thinks they have to do before they hand over control to the civilian government.
  • Logistically placing the whereabouts of both the kids and the scientists.
  • The weight of the scientists, even Terry Brooks Ellis, having to kill the soldiers with the B-Oh-4 Bombs.
  • Percy's demise.
  • Hope's (and our) reaction to having to kill Empty Lyla Belshaw. It's the moment that sets up her  threating actions towards Mason, near the end.
  • Dennis tells Silas to find his friends (after having told him not to at the start of the season). The interesting encounter between Silas and Webb.
  • Briefly revisiting Iris' reasons for stopping Hope from killing Mason. Dispelling the questions behind the capability of frozen empties and why, essentially, empties/walkers look the way they do so soon after reanimation.
  • Dennis takes his alcoholism very seriously (won't someone think of the abs?!). Silas is a friendly/traumatized drunk. Silas forgives Jennifer Mallick.
  • Delaying the inevitable: Thanking all of you for joining us, from start to finish, throughout TWD World Beyond's journey. Recording this episode is just inconveniencing Sherrandy from watching next week's episodes.

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Friday, December 3, 2021

[Episode 170] Season 7, Episode 7 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Portrait"

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What's absolutely fantastic about this episode is the debate and coalescence on the points of view from our fellow hosts. Watching #VictorStrand's slowly disintegrate is changing the way we view him. Seeing #MorganJones break bad concerns even the harshest of his critics. And the return of #AliciaClark leaves us with even more questions prior to her arrival! There were far more setups than resolutions this episode, but it's hard to argue that this episode didn't move the story forward.
OH. MAI. GAH! ...the pre-show to this episode is *SO* spicy: I only wished we had been able to start recording sooner (OR THAT OUR HOSTS WOULD HOLD BACK FROM SPILLING THEIR GUTS LONG ENOUGH TO SAVE IT FOR THE ACTUAL SHOW πŸ‘€). Either way, you are not going to want to miss the Unedited Episode Recording for this episode. Best of all, it helps support this podcast! Check it out:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener


  • WATCH Sherrandy's pre-show ☢Nuclear Reaction⚠ to Morgan Jones & June Dorie's discussion:
  • Morgan Jones showed up at Strand's Tower with the intent to kill Victor Strand.
  • Strand perhaps pushed Morgan to this point, but Morgan's been undetectably changing (for better and worse).
  • What if Morgan had succeeded in murdering Strand?
  • Morgan unsuccessfully tries to convince June Dorie to leave the tower. Spicy conversation ensues: leveraging recent/repeating history with Virginia and the (incomplete) memory of John Dorie.
  • Will Morgan admit to June/Alicia Clark what he tried to do to Strand?
  • All Morgan had to do was wash his dirty paws; get away with it. Made things worse.
  • Analyzing Howard's words, "Don’t let Morgan Jones make you second guess yourself."
  • Strand's gift to Howard: even though The Tower was Howard’s before it was Strand’s, Victor gives Howard the chance to make history, rather than curate it.
  • See? Strand cares about children.
  • Why does Strand deny even the most useful people entrance? Are they just not "Alicia"? Is it pure instinct? Does he only choose people who are dependent upon him?
  • The Tower is unfinished on the inside, just like Victor: The framing is there, but filling it with History rather than structure; being damaged from the inside-out/outside-in.
  • Initial reaction to when Strand let out "Alicia," down the elevator shaft.
  • Against Strand's instincts, Morgan is brought into the tower because he is the person Victor knows sees him for who he really is.
  • Validating what Dave assumed about Strand: he was never loved as a child, so doesn’t know how to accept love.
  • Unsettling thoughts on what could happen to baby Mo living with Papa Strand?
  • Strands spooky Beta shit moment, hearing the walker noises while staring at his portrait. Rachael actually feels bad for him.
  • Strand is bad, but not evil. Victor is like a post-zombie-apocalyptic Walter White (Breaking Bad
  • Very self destructive behavior from Victor: from sabotaging his relationship with Cole to keeping Alicia at arms length.
  • The torn, tattered, and bloody version of his portrait is truly how Victor sees himself. What does he actually see, though?
  • Questions abut Arno's exploding walkers. Dissecting Arno's plan to take over the tower invokes memories of The Twilight Zone's The Shelter.
  • Arno is too pretty to kill-off.
  • Dave previously called Alicia's appearance wouldn't occur until the 7th episode. Just like Victor, Alicia wants something from Morgan, too, but what could it be?
  • [Editor's Note] this episode was not Alycia Debnam-Carey's directorial debut. Heather Cappiello directed The Portrait and Alycia directed a yet unnamed episode 7x11
  • Strand’s vomit looks like paint, making Juliana (initially) sus (but not really).
  • But, really? Methylene Blue? Typically administered intravenously as Oxygen therapy for the blood. Taken orally doesn't seem nearly lethal, so... what was Morgan Jones' intent?
  • Morgan willing to kill(?) Strand to ensure Baby Morgan's safety? Add to it the (im)perfect timing of Arno showing up on the day of Morgan's attempted murder of Strand.
  • Will we see a change in Victor after his poisoning and how we might we feel about a mad Strand?

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