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Thursday, November 4, 2021

[Episode 153] Mo Collins

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We're so pleased to share with you our conversation with #SarahRabinowitz (on #FearTWD) herself, #MoCollins! We recorded this #interview a little over a month ago, but have had to prioritize episode releases and squeezing out a backlog of overdue projects and recordings. Now that we've achieved a level of equilibrium, here it is! We go through her career as a sketch comedian, to how much closer she is to playing the character/idealized version of herself, by way of #FearTheWalkingDead.
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Mo Collins:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • Our customary gratitude (for everything from existing to her participation in Sherrandy's TWDU Secret Santa) + Mo attended Sherrandy's virtual wedding (on Instagram Live). Here's a small recap!
  • #TWDFamily / #FearFamily and how the notion of Found Family is true both inside and outside #TWDUniverse.
  • Hers and Alex Skuby's favorite road trip (in their road trips to and from Austin, TX/set); how Charlotte (their dog) is a trooper on these excursions; Mo's heart-shaped rock collection.
  • Mo-net, the artist, and a question from Linda Peck Athens about the artists by whom she is inspired.
  • Her first/favorite word (spoiler alert: you will not find it in a dictionary).
  • Helping Malcolm, in Fear The Walking Dead episode 6x06, was her 1st episode on set that season; Living vicariously through Sarah Rabinowitz as a trucker; Food-grade sludge.
  • Improvisation and writing on both MadTV and FearTWD; Influences for Sarah from Gina in The 40 Year Old Virgin.
  • The benefits from doing improv come from putting in the work!
  • How Lorraine Swanson (one of her characters on MadTV) and Cher would react in a Zombie Apocalypse; Rachael's snort-laugh achieved.
  • Being a producer throughout her career.
  • Mo is the heart of Sarah, but Sarah is also the heart of Mo.
  • David C. asks Mo what she did to prepare for her role. Daryl "Chill" Mitchell gets her out of her head.
  • Both she and Sarah are team-players and are just happy/fulfilled seeing others succeed.
  • Danny T. asks what favorite story arc is; Discusses her confrontation with Logan and jumping out of the fridge in Season 5 in her ambush of Rollie.
  • Emotional moment: What Sarah wants the most in the world is for everyone to be ok and to shine.
  • Donnie asks her who her favorite character is.
  • There's no typical day on set, but Mo paints even the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • #ReleaseTheCollinsCut: Mo shares some of Sarah's age-up scene - meant for episode 6x12, In Dreams - which was ultimately cut.
  • You can't compare #FearFamily with MadTV fam.
  • What music she's been listening to lately; sings a little Brandi Carlile.
  • Wants to be cast in more dramatic roles.
  • Believes She and her husband, Alex, would dominate the zombie apocalypse.
  • Alex stops in to say hi! Plugs his podcast: (formerly The More You Know / TMYK).
  • Check out Santa Clarita Diet, to see Alex, and F is for Family, to hear Mo's voice acting, both on Netflix. And of course, the loopy Joan Callamezzo on Parks and Recreation via Peacock & more voice acting on Puppy Dog Pals via Disney+.

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