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Saturday, September 28, 2019

[Episode 68] Season 5, Episode 15 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Channel 5"

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Two Groups/Philosophies and what feels like a Sophie's Choice. This penultimate episode of the season ends off on quite the ominous note. We're discussing all that and more!
#NYCC: Thursday | 6:30pm: Chris, Meg, and Dave are hosting a TWD panel!
Walker Stalker Atlanta: WE HAVE A TABLE AND PRESS PASSES! Meet Dave, Carol, Meg, and Rachael!
#ICYMI, we are able to deliver ALL 8 ARTICLES of #Michonne's #MultiCommunityCharterOfRightsAndFreedoms!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • UNVEILING a #Scream themed #TShirt in time for #WalkerStalkerCon!
  • Confronting critics who complain that everything seems to work out
    • who survives this season?
  • Ginny's hoaky #PSA & #SophiesChoice
  • #MaggieRhee crossover? nah...
    • "Fear needs #MadisonClark --I mean, Maggie!" shout-out to @TWDeadDaily
  • #BetaTWD was a musician?
    • maybe a #NothingBurger, like #CARYL? Deconstructing #DarylDixon
    • comparing #AliciaClark with #CarolPeletier
  • #GIVEAWAY ALERT: added #XanderBerkeley, #ThoraBirch, and #MaestroHarrell to the list!
  • Why Alicia needs to paint trees
    • moving beyond survival: purpose/meaning.
    • #DanielSalazar becoming the barber - not just a cover
    • #NaomiLauraJune became... amazing
  • #DwightTWD's #Negan & #TheSaviors #PTSD; #VictorStrand: Don't con a con-man
  • I'm not calling you Ginny; Virginia is Madison?!
  • Ginny violates #AltheaSzewczyckPrzygocki's journalistic integrity
  • "A Rec and a Rink!" and #MorganJones' stick, repaired
  • 5 confusing "keys": #AKeyToTheFuture? Thanks #Grover!
    • Georgie, too (Ginny by extension), must be a splinter of CRM
    • Rehashing who (and WHERE) Princess should be
  • #Continuity: Leaving FearTWD in the past, TWD in the Present, and #TWD3 is the future
    • the kids of TWD3 must be children of FearTWD (confirmed)
  • Rachael is softening EVEN MORE on #FTWDCharlie
  • Tom gratitude; Convoy's progress; building a podcast audience - shoutout to @Johnney5sAlive
    • and Strand exposing Ginny being threatened by Convoy; Negan, not Negan AKA Virgiรฑegan
  • Dave is not a pet fan; Rachael's parents' empty nest favorites
  • Ginny's obsessed with food; Dave's Immigrant parents #CandyBeansies #AuGratin #WaterCacki
  • It's a nice day for a white wedding? #RabbiJacobKessner
  • FearTWD Season 5 #SeasonFinale would mark the 200th Episode in the TWD Franchise
  • Hope, #HumbugsGulch, unexpected audience flack, and doing it all yourself
    • cowboy Walkers and Sheriff #JohnDorie
    • Guys never talk, but #FTWDGrace ain't any better; Daniel calling Morgan out
    • maybe saying goodbye is not saying it at all?
  • Being faithful to your characters: Alicia wasn't always a bad-ass
  • Morgan's sudden surge of leadership after Tom dies; Victor's concern has hints of former self
    • Did Ginny mastermind Convoy's plan to head to Humbug's Gulch, detour and all?
  • Tom as the archetype for hope, doing it for the `gram, and "slick shoes" #TheGoonies
  • #SneakPeeks:
    • Dwight running through the woods; Ginny & Sherry
    • Ginny milking Morgan's plea for assistance
    • Alicia to Morgan, "We can clear this place"
    • Daniel checking the fence
    • June is preggers?
    • Victor holding the fence, John clearing walkers
    • Grace & Morgan won't see each other again, if he leaves
    • Ginny arrives to Humbug's Gulch
    • #LucianaGalvez, "We're gonna be ok" as the doors to Tank Town close. Wendell & Luci?
    • Morgan & Dwight surrounded by walkers
    • Daniel knows war; Ginny will fight; but Dwight comes back
      • @msMazel: the group may be forced to kill Ginny
    • June on a horse; walkers washing away; walkers walking towards a chappel (painted tree by Wes & Alicia over the doorway)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

[Episode 67] Season 5, Episode 14 of Fear The Waking Dead, "Today and Tomorrow"

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With some characters clinging to the past, others to the future, this episode offered us a window into the stakes, as this season begins to come to a close.
#NYCC: Thursday | 6:30pm: Chris, Meg, and Dave are hosting a panel!
#WSCAtlanta: WE HAVE A TABLE AND PRESS PASSES! Say Hi! Meg, Dave, and Carol will be there!
#ICYMI, we are able to deliver ALL 8 ARTICLES of #Michonne's #MultiCommunityCharterOfRightsAndFreedoms!
3 WEEKS LEFT to our #WeAreSQUAWKINGDEAD #TheRoadToTHOUSANDS #Giveaway! Have you entered?!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • You heard it here, folks: We're "better than #TalkingDead anyway" ~ @BlazyGardener
    • Monster beats Coffee
  • Rachael: Huge shifts in #MorganJones. Dramatic changes through the episode
    • #AltheaSzewczykPrzygocki is unlike herself: Not Isabelle's Boat
    • #FTWDSettlers are with Georgie? #AKeyToTheFuture
  • Dave solely remembers the dancing #SixFlags old man dancing to the #VengaBoys
  • Morgan's brother; #MaggieRhee crossover, with time jump? ...and #DuaneJones is #MadisonClark?! BLAZY is @celtictso?!
  • #ChildBullying clip has made the rounds: we're #racist, too
  • Althea's camera therapy works; Morgan: the challenging necklace knot
    • Morgan: his own worst enemy; #DwightTWD just needed to get away from #Negan
    • Racist Dave is Racist and #CouchSurfing
    • Happy ending: positive vibes for @negan_judith_cosplay284
  • Kids keep adults anchored: #CarlGrimes to #RickGrimes & #FTWDCharlie to #DanielSalazar
  • Grace & Daniel are Traveling Wilburys: #KarenDavid & #RubenBlades have both released music
    • Rachael is pro #Graniel, sorta...
    • Daniel sets the episode/season, "Being a realist is not a realistic option, anymore."
  • Grace's #DonQuixote / #ManOfLaMancha audiobook (narrated by #KharyPayton?): seeing the way the world ought to be. #TikkunOlam
    • building a nest
  • Sorting out both Morgan's and Althea's foibles
    • The power of knowing there's someone out there you love/who loves you
    • #TitleSequence actually had the discarded #vinyl records
    • The possibility of either Daniel & Morgan dying and reminders of Madison
    • Meg's in the chat, challenging people to fights over Madison being alive
  • Dave & Ginny's gross #LitmusTest
  • Pool Walker & #Althea giving us MAJOR Carl-is-bit vibes
    • the reality of #ZombieApocalypse / #ZombieOutbreak shows: it might not go the way you want
    • the shift away from lead protagonists; passing the torch
    • Congratulating #SonequaMartinGreen on her #SaturnAwards for #BestAcress on #StarTrekDiscovery
  • #Walkers in a #BowlingAlley. #ZNation #TDog #PuppiesAndKittens
  • Will Morgan make it back in time?
    • Anxiety going into #TWDseason10 via @Johnney5sAlive
    • breadcrumbs to Morgan saying, "I'm good": Remembering Jenny & Duane, The Tanker, The Horse, and #FTWDIsabelle
    • reminders of #FTWDLogan trying to save "Serena"
  • #SneakPeeks:
    • Grace is on the floor of the MRAP, but up again in another scene
    • Morgan, "This is not the end of the road" while Althea sees something she doesn't like [kicks a TV over]
    • Convoy: no cars, no food
    • Ginny doesn't save the day, attracts a herd (Negan 2.0)
    • Rick-on-the-bridge vibes; Walker falls on Al; Convoy's #TrailOfTears
  • Revisiting Dwight's asshole (Rollie); Twinkie as Cinnabun replacement; Spaghetti IS simple; Stone Soup; Morgan's stick is fixed; #ThePurge

Friday, September 13, 2019

[Episode 66] Season 5, Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Leave What You Don't"

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Along with #Periscope, we're now #broadcasting on #Twitch & #Mixer for the first time! For those complaining about slow-moving main arc of FearTWD's 5th season, this episode certainly satisfied most of you! And, finally, with the help of #TWDseason10's new promo, we are able to deliver ALL 8 ARTICLES of #Michonne's #MultiCommunityCharterOfRightsAndFreedoms!
LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT to our #WeAreSQUAWKINGDEAD #TheRoadToTHOUSANDS #Giveaway! Have you entered?!

David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • We'll be changing the format of the show: double the content, with incentives
  • #JonBernthal "Was QUITE the handful"
  • Dave is wearing his #WalkerTip shirt from @thorgon9
  • Rachael has gone FULL #AlphaTWD! Her time in #SenoiaGA
  • Dave's post-apocalyptic hat is back. Thank you @Btwdeadart for the hat I've been using
  • Carol is REALLY into #Zombies and #Westerns, so a Zombie Western episode...
  • The season arc finally kicked into gear, now with an actual big-bad!
    • and - Ginnie - that bitch is a bitch. Comparisons to Alpha, Simon & #TheSaviors
    • and, speaking of #FTWDSettlers, they are MASSIVE, in number and settlement.
    • could be a splinter of #TheCommonwealth
    • Ginnie is scary; now we know where Logan got all the ammo; MAYBE GINNIE IS #MadisonClark!
  • Logan's beautiful origin story and the parallels betwen his past and the present
  • Connecting #AliciaClark & #VictorStrand / #ColmanDomingo's running back to the 5B trailer
    • and boy, oh boy, it took them a lot longer than Logan!
  • Wes doing the right thing. Still think he's "not Wes"
    • and the girl he saves was obviously with Girl #ColbyMinifie.
    • #ColbyHollman "Uncle Colby"
  • Our last clip was, apparently, #ChildBullying...
  • Continuing to showcase the people they helped, a la #RabbiJacobKessner & #FTWDTess
  • We're actually sad that Logan / #MattFrewer is gone.
    • and this was #SarahRabinowitz's episode: finally admits she killed Clayton/Polar Bear.
    • which is why we thought she might go... and we were convinced the girl Wes saved was going to, as well
    • and #LucianaGalvez, too, but instead, she gets her #JessePinkman moment. #BreakingBad
  • @Eye_in_the_dark2, "Maybe Logan dying means that he was right all along."
    • Dave's ordeal about helping people: It really is not easy. Know when to walk away.
  • Definitely got the action-packed, meaningful episode we've been waiting for
    • the Wilhelm Scream [clip] and Logan's last, intense emotional dialogue
  • The Settlers: definitely don't embrace #Negan's "People are a resource"
    • comedians as bad-guys. #JimCarrey #TheMask #LiarLiar #AceVentura #DumbAndDumber #CableGuy #TheNumber23 #RobinWilliams #HughLaurie #HouseMD #FryeAndLaurie
  • It's rainin guts, Dwight! ...forget the gas!
  • #FourWeddingsAndAFuneral and #FaceOff are BAD movies... maybe
  • Dwight's Asshole is still out there... so... maybe? Again? Nah? OK... and RIP Doris
  • Sneak Peeks
    • #AltheaSzewczykPrzygocki & #MorganJones, encountering violent gas siphoners
    • they also hide from The Settlers and offer assistance to them, but don't listen
    • #FTWDGrace & #DanielSalazar out of gas, too, but #Walkers arrive ...and want to see Daniel and #FTWDCharlie's relationship grow
    • "But if You Try Sometimes, you might find, you get what you need"
    • It looks like both Daniel & Grace + Althea & Morgan find different entrances to The Settler's compound

Saturday, September 7, 2019

[Episode 65] Season 5, Episode 12 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Ner Tamid"

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#SHALOM Periscope! We're broadcasting with you for the first time, ever! And, hey, hope you had a meaningful #LaborDay! Tonight we meet #RabbiJacobKessner and re-meet #SarahRabinowitz, as a result. What did you think of this episode?
LESS THAN 5 WEEKS LEFT to our #WeAreSQUAWKINGDEAD #TheRoadToTHOUSANDS #Giveaway! Have you entered?!
WE'RE HOSTING A PANEL at #NYCC! Won't you join us Thursday night? 6:30pm, Room 1A24! #NYCC2019 #NYCC19 #NYComicCon #NYComicCon2019 #NewYorkComicCon #NewYorkComicCon2019
#WSCAtlanta: WE HAVE A TABLE (and more details to come)! We'll see you there! #WSCAtlanta2019 #WalkerStalkerCon #WalkerStalkerATL #WalkerStalkerAtlanta
@Thorgon9 WILL be shaving Rachael's head SATURDAY NIGHT, 9/7, on #InstagramLive, but, PLEASE, continue to donate to #StJudes Hospital in her name (drop her a line, if you do)!

David Cameo:
Chris Valerius (BMNY DeadCast):
Meg The Geek (Dendy):
Rachael Burt:

  • Chris: It's just a re-touched, redeemed #FatherGabriel origin story
    • but Rabbi Kessner and he couldn't be more different
    • 75% of SQUAWKING DEAD thinks Gabriel is still a sneaky f*ck
    • #TWDseason10 obviously angling for the #ThreeMenAndABaby situation with #Siddiq, #EugenePorter, and Gabie (sorry #RositaEspinosa)
    • "Babies are nothing but a buncha nuissance!" "Eat the baby"
  • Peoples' minds were changed about Charlie, via Fath-- Rabbi Kessner
    • audiences connecting with her over reminders of #TheVultures
  • "Dwight's Asshole" (Rollie): still an asshole
    • #DwightTWD's facepubes love Sarah's awful beer
  • Chris signs off
  • Shout-out to @MsMazel, who gets herself a Rabbi
    • discussing faith & spirituality... and, ugh, #astrology
  • The Megue: when Meg segues by mentioning the merch store
  • Rachael's #ZPoc childhood prep with #JacobsLadder
  • When parallels misdirect
  • Sarah is of the tribe and #JohnDorie's kosher candy
    • @wallaani, "Does that mean Wendell's Jewish, too?"
    • when NOT to keep kosher/Sabbath
  • There's no sex in the #ZombieApocalypse... right?
    • kill/eat all the kids (except #JudithGrimes)?
    • now we're killing everyone? #KingEzekiel
    • pleasure in discomfort and #MaggieRhee's return
  • Logan's plan might go up in flames
    • but he sure knows a lot about things he shouldn't...
  • Tzadikim Nistarim: 36 Hidden (Righteous People)
  • Naaseh V'Nishmah: Do, then listen.
  • The Rabbi's & Dwight's solitude are similar
  • S/He and #NaomiLauraJune's & Charlie's struggle for meaning/faith
  • Specific character pairs have the answers the other is looking for
    • they just need #Madonna a Minyan to figure it out
  • John Dorie's funny hat and, do me a fayvah, just ask questions
  • Rollie still sucks, but maybe?
  • #SneakPeeks:
    • Logan finds Tank Town
    • Sarah & Dwight jump Dwight's Asshole
    • Doris turns on Logan, "I thought you said this was our ticket to The Promiseland?"
    • Sarah, "We help," Logan, "This is about survival of the fittest"
      • Logan's deal with #TheCommonwealth and similarities to Wes (or Gavin+Gregory)
    • #ColbyMinifie and #TWDHighwaymen?
  • When Logan finally asks for help
  • Clean energy, filthy walkers... and smooshed walker in the beginning
  • "Home Sweet Home" with Lady #AbrahamFord
    • parallels, because archetypes, and the measure of representation
    • authenticity and what the world becomes: Father/Rabbi watching humans turn into demons