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Thursday, September 30, 2021

[Episode 150] Season 11, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, "On The Inside"

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In all the years we've watched TWD, we've only come so close to the kind of spooky episode we received this week. Powerful performances delivered by Lauren Ridloff (AKA Connie) & Kevin T Carroll (AKA Virgil). And I think we're reaching an interesting turning point when it comes to Leah Shaw, Daryl Dixon, and The Reapers.
I cannot encourage you to download the unedited episode recording, enough. Since Aliza and I were the only hosts, I had such a lovely, long chat with her during the pre-show - almost worthy of it's own #TWDFamily Branches episode! We barely edited anything out of the episode and a lovely little post show, the whole of it is pretty short! Download it now and support the podcast! Click here:

David Cameo:

Aliza J:

  • Watch Dave's reaction to this episode:
  • Did you miss Kirk Manley's Exhibition? We announced the Winner of our Kirk Manley's #TWD Tribute Art Weekend Giveaway last night:

  • Amazing performances with Lauren Ridloff & Kevin T. Carroll. If not for this being the final season, they should've excluded the Daryl Dixon & The Reapers scenes.
  • The knife parallel: Leah Shaw's/Pope's knife is given to Daryl; Virgil attempts to give his knife to Connie.
  • Leah & Daryl expressing their thoughts openly to Carver. Daryl chirped more in this episode than whole seasons.
  • Would Daryl kill Leah if he had to? Would Leah kill Daryl? With whom would either side if their family were threatened.
  • In actual terms, even though we really didn't see it, Daryl and Leah had a relationship. Carver may have "picked up the pieces" after Daryl ran off on Leah.
  • Not wanting to see Daryl with Leah is completely understandable. Daryl went from asexual to multiple love interests: Parallel with Lori Grimes (her love for Rick Grimes even when she moved on with Shane Walsh). And could Leah have run off because she was pregnant?
  • Did Frost rat out Daryl to Pope? How far has Pope unraveled? Comparing Pope's behavior with Carver to Theodore Maddox from Fear The Walking Dead and the treatment of his disciple Riley.
  • So yeah, Frost may not be a double-agent... Most likely. No old world loyalty among military brothers.
  • The only way to hook Carver is to give him some truth, "I'm only here for her." Leah's uncanny ability to know when Daryl is lying to her. Discussing this in the shadow of the Daryl & Carol Spin-Off.
  • The Walking Dead did Enders better than Z-Nation did: Illustrates the acceleration of society's breakdown. Negan mentioning how he would've done things differently is different than his Comic book counterpart.
  • When the Ferals spoiler image going around wasn't so much of a spoiler. Greg Nicotero's visual talent truly shining through. The clever bait-and-switch of us, like Virgil, thinking Connie was seeing things.
  • Connie insisting that family is also found, in spite of Virgil's desire to sacrifice himself so she can find Kelly. Drawing some parallels with Virgil and Michonne (keeping their family close, at first).
  • Will Virgil die? Will either Michonne or Rick show up on any of these #TWDUniverse programs? What about the Grimes children (Judith Grimes & RJ Grimes)?
  • FearTWD's nuke could explain the desolation throughout the kids' journey in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Also, timelines...!
  • Where do you think our survivors will end up? The Commonwealth?
  • Is a happy ending possible in The Walking Dead Universe? Also, The Civic Republic Military isn't very nice...
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Negan going down swinging (what spin-off?) and both The Commonwealth & The CRM outlasting the main series. Possibly crossover to FearTWD?
  • Looking back, Terminus cannibals started crazy early: Ferals are what happens when you take Termites to their logical conclusion (eating the dead/Kuru/Wasting Disease).
  • The Ferals might've been teenagers when the fall occurred and how the house eventually became a spider's web, rather than a home.
  • Experiencing a little backstory dialogue between Virgil & Connie when Kelly finds Connie's pad. Attempting to determine (Virgil's and) Connie's whereabouts for the past month.
  • Ominous conversation about King Ezekiel's health/future. Unweaving our characters' (Stephanie Vega, Eugene Porter, Fake Stephanie, and Tomi Okumura) web of lies (and whether they'll have consequences).
  • Yumiko Okumura is impressed that there is someone with the title "governor" in Pamela Milton. Meanwhile, we can't help thinking about Woodbury.

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Monday, September 27, 2021

[Episode 149] Season 11, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead, "Out of the Ashes"

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While recording this episode, this line #Siddiq gave to #Michonne in #TWDSeason9 (and was even used in promos) was ringing out in my mind, "What does it mean for #AlexandriaSafeZone to survive if means that #TheKingdom falls?" This episode starts digging into the dirt of what it means to survive, at what cost, and what we become when we emerge from the ashes. Can we continue using the same playbook? How far are we willing to go? Or do we play #TheCommonwealth card and take a chance at, perhaps, thriving?
I think we managed to cut an entire hour out of the original, unedited episode recording! Some points were further expounded upon, personal anecdotes, too. If you'd like to get some behind-the-scenes conversations and get in on all the stuff that remained on the cutting room floor, all in support of our #pocast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Dave's Reaction to this episode:
  • Check out our recent interview with Graphic Artist, Kirk Manley, which contains info on his recent exhibition (and our giveaway of his complete set of prints)!
  • Maggie + Negan = #HateBang

  • ...but, seriously, getting Maggie Rhee to the same lowest point, as a leader, that Negan had reached a while ago: Perhaps even lower.
  • Negan may be Neganing with his impatience; Maggie not cutting her losses and heading home.
  • The In Dreams opening scene (Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, episode 12): Aaron's dream. Also Iris Bennett's dream of becoming a walker in the opening scene of the pilot of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
  • Why haven't they gone back to The Hilltop since its fall?
  • We're all monsters: Aaron finally reaches a point where he no longer resembles his former, O.G. Alexandria Safe-Zone self.
  • Keith, The Whisperer is a reflection of Aaron and Keith's Whisperers remnants, Alexandria (at present).
  • When everyone else is losing themselves, but Negan seems alright. And let's not talk about Yumiko Okumura's brother, Tomi Okumura... remember Derek, Wes' brother (from FearTWD Season 6)?
  • ...speaking of Tomi('s phony as accent), cheating his way into The Walking Dead allows you to be who you were meant to be will have consequences in The Commonwealth.
  • The Annual Commonwealth Lottery: status upgrade? Ostensibly, had you not read the comic book, you could think any dark thing.
  • The kids in demolished Alexandria are just as reckless as the O.G. Alexandrian kids (just different mindset). It's time to shuffle everyone off to The Commonwealth.
  • Is it better to have everyone to be fighters, at the expense of maintaining a trade, or is it better to have basic survival knowledge, but be a part of specific classes (fighters, bakers, doctors, smiths/construction)? Brings us back to Campus Colony (from The Walking Dead: World Beyond)
  • What makes The Commonwealth different from The Civic Republic? Does the CRM know about The Commonwealth? What would they do about them? Deconstructing The CRM's actions against Campus Colony to superimpose on The Commonwealth.
  • Etymology of the name Lance Hornsby = The Serpent Settlement. Stephanie Vega, Fake Stephanie, Pamela Milton(? maybe even), and con-ception.
  • We simply must find out how The Commonwealth was able to maintain its integrity, from the beginning of the outbreak, when Alexandria could not.
  • Reminders of the way Carol Peletier handled The Highwaymen (compared to Carol and her quest for vengeance against Alpha) and how that guides her actions with Aaron.
  • King Ezekiel confirms that The Commonwealth assigns you your pre-apocalypse job. Like Keith, The Whisperer, he lied to them about his cancer.
  • The cost of war, when World War I ended, and stolen valor

  • Role reprisals, representing former antagonists, and Aaron's Post Traumatic Stress. Jesse C. Boyd (AKA Blond Wolf) & Miguel Insignares (of The Saviors, uncredited, but face mauled by jumping, blue body suit Shiva)

  • Like Pope and The Reapers' faith in them being chosen, is there a value of The Commonwealth feeling safe? When the truth becomes Forbidden Knowledge?
  • It's still super weird to see Aaron, of all people, become a lot more like savage Rick when, only a month ago, he was idealistic in the midst of the battle of Hilltop.
  • Mercer, trying to snort away Princess' scent of affection away from him.
  • Rachael & Sherrandy are slowly figuring out out that The Walking Dead is a television show: reused interior set for former-train station set is used for radio broadcast room/beaurocracy and The Hilltop exterior is probably bigger than it appears.
  • Pathetic Whisperers and why Bethany Kasulas (Savior/Kingdomer?/Whisperer) will be the last man standing (sorry Daryl Dixon).
  • Lydia warns Keith, "Don't look back." ...know when to cut your losses, Aaron & Maggie.

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

[Episode 148] Kirk Manley (@BatmanKM) | #TWDFamily Branches

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🚨#GIVEAWAY! Win Kirk's Complete Set of Prints + The Limited Exclusive Event Poster!

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Kirk Manley's NEW TWD S10 & S11 Tribute Art exhibition is only going to be available starting at noon (Eastern/US) on Friday, the 24th of September, through Sunday, the 26th! NEW Tribute Art prints will be added every day, throughout the weekend! Don't wait, especially when it comes to the event poster (only 50 in stock, numbered and signed). Head here to get your copies:

The 2nd in our NEW segment highlighting the cousins in our #TWDFamily Tree! Kirk Manley is a Graphic Artist that hit a major stride when he embraced his passion for #TWDUniverse (via podcasting, of all mediums) and decided to accompany it with a series of Tribute Art pieces. His incredible fan art is now well-known among the community and it was a distinct pleasure to be able to chat with him!
There were some spicy takes we trimmed out but, all in all, not a crazy amount edited out of the original recording; however, now that I think about it, where did over a half-hour of our recording go? Find out here:

Kirk Manley:
AKA @BatmanKM
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Check out the poster that set the wheels in motion, leading up to this interview. Sent by our 🎖SURVIVORS TIER MEMBER, Aliza J.
  • Most of the reason why we got together was to spread the word about Kirk's upcoming exhibition of his new Season 10 & Season 11 of The Walking Dead Tribute Art. Find out more, here:
  • As you might expect, having a background in inking and penciling comic books, Kirk fell in love with The Walking Dead comic book, first.
  • When the show came out, he teamed up with Jeff Marsick to create a podcast called Biters (which still exists today)! Doing that helped him launch his tribute art.
  • After guest hosting on Jason Cabassi & Karen Koppett's The Walking Dead `Cast, they hooked him up with WalkerStalker Con to do the event posters, the rest was history.
  • Notice that Kirk did the art for his guest spot on the Under The Comic Covers podcast episode he was on.
  • "Finding his voice" (his style): In trying to create his tribute art (to the TV show) Kirk didn't want to emulate Kirkman's comic book. Here's one of his earlier attempts he mentions:
  • He's always trying to do something different with his work, rather than each work looking the same as the next.
  • Taking inspiration from well-known comic book artists (click the name, in the photo caption, to learn more about these artists):
    Adam Hughes
    Neal Adams
    Steve Rude
    Mike Mignola
    Olivier Coipel
  • ...and also fellow #TWDFamily members:
    Rob Prior
    Scott Spillman
    AJ Moore
    Jason Palmer
    (left) Benny Miller
    (right) Robin Overton
    Chris / Inner Demon Cross
  • Necessity is the mother of invention: doing it all yourself means Kirk went from inking/penciling to coloring. This is what allowed him to further develop his style.
  • What's Kirk's favorite work? Basically the last one! But his Last Day on Earth (The Last Supper) piece represented a turning point in his career.
  • Noticing that he was receiving more feedback on his tribute art, while honing-in on his style, he moved away from inking comic panels and focused more on the tributes. Started working on other franchises, such as Marvel, DC, and even TV shows like LOST:
  • Kirk talks about his (non)interaction with celebrities (and mostly fans). Honorable mentions: Josh McDermitt (AKA Eugene Porter) & Greg Nicotero.
  • Kirk admits his reluctance in meeting the actors, but recognizes that it's because of their likeness (and talent) that he's able to do this and wants to express his gratitude.
  • Waxing on Jeffrey Dean Morgan (AKA Negan). Waning on Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl Dixon). Honorable mentions: Andrew Lincoln (AKA Rick Grimes) & Danai Gurira (AKA Michonne)
  • Creativity during the pandemic: the birth of his vaccinate series posters.
  • ...which gets as talking about Daryl's various ships, as well as #HateBang-gate (Negan & Maggie Rhee): the latter stoked quite a reaction!
  • The Golden Age of Television means that more television shows than The Walking Dead are fighting for Kirk's attention, which has affected his relationship with TWD. Meaning to catch up on Fear The Walking Dead (along with our recommendation to watch The Walking Dead: World Beyond).
  • Coming from the perspective of a lover of the comic book, first, Andrew Lincoln leaving the show and Carl Grimes dying signaled a sea change in his relationship with the show. Along with the transition from zombie horror to (soap opera) drama, it just feels different. Honorable mention: Star Trek.
  • Still wants to do comic book illustration. Incoming project (collaboration with Rob Prior and Jeff Marsick): Night of the Cadillacs. (Keep checking Scout Comics for availability!)
  • Discussing his involvement in SCAM, billed as "X-Men meets Oceans Eleven".
  • Taking time out to discuss his first project/love: Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers.
  • Encouraging/Pressuring Kirk to catch up on FearTWD's 6th season (do it for Aliza, Kirk)! Likes what he's hearing about Season 7.
  • We were able to peek at the Limited Exclusive, Numbered and Signed Event Poster only after the interview. Reminding you to check out his new tribute art - this weekend only!

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

[Episode 147] Season 11, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead, "Rendition"

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We hope you enjoy our rendition of the events that transpired throughout this episode. One thing's for certain is that we're really enjoying #LynnCollins' performance as #LeahShaw and cannot wait to see what #RitchieCoster does next as "Pope". Is Frost a double-agent? Was Elijah burnt alive? We talk about this and much more!
A lot was cut out of the episode, from super-secret projects that can only be discussed behind the scenes, to expanding further on certain ideas and concepts (be they on a personal level or in ways we thought were great, but were too lengthy for the show). Catch these and so much more, all in support of the show, by clicking here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

Aliza J:

  • Dave and Meg have a secret project. 👀
  • Rachael shows-off and ships two pairs of painted sneakers to contest winners (Follow @Cosmomom09, @blazygardener and @SQUAWKINGDEAD to get your chance at more cool prizes)!
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    Channel and enable all notifications (won't be streaming episodes on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and Twitch for much longer)
  • Sherrandy Noticed the Reaper victims hanging in the title sequence.

  • Gasoline flowing into the cabin from under the door reminds Sherrandy of a scene with Alicia Clark in Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season: Episode 11, The Holding.
  • Will Leah Shaw stay, or will she go now? If she goes there will be trouble; If she stays it will be double.
  • Meg gets Rachael to QUIT by suggesting Carol Peletier gets bit by a walker (or, an effective way to test Rachael's levels).
  • Was it by circumstances beyond her control or voluntarily that Leah left her group (before meeting Daryl Dixon the first time, during the time jump)?
  • Jasmine asks whether the Civic Republic Military are after Connie and Virgil.
  • Similarities between Huck/Jennifer Mallick (from The Walking Dead: World Beyond) and Leah, as both were stationed in Afghanistan.
  • Pope shoves Bossie into the fire, just like Negan did to Dr. Carson.
  • Is love in the Zombie Apocalypse even possible?
  • The Reapers are Hipster The Walking Dead (they were the walking dead before it was cool).
  • Dave feels robbed of Daryl’s first kiss.
  • Leah may have fled to Pope out of anger towards Daryl.
  • Is the incinerated walker with the Judas sign above it Bossie? Brian Castrillo thinks it might be Elijah - watch his take on it, here:
  • Either way, Angela Kang confirms, up until Bossie, Pope had not killed any of his own men.
  • The Reapers' biblical names: Leah, Michael (Turner), Matthew, and Elijah.
  • Rachael still doesn’t trust Frost.
  • It's not about loyalty to Pope: it's about being chosen (and what that means).
  • Sherrandy: Was The Walking Dead Episode 18 of Season 10(c), "Find Me" an afterthought? Were The Reapers together before, during, and after the fall?
  • Father Gabriel vs. Pope: deconstructing the yin yang nature of these "men of God"
  • Meg had trouble hearing Pope speak over his "Tom Selleck" mustache.
  • Sherrandy: Leah = Weary, Shaw = Thicket/Clearing in the woods.
  • Love triangle between Daryl, Leah, and Connie (Sorry Carol?).
  • Oh yeah, Leah & Daryl definitely loved each other (right?).
  • Daryl tapping his fingers: Meditation? Sign Language for Dog Dixon? Counting the Reapers?
  • Angela Kang’s Inside the Episode is taking our jobs!
  • Dave chooses humans over animals, once again!
  • Leah & Pope's matching tattoos: Fortitudo Salutis/Saludis = Strength in Salvation.
  • The following morning after his encounter with The Reapers, why does Daryl "Guts-up"?
  • Why Pope hangs his victims upside down.
  • Why The Reapers home base had a Terminus feel. Even the interior reminded us of Lydia’s flashback of Alpha with the hanging drapes.

  • The Close-up of Bossie’s burning bubbling face.

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