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Sunday, December 3, 2017

[RECAP] Season 8, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, "The King, the Widow, and Rick"

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While Episode 6: The King, The Widow & Rick started setting in motion events that will surely have significant ramifications by the mid-season finale, overall, it was one of the weaker episodes of the season by far.  In fact, this episode should've just been titled "Bad Decisions" since that's all we saw our beloved characters do throughout the entire episode.

In the case of Rick, we see confirmation that our fearless leader was in fact on his way to see the Garbage People (at least that's what I'm calling them).  Also, apparently Jadis and her second-in-command work on metal/wire art in the nude, when not fighting? In any case, they put some clothes on to (properly) welcome Rick and see what in the world he wants.  He reiterates that he STILL wants to make a deal with them and shares with Jadis all the polariods taken during the war to show her that they're essentially the better pony to bet on.  Jadis is (as she should be) incredulous that Rick STILL wants to make a deal with her people, especially since she keeps bringing up that she shot him (not a detail to be overlooked).  Finally he gives her an ultimatum: Join their cause or be defeated by his people.  Jadis' response is a soft, "No".  And with that, he is dragged away, while she mutters about how he talks too much (this coming from a group that doesn't use prepositions in their speech but that's okay).

Then we have the Daryl/Tara and Rosita/Michonne story line.  Not too much to say here other than Rosita gets an awesome RPG kill on a Savior that tries to call her "honey" (in the wake of recent sexual harassment allegations, I have to imagine that many a woman out there was living vicariously through Rosita).  But beyond that, we have (4) martial members of Team Grimes going out on essentially a suicide mission.  Daryl and Tara are appreciative of Dwight's help to get this far....but they still don't trust him and decide he must be killed.  Really?  Dwight?  Isn't the whole point of the plan to get Negan?  Eye on the prize people.

Joining them on their suicide mission is the team of Rosita and Michonne, both still recovering from the Savior attack on Alexandria in the season finale of last season.  For whatever reason, Michonne feels that she needs to "see" the Sanctuary for herself.  Okay...why?  Everyone that was there has been reporting back on what's been going on (via letters apparently, no carrier pigeons in the apocalypse clearly).  Alexandria, The Kingdom and The Hilltop all seem to be aware of what's going on and the progress and setbacks experienced.  For that reason, I would've found it a lot more believable if these two ladies felt that they were tired of sitting on the sidelines and wanted to help in the battle.  THAT I would've understood much more than, hey, let's go drive (2) hours away to the Sanctuary to "see" it.  See the difference?

When we leave these four (after Daryl and Tara essentially save Michonne and Rosita from the two Saviors they fought that were trying to transport "The Fat Lady", the brilliant music speaker truck), they are at the Sanctuary with Daryl saying that they need to "end this".  Whatever in the world that means.

Back at the Hilltop, Maggie is still having to contend with what to do with all the Savior prisoners that Jesus brought back.  Jesus clearly believes that these POW's essentially need to be treated with respect since they are defenseless.  He even goes as far as to feed them, something that infuriates Maggie since they are running on limited supplies for the people of the community.  Gregory appeals to the other end of the spectrum by telling Maggie that she has every right to ignore that "hippie" Jesus (Ha, good one) but Maggie is not completely sold on his idea of simply slaughtering the prisoners.  She finally comes to a conclusion and Gregory thinks that the prisoners are being led to the gallows (FORESHADOWING FOR COMIC BOOK FANS) but instead the prisoners are being lead to a sort of chicken coup barbed wire enclosure.  A Savior internment camp, if you will.  Gregory still feels that people that aren't trusted should be taken very seriously and Maggie agrees meaning, Gregory got thrown into the coup too.  I have to say, I felt bad for Gregory at this moment, seeing him so fearful of being incarcerated with the Saviors.  So I did feel bad...for a moment.  I'm sure that'll change.

Was this a good decision versus poor decision?  We'll have to wait and see, particularly since we have Jarrid the Savior eager to free himself of his restraints and then we have the new Dean the Savior who wants to play nice and not get everyone killed.  This could all go really well OR could all go really bad.  Time will tell...

To be noted, Enid and Aaron, both currently assisting Maggie at the Hilltop, have decided to drop off Baby Gracie (I still say that baby will play a major role on this show, mark my words) and go off to "win" this war.  Huh?  ANOTHER suicide mission?  Did these people not hear about Rick's plan?

We also get to see Carl exploring by himself in the woods again (*sigh*) and he tracks down Siddiq, the wanderer they meet a few episodes back who Rick shot at.  Carl actually asks him the (3) Questions (remember those???) and they become a little zombie killing team, mostly due to Carl's reckless (yet again) decision to kill a few zombies to honor Siddiq's mom.  Fortunately they manage to get out alive, in spite of poor decision making on attacking those walkers.  But, good judgement call on Siddiq (COMIC BOOK FANS, YOU KNOW).

The only overall respective course of action in this whole cesspool of poor decision making was at The Kingdom with Carol, Ezekiel, Jerry and little Henry.  Jerry is still holding down his post because dammit, he still respects the King and that's his job.  Little Henry (the younger brother of Benjamin, the Kingdom Knight that was killed by Jarrid the Savior) has finally pursued Carol to allow him to follow her because she needs fighters and he wants to avenge his brother's death.  Here's hoping little Henry will be the one to deal the final blow to Jarrid...

But in addition to that piece, is Carol's confrontation of King Ezekiel in his theater/receiving office.  He is a broken man, having lost all of his knights and of course, Shiva.  He is sitting on the floor of the stage with Shiva's chains in his hands, still not able to face his people.  Carol continuously tries to convince Ezekiel that his people need him to LEAD, and to not lay down defeated but he is incredibly resistant to her words.  We get an inkling from their interaction that there is clearly a romantic situation brewing here but I don't want to gloss over an amazing piece of monologue from Carol where she talks about how she essentially faked it every single day until it became the norm, and she's still standing.  YES CAROL.  That is why you are Queen of the Apocalypse. Despite all that, unfortunately, Ezekiel is still not budging.

And that was the episode folks: Rick locked up naked in the Garbage People's trailer with the letter "A" marked off (much like at Terminus...hmmmm....) waiting for the Calvary to come, who are all busy on suicide missions.  Smart.


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