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Sunday, March 24, 2019

[PREDICTIONS] Season 9, Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, "The Calm Before"

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Typically, I would be sitting here writing up a recap of what we just saw on the The Walking Dead, but this is a special blog post focusing on my PREDICTIONS for tomorrow's extremely critical episode entitled, "The Calm Before".  While the title of this episode seems to give the illusion that this will be more of a "set-up" episode, I am predicting that some major events from the comic will finally come to fruition during episode 15.  Before moving any further, please note that this posting will include MAJOR SPOILERS therefore if you want to be surprised tomorrow night I would recommend to stop reading right NOW.  Otherwise, you've been warned...

In the comics, the fair is a very significant event because it is where the Whisperers infiltrate the festivities as normal, average visitors.  By the time it's all said and done, we come to find out that Alpha and her crew have brutally murdered 12 attendees and have placed their heads on pikes that they use to create a border between their area and everyone else's land.

In the comic, it is Rick, Andrea and Michonne that come across the heads on pikes over a hill.  Obviously, Rick is no longer on the show (for NOW, more on my thoughts on THAT in a moment), so it'll play out a little differently, but I would imagine that the general story line will remain the same.  Based on some photo stills from the episode, I'm thinking that Daryl and Yumiko will be the ones that find the Heads on Pikes Border.

So how DO I think it'll play out on the show?  It's hard to say how we'll arrive at the end game of the "Heads on Pikes" moment.  But in terms of WHO'S head will be on a pike, my thoughts is that it'll be a general mixed bag of nuts, with some deaths being more significant than others, but all deaths being significant enough to mobilize someone ELSE into action.  Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Cindy from Oceanside   
    1. Her death would spark a call to arms of the otherwise reclusive community
  2. Laura (aka, Neck Tattoo), former Savior
    1. Not a major character, but her tattoo would make her a recognizable head on a pike and might strike a nerve with any former Saviors.
  3. Gabe (teen)
    1. Definitely not a major character, but you've got to throw in some fillers.  
  4. Addie (teen with glasses)
    1. Again, not a major character but her glasses would make her head recognizable on a pike.
  5. Tammy Rose
    1. Brett Butler's character's has received significant airtime for a fairly new character.  Her hopefulness with her husband Earl on now raising the adorable Whisperer baby make her a major target.  I could see her death being the catalyst that would incite Earl into activity and that's what these deaths are meant to do.
  6. Dianne (archer), Kingdom Knight
    1. Dianne's been a loyal Kingdom Knight since we met King Ezekiel so losing her would likely strike a chord with Carol, most significantly, since the two often went out on missions together.  
  7. Tara
    1. UGH.  Now, hear me out: I don't HATE Tara.  But let's be honest, she's been skating by too long and the fact that she's still alive over such martial characters such as Glenn, Abraham, Sasha & Jesus (to name a few) is shocking.  This might be her moment to bow out.
  8. Kelly (Connie's Sister)
    1. Along the lines of deaths that mobilize others and unite the communities, the death of Kelly would hit her sister Connie extremely hard and would heighten her interest in banding together with Daryl to fight even more so.  This would also drive Magna, Yumiko and Luke to want to join the other communities and take up the fight against the Whisperers.
  9. Enid
    1. This one is a shame.  I think Enid is an adorable character that's evolved so much from her "JSS" days to the confident medic we see now, happily in a relationship with Alden.  Well, it's precisely FOR those reasons that I think she will be killed off.  She found peace and happiness and in this world, that's a major no-no.
  10. Nabila (Jerry's Wife)
    1. Again, I really love Nabila and her relationship with Jerry and the beautiful loving family that they have created but again, in this world, that's basically a death sentenance.  It's either going to be Nabila or Jerry and because I really love Jerry, I'm HOPING the show doesn't choose to kill him off but again, you really never know.
  11. Rosita
    1. Yup, sad but true.  In the comics, Rosita is indeed pregnant with Siddiq's baby.  Now in the comics, Rosita is with Eugene and, similar to Father Gabriel, he loves Rosita so much that he accepts that the baby is not his.  Sadly, Rosita is one of those murdered by Alpha and her death (and of course the baby's death) tears Eugene apart.  I would expect the show to follow this story beat by beat but her and the baby's death haunting Father Gabriel, Siddiq AND Eugene.  My guess is that this will drive all of these men to be major players in the Whisperer War arc for the next season.  Sorry Rosita but you had an amazing run (definitely more than most) and that's pretty impressive.
  12. King Ezekiel
    1. Yup, you read right.  The most significant Head on a Pike in the comics is the revelation of King Ezekiel's death.  The site of King Ezekiel's decapitated head on a pike in the comic is so gut wrenching that it brings Rick to his knees.  I am expecting his death to be THE most significant of all the deaths we'll see tomorrow night and the death that will motivate ALL the communities to UNITE, in his honor, and defeat the Whisperers as one unified voice.  Sadly however, his death will likely all but devaste Carol, who will go back to being Warrior Carol, short hair and all.  My guess is that SHE will ultimately be the one to kill off Alpha (not Negan, as in the comics), again, in honor of her fallen King and love.  I mean, can you imagine anyone else being the one to take her down? 

So those are my thoughts.  There are many people that predict that Father Gabriel or even Eugene could be potential victims with their heads on pikes.  I disagree because I believe that Father Gabriel will feel emboldened enough to take up the fight against Alpha, which might lead him to receive his grisly comic book death dealt by Beta.  It's such an iconic death in the comic, I have to imagine that SOMEONE on the show will experience that.  Also, when it comes to Eugene, while I can't see him necessarily FIGHTING, I believe that his significance will tie into that ham radio that he and Rosita were setting up antennae for.

Which leads me to my BIG prediction for the season finale:  I believe that because Eugene set up that antennae with Rosita on the water tower, he will ultimately make radio contact with none other than the Great Rick Grimes.  I firmly believe that before the season finale is over, in the last few minutes, we will make contact with Rick Grimes and we will be left to wonder for 6 months WHERE Rick is (*cough* Commonwealth *cough*) and WHAT will happen now.  It would make for an amazing finale and a nice cap to a pretty awesome season for the show.

But this show has proven time and time again to expect the unexpected so we'll have to all tune in on Sunday to see who's left standing, after the dust all settles.


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