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Saturday, September 7, 2019

[Episode 65] Season 5, Episode 12 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Ner Tamid"

Why miss out? Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail!

#SHALOM Periscope! We're broadcasting with you for the first time, ever! And, hey, hope you had a meaningful #LaborDay! Tonight we meet #RabbiJacobKessner and re-meet #SarahRabinowitz, as a result. What did you think of this episode?
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David Cameo:
Chris Valerius (BMNY DeadCast):
Meg The Geek (Dendy):
Rachael Burt:

  • Chris: It's just a re-touched, redeemed #FatherGabriel origin story
    • but Rabbi Kessner and he couldn't be more different
    • 75% of SQUAWKING DEAD thinks Gabriel is still a sneaky f*ck
    • #TWDseason10 obviously angling for the #ThreeMenAndABaby situation with #Siddiq, #EugenePorter, and Gabie (sorry #RositaEspinosa)
    • "Babies are nothing but a buncha nuissance!" "Eat the baby"
  • Peoples' minds were changed about Charlie, via Fath-- Rabbi Kessner
    • audiences connecting with her over reminders of #TheVultures
  • "Dwight's Asshole" (Rollie): still an asshole
    • #DwightTWD's facepubes love Sarah's awful beer
  • Chris signs off
  • Shout-out to @MsMazel, who gets herself a Rabbi
    • discussing faith & spirituality... and, ugh, #astrology
  • The Megue: when Meg segues by mentioning the merch store
  • Rachael's #ZPoc childhood prep with #JacobsLadder
  • When parallels misdirect
  • Sarah is of the tribe and #JohnDorie's kosher candy
    • @wallaani, "Does that mean Wendell's Jewish, too?"
    • when NOT to keep kosher/Sabbath
  • There's no sex in the #ZombieApocalypse... right?
    • kill/eat all the kids (except #JudithGrimes)?
    • now we're killing everyone? #KingEzekiel
    • pleasure in discomfort and #MaggieRhee's return
  • Logan's plan might go up in flames
    • but he sure knows a lot about things he shouldn't...
  • Tzadikim Nistarim: 36 Hidden (Righteous People)
  • Naaseh V'Nishmah: Do, then listen.
  • The Rabbi's & Dwight's solitude are similar
  • S/He and #NaomiLauraJune's & Charlie's struggle for meaning/faith
  • Specific character pairs have the answers the other is looking for
    • they just need #Madonna a Minyan to figure it out
  • John Dorie's funny hat and, do me a fayvah, just ask questions
  • Rollie still sucks, but maybe?
  • #SneakPeeks:
    • Logan finds Tank Town
    • Sarah & Dwight jump Dwight's Asshole
    • Doris turns on Logan, "I thought you said this was our ticket to The Promiseland?"
    • Sarah, "We help," Logan, "This is about survival of the fittest"
      • Logan's deal with #TheCommonwealth and similarities to Wes (or Gavin+Gregory)
    • #ColbyMinifie and #TWDHighwaymen?
  • When Logan finally asks for help
  • Clean energy, filthy walkers... and smooshed walker in the beginning
  • "Home Sweet Home" with Lady #AbrahamFord
    • parallels, because archetypes, and the measure of representation
    • authenticity and what the world becomes: Father/Rabbi watching humans turn into demons

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