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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

[Episode 72] Season 10, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, "We Are The End of the World"

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#TheWhisperers' Origin Story! We'll be digging CRAZY deep into this one!
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David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Episode Adjectives: Carol, "Intense, Dark, and oddly... relatable"
    • TV series taking #AlphaTWD to new levels
    • past or present, Alpha is compromised. #Narcissism
  • Further nailing down the timeline, via flashback
    • the Blum sisters play both younger versions #LydiaTWD. #CooperDodson #MajorDodson
    • Alpha already of the dead #FakeItTilYouMakeIt
    • GRUESOME DEATH at the start reminds us of the stakes
    • here we go with #JudithGrimes' age, again!
  • #BetaTWD's rehab and #RyanHurst leaving - forget breadcrumbs - full-on slices into his backstory
    • #Tyrese an #NFL athlete in comics
    • song A & B were humming, #PatsyCline's #WalkinAfterMidnight
    • taming/dominating the beast, despite his protests
  • "We are far from the Enemy"
    • are those Ryan's teeth?!
    • animals, but not
    • keeping our protagonists in line by replenishing their Guardians
  • #ZombieMommy anxieties: "birdsnest", Alpha's first encounter with Beta, #PostPartum / #PTSD moments with #GammaTWD's sister
    • comparing audiences while comparing The Whisperers to #FearTWD's group
    • Sun Burning Her Skin: Divine Judgment
    • Gamma's sister is reconciling child abandonment AND Whisperer philosophy, simultaneously
    • exposes cracks in other Whisperers
  • Breaking-down Gamma's motivations - the #DarylDixon of The Whisperers
    • Rachael/Carol vs Dave | self-interest/survival long-game vs genuinely drinking the #KoolAid
    • more alpha than Alpha?
  • The sisters as physical manifestations of Alpha's internal struggle (looking to Alpha as the Ego)
    • inside "The Deeper Place" (inner child?)
    • Gamma is honestly annoyed, while Alpha is lying to herself
    • Rachael, "What happens when The Whisperers sees Lydia alive?" Horde warfare?
  • A first: a humans sounding like walkers
  • Beta's best friend(?) and whether he and Alpha get "freaky"
    • comparing to Daryl & #CarolPeletier, having just had their moment at the same time!
  • Alpha's #BigBird's-nest-sized subconscious
    • and why did only Lydia retain her name?
    • what it means when Gamma, her sister, and Alpha unmask in various scenes
    • Gamma's sister's KEY flashback that tells you everything you need to know about Alpha
    • the 2, key people to this cult are the MOST compromised
  • The Whisperer masks are more than just camouflage
    • The TV series FLESHES out The Whisperers so much more than the #comicbook
    • but where's #Negan's backstory, huh?!
  • Waiting for Negan v Beta showdown
    • Appreciating Perspectives: TV-only vs Comics
    • and being faithful to the tone of your series, unlike #ZNation
  • Episode Beginning, "We need to show Alexandrians who's boss." End, "We need to prove to our people we're boss."
  • Suspicions towards Lydia and Alpha might be the temptress towards Negan
    • Huge differences in physical appearance between comic & TV Alpha
  • Comparing The Whisperer motto to the skids' from #Letterkenny
    • laughing at how utterly terrifying that scene is
  • SHOUT OUT to @TiltedTripod1 / @Freakish.Order: can't wait to see their version of the first #Walker kill
  • Sneak Peeks
    • Gamma tells protagonists to wait for Alpha at the pikes
    • Town hall is frought with anger over this: #TWDHighwaymen & #TWDGage. #MobMentality #Hysteria
    • "We need to act as one": 2 defense plans ( #FatherGabriel & #AaronTWD ), 1 diplomatic one
    • Carol has a revolver stashed with only 3 bullets. And, apparently, an #OpioidAddiction
    • still don't know what's up with #TheHilltop
    • "What'd I tell you about crossing my border? You have to be punished ... better run." AK-47s and knives come out
    • Negan & Aaron kill TONS of the dead
    • Carol sees a whisperer just standing in the dark, in a gymnasium?
    • killing tons of dead at basketball court (old #TheOceanside camp?)

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