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Thursday, November 21, 2019

[Episode 78] Season 10, Episode 7 of The Walking Dead, "Open Your Eyes"

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While the plague at Alexandria reaches its peak, the people we love slip right through our fingers. We're here to help you get through it all.
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David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • #MichaelCudlitz directed episode
  • Buy us a Coffee
  • Screening for spoilers
  • We believe there’s #HopeforDante
    • #DanteTWD is still a mystery
    • “It takes a village” for community to work
  • #CarolPeletier’s actions are reflective of #AlphaTWD’s
  • Against all odds, Dante may survive
    • Why kill the Whisperer prisoner?
    • If not Dante, who switched the water lever?
  • #FatherGabriel steps up, finally
  • Hashing out timelines
  • Communication can solve a lot of problems
    • Troubled waters between Carol and #DarylDixon
    • Daryl’s bachelor pad
    • Physical scars vs. Emotional scars
    • Shared abusive pasts; Carol, #LydiaTWD, Daryl, #GammaTWD, Alpha
    • Lydia chooses herself
    • Negan and Lydia share a bond
  • Confidence is okay, say “yeah, i’m kind of awesome”
    • Dante shows remorse
    • Dante’s journey from the barn, to now
    • OG SQUAWKING D Carol G saw the days numbered for Simon, not so sure about Dante
    • Will Dante admit what he did?
  • Dave shares the significance of bread in #Judaism
    • Different strategies for #AaronTWD and Gamma
    • Gamma’s world is turned upside down
    • How much time has really passed?
    • What’s really making Alexandrians sick?
    • Gamma withholding info from Alpha
    • Similarities between Gamma & Aaron with #EugenePorter & Stephanie
    • What’s the point of the meetings?
    • Community is a threat to Alpha
  • Who is #BetaTWD w/o Alpha?
  • #ChristianSerratos with us a bit longer
  • Is Dante redeemable?
  • #Michonne’s departure, #JudithGrimes’ future is questionable
  • #TheWhisperer beat-down approved... by Carol and Rachael anyway
    • The imprisoned Whisperer shares vital information
    • Carol still carries #KingEzekiel’s ring
    • Comparing Alpha/Carol’s behavior
    • It’s Alpha O’Clock
    • When is enough, enough?
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