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Saturday, December 28, 2019

[Episode 81] Holiday Special

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The gang get together to unwrap their #SecretSanta gifts, talk about the things they've been up to, and their #Holiday plans!
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David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Chris Valerius (BMNY DeadCast):
Ashley Weidman (Talking Dead's Ultimate Fan 2018):
Meg The Geek (Dendy):
Rachael Burt:

  • Meg organizing our Secret Santa
  • Grab some #SchweddyBalls in NJ
  • Next @BMNY_Deadcast on 1/8 @ 8pm with #LindsleyRegister
  • Ashley’s gift from Carol: school supplies and children’s book!
  • Rachael’s gift from Chris: Coffee mug, TWD socks, and “We’re all infected” Hat
  • Dave’s gift from Ashley: bluetooth receiver & tripod with “Octopussy” legs
    • Rachael discovers #ASMR
  • Chris’ gift from Meg: #Punisher #TShirt & #Michonne #IttyBittys
    • What a pretty “box”
    • Dave’s full-blown panic when not everyone received their gifts, close to the episode recording
    • #ShoutOut to @iowamamaof3’s #ChristmasCards and #ZombieApocalypse survival tip cards to Chris & Dave
  • Meg’s gift from Dave: #RobotChicken Special, “Look Who’s Walking”
    • she opened hers early/accidentally
    • #CelebrityDeathmatch is coming back!
  • Carol’s gift from Rachael: a diffuser
    • For farty bedrooms
    • childhood trauma of #VicksVapoRub. #Vicks #VapoRub
    • useful during the smelly apocalypse
  • Rachael lets Silas play #FridayThe13th & #DeadByDaylight, while snuggling #Pennywise & #JasonVoorhees plushies
  • Meg, Cleaning for Christmas
    • assembling furniture
  • The last #CampMarimac. #Orgy #TogaParty
  • Carol’s dad is coming for Christmas
    • brings his wife, smuggles in his step-daughter
    • Meg’s #DesperateHousewives encounter
    • Carol’s flight with #HoneyBooBoo
  • Chris sign’s off (work emergency)
  • What Meg’s been up to:
    • appearance on @freelancenetworkpodcast
    • her new #WonderWoman1984 trailer breakdown. #WonderWoman #WW84
    • Meg Sign’s Off: Lots of unboxing left, possible proposal during Italian Christmas
  • Rachael’s Christmas Tradition: lots of traveling, no cooking
  • Carol’s Christmas: busier and more of a to-do in NYC, less so in Florida
    • 3 years since she’s seen Dad
    • Impending Language/Conversation barriers
    • Smuggling in Step-Daughter means less Dad-time
    • Carol’s #Trekkie dad didn’t spot #DeniseCrosby at #Terminus. #TashaYar #StarTrek
  • #StageFright reminds us of what’s important
    • Dave’s #ChildhoodAnxiety / #FirstDayJitters
    • why we’re less excited about things as adults
  • Dave’s #EscapeRoom Rooftop Employee Dinner and subsequent #Casino escapade. #PennySlots
  • Dave & Dave’s Wife’s “Trashy Christmas”
  • Dave’s newborn nephew
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