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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

[Episode 85] Back to Camp Marimac & Walker Stalker Talk: PART II

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Originally recorded 10/25: PART II - shortly after returning from #ATL / #WalkerStalkerCon / Camp Marimac Fall Bash - Carol, Rachael, and Dave sit down and talk about their experiences!
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David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • #WaynesWorld's Wayne & Garth (Carol & Rachael), flashing Backstage (Press) Passes at #WSCAtlanta
  • Dave stumbles in, then out, of VIP
  • Rachael's directionally-challenged
  • Sunshine twins (@Rosita.Dixon01 & @WD_addict_RGObsessed) had to remind Dave to eat
  • #KharyPayton pets Rachael’s head
    • she then tried dog-napping #CooperAndrew’s puppy
  • Julie thows her wingman under the bus with #JeremyPalko
  • Dave & #JasonKirkpatrick bond in #ChrisTwellmann’s "green room"
    • Camera confusion & Awkward Kisses for Chris/Meg
  • Adventures in #WaffleHouse
  • SQUAWKING DEAD banner troubles
    • falling asleep on the job
    • Dinner at the #HardRock & the saucy, change-stealing waiter
  • "SQUAWKING DEAD, yeah, something to do with birds?"
  • Our Street Paws donation bucket (thank you @Felicia.Wray)
  • It's SQUAWKING DEAD, dammit (not The Squawking Dead)
  • Carol’s interview with #MoCollins:
    • In the green room, peeping #MichaelCudlitz, #AngelTheory
    • Mo Collins, #SethGilliam wandering freely around the convention floor (vs #NormanReedus)
  • #Negan & #JudithGrimes / #JeffreyDeanMorgan & #CaileyFleming panel
    • really late start ( #JDM with the flu)
    • Cailey held a real .45
    • putting celebs on the spot with hugs
    • Hanging out with #MingChen (of #ComicBookMen)
    • Rachael shared her weird fish beer
    • Appropriate conversation with a #childcelebrity

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