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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

[Episode 87] #TWDseason10 Mid-Season Teaser Trailers

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We had a very wacky time with @Nightmareon3lm (the only soul brave enough to take up our offer for ☕#Kofi-backers to help host the latest podcast), along with Chris from BMNY DeadCast, and Rachael (AKA @Cosmomom09). Our pre & post-show is patent insanity: I dunno WHAT happened in the pre-show, but I do remember our post-show, watching YouTube videos of 17-year-olds attempting to use a rotary phone, which was hilarious, as well as the G.I. Joe over-dubbed PSAs - classic YouTube hilariousness that made us cry with laughter.
Want a peek? head here!

David Cameo:
Chris Valerius (BMNY DeadCast):
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave’s birthday wish for #Kofi
  • What we did on break:
  • Trailer 1
    • #DarylDixon’s wing & mace
    • #TheHilltop’s last stand
    • Marco, Kelly, #EugenePorter, visible
    • retro #Michonne
    • #RositaEspinosa’s Breast Pump, Hilltop / #TheKingdon armor ( #KingTop? )
    • Daryl & #KingEzekiel are bros?
    • Skinny #TWDLuke attacks
    • #TheWhisperers / #BetaTWD tunnel into Hilltop
    • Bald Michonne being chased
    • Daryl’s hand is a callback to Season 9
    • Kelly manhandled by #Walkers
    • Rosita’s (bloody) new weapon in action
    • #Negan’s Whisperer mask
    • #LilAssKicker, taking names
    • The Whisperers’ flaming arrows
  • Trailer 2
    • #Magna telling off #CarolPeletier
    • #TheGoonies vibes /w Daryl and #ConnieTWD
    • #TWDJerry’s stuck
    • Scott’s back ( #KenricGreen)!
    • Michonne on a military ship?
    • #LauraTWD’s modified hoe
    • #AlphaTWD turns the tables on Carol #TriggerWarning
    • Magna? More like “Meh”gna
    • ”We fight for our Future” != #CARYL
    • Racahel’s @IronAngelCreations Zeke friendship bear
    • Alpha threatens Negan’s balls
    • Whisperer Beaver dam?
    • ”At what point is it too much for Beta to follow Alpha?” #RyanHurst
    • Tunneling through an RV
  • Trailer 3
    • Negan survey’s Hilltop’s aftermath
    • Carol has Lydia’s stick
    • Daryl & Judith’s sweet moment
    • A Bloody Alpha
    • #JudithGrimes in tears
    • Alden, Kelly, and Baby Adam(?) surrounded
    • Michonne wielding #Lucille
  • Trailer 4
    • Negan’s allegiance
    • Rachael learns “Goose-step”
  • Opening Minute(s)
    • #Triggered: Part Deux
    • Alpha now knows #GammaTWD’s betrayal, thanks to Negan
  • #Subscribe to @Nightmareon3lm’s YouTube Channel
    • A believable #ReactionVideo

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