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Saturday, April 4, 2020

[Episode 94] Season 10, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, "Look at the Flowers"

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The chickens have come home to roost: and, boy, are they piiiiiiiiiiissed! ...Luckily for you, we're here to break it all down with you: #CarolPeletier's slow-motion downfall from the very start of the season; #Negan's rocky road to acceptance; and the method behind #BetaTWD's madness.
The Unedited version of this episode is EXTENSIVE: we cut out a TON and have tons of pre/post-show content, to boot! Want a peek? Buy us a coffee!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

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  • Rachael, "This episode is about Forgiveness." Dave, "Carol's thing has always been about control"
  • Dealing with the "#SeasonFinale". #Outsiders #Haven #TheIncredibleHulk #MaggieRhee
  • Reconciling #LydiaTWD's whereabouts in the 1st #DarylDixon / Negan scene
  • #ChanderRiggs' Twitch Channel: #CarlGrimes. and "It's never too late" ...too get some #CARYL?
  • Beta overruns #AlexandriaSafeZone: Alden and #AaronTWD might be in peril
  • First half of Season 10 streaming free on
  • Why Beta doesn't want to be #AlphaTWD
  • "Half Moon". And, no, #RyanHurst didn't have a #GameofThrones #Starbucks moment
  • What Happened at The Grand Hotel and parallels with Beta (ShoutOut to @sweetstephen55)
  • Does Beta(/Carol) want to die (at first)?
  • Deconstructing Half Moon's (prophetic) lyrics, reemergence of Beta (with a Daryl mask?)
  • Weaving a way to make it OK to get rid of Beta
  • You can understand Negan (if you try). Negan doesn't lie. Still don't fully trust him #NeganBeNeganing, but who doesn't like a Wild Card?
  • #JeffreyDeanMorgan has relaxed a little over the years. Everybody loves Beta. Just try to cancel us. #CancelCulture #Neryl
  • STILL not sure whether Magna or Yumiko are broken up. Nothing for Yumiko to fix. Stop Shipping
  • Cage #EugenePorter, Yumiko, and #KingEzekiel find feels like a callback to #FearTWDseason5
  • #TWDPrincess' reveal. Hoping #PaolaLazaro sticks around. #KingBach #BreedaWool #DanaiGurira
  • #SonequaMartinGreen is amazing... on #StarTrekDiscovery. #SashaWilliams #MichaelCudlitz #AbrahamFord #StarTrek
  • The significance of #TWDJerry's last goodbye to Ezekiel. #DaleHorvath #HershelGreene #TheGovernor #SophiaPeletier
  • Carol is talking to HERSELF, not Alpha. #Superman #SamanthaMorton
    Courtesy of / @KirstenAcuna
  • Would it have benefited Negan to show up with Carol, now? Slight role swap with Negan & Daryl.
  • "Feeling nothing" and, in contrast with #Michonne, Carol has been sacrificing all her friendships since the beginning of the season.
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