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Saturday, March 28, 2020

[Episode 93] Season 10, Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, "What We Become" (/w Kirsten Acuna)

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Thanks to our special guest, #KirstenAcuna (head TWD analyst and contributor for, we were able to pulverize this episode way beyond our expectations: which also means we broke our rule about trying to keep the stream in and around the 1-hour mark ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
You DEFINITELY want access to the Unedited content as Rachael & Dave practically give you another 2 hours worth of extra content, speaking on a RANGE of personal and even DEEPER TWD topics! Want it?

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Kirsten Acuna:

  • Introducing Kirsten Acuna
  • "Believe a Little Longer"
  • Don't be "Coldplayed"; thankful for the production delay
  • We want to hear your #Coronapocalypse stories, after our last Morning SQUAW-fi: leave us a voice message
  • How we're doing, lately, and what we're up to
  • Kirsten gives us her overall impressions & #DanaiGurira's expressions
  • More than one barometer to judge the show
  • What if #Michonne "met the wrong people first"?
  • "Wrong" is not the right word: Shifting perspective and following your protagonist
  • You're definitely not a #RickGrimes: Either #ShaneWalsh or #EugenePorter
  • What about one-off origin stories? #AbrahamFord #AltheaSzewczykPrzygocki
  • Breaking the news to Rachael about the #SeasonFinale delay and #TWDWorldBeyond #Premiere
  • Initial reactions and planting seeds to Michonne's #VisionQuest #SlidingDoors #InAMirrorDarkly #BackpackGuy #Siddiq
  • "Evil" Michonne? The #TrolleyProblem. If not for her Vision Quest, would Present-Day Michonne chosen not to save #AndreaHarrison?
  • Juxtaposed: How far is #CarolPeletier is willing to go?
  • Breeda Wool and King Bach at the end of the episode
  • ๐ŸŽMichonne's best moment, lowest moment, and "eh" moment. Seeing #LindsleyRegister, #MattMangum, and #StaceyCrowder (but not #FatJoey)
  • Virgil's "Thank You" and could this all have gone differently? Under-utilizing @KevinTCarroll
  • "The Devil's Snare" and comparisons to #MorganJones.
  • GIFable, revisted/reinvented moments. Reconciling Virgil. Sniffing for clues. #CivicRepublicMilitary
  • The caravan at the end: Virginia's/Ginny's group? Love letter to Terriers with Donal Logue & The Wahlberg Cousin (Michael Raymond-James: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Figuring out the timeline based on Daito's & Shoto's walkie-talk. Some Sneak Peeks
  • When moral compasses break #GlennRhee #SashaWilliams. We know #WhereIsHeath
  • Where does #Negan go? #MaggieRhee #MyMercyPrevailsOverMyWrath
  • Negan's "Wives"
  • More Sneak Peeks: #BetaTWD & Eugene, #KingEzekiel, and Yumiko... Maggie & #TWDPrincess.
  • #AaronTWD & Beta showdown?
  • Danai & #TWDMovie? Impressions of World Beyond
  • Misc: "Rippers" new word for The Undead. "The Others" on Bloodsworth Island. Morgan & Rick revisited with Judith & Michonne. #StopTheSpread. Timing is everything #FearTWD #Chernobyl.

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