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Saturday, July 25, 2020

[NEWS] San Diego #ComicConAtHome: #TWDUniverse Highlights

Why miss out? Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail!

To say that the year 2020 CE hasn't been the best year is quite a mixed bag of a statement. As an understatement and in the immediate, most of the world's inhabitants are under lock-down conditions, our logistics services are overrun, our healthcare system is under duress, and the economy is tanking as large handfuls of the population either cannot work or have lost their businesses. But I say "a mixed bag" because, in an ever-so globally interconnected internet age, humanity has somehow succeeded in maintaining a best-effort form of normalcy; that is to say, if any an era for a pandemic to hit mankind, why not one where - although we may be physically isolated - we've never been more connected to one another. Governments and charitable organizations have stepped up so that almost no one goes hungry, most folks have been able to somehow pay rent and bills or at least work out arrangements to muddle through, and the businesses that can remain open are doing their darnedest to honor their commitments to their employees as well as their customers. This writer is in no way saying people aren't suffering, but if the novel Coronavirus would've hit humanity just 20 years ago (or prior) - my darkest imaginings, aside (which may not even be able to faithfully paint an accurate picture of what that landscape would look like) - I can safely say, at the very least, we'd be much worse off.

In this burgeoning "new normal" - and in the spirit of people finding a way - San Diego Comic Con has stepped up and managed to deliver the heart of the Comic Book Convention experience to the comfort of its constituents' homes. While there are no Artist Booths, Autograph/Photo-Op/Swag Tables, and an overwhelming amount of Cosplayers invading the eye-lines of con-goers, we've been blessed with the panels/news most of us #TWDUniverse fans have been desperate, for months, to consume. And, even in an age of uncertainty, "a mixed bag" seems a more apt definition, now, doesn't it?

The remainder of this blog will be dedicated to delivering you the YouTube videos (embedded) of the 3 panels, along with any news-worthy highlights (with time stamps) below them, to emphasize what we're to expect from The Walking Dead Universe in the coming year.
  • (00:48) Season Premiere for Fear The Walking Dead, Season 6 is Sunday, October 11th at (the usual time slot) 9pm, Eastern/US!
  • (04:03) Extended FearTWDseason6 Trailer
  • (13:49) Writing for S6 is finished, Principle Photography for the 1st half is almost completed.
  • (22:35) Colman Domingo directs, again, and Bottomless Brunch is extended for 6 more episodes.
  • (24:22) Lennie James' debut as a director for an episode of Fear The Walking Dead, Season 6
  • (29:31) There will be Time Jumps (plural)
  • (45:14) A number of new characters
  • (00:49) Season 10, Episode 16, of The Walking Dead will finally air Sunday, October 4th at (the usual time slot) 9pm, Eastern/US (immediately followed by the Series Premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond)!
  • (01:25) Slightly Extended Teaser for Episode 16, "A Certain Doom" (Episode Directed by Greg Nicotero)
  • (21:23) Ross Marquand likens the masked character's introduction to that of Michonne's character (perhaps a significant, new character).
  • (26:08) Executive Producer, Angela Kang, reveals that there will be six (6) additional Episodes for Season 10, sometime in 2021
  • (32:42) Lauren Cohan alludes to a big scene with heavy dialogue between she and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Maggie & Negan) in Episode 16.
  • (55:54) Angela Kang summarizes the exciting plot points in Episode 16: from new beginnings, like The Commonwealth (now confirmed, as it's finally said out loud), to closure with Beta and Carol's vendetta. The last 5 minutes of the Episode is constantly mentioned throughout this panel.
  • (00:44) The Series Premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air Sunday, October 4th, at 10pm, Eastern/US (right after TWD's "Season Finale" and followed by a "mega" Talking Dead at 11pm)!
  • (01:20) Much Extended Trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Series Premiere!
  • Just planting a flag here: there are so many little reveals of the greater world of The Walking Dead: World Beyond that truly exemplify the show's namesake, from The Day the Sky Fell, to Monument Day, to even explaining the word they use for Walkers, "Empties", which was lifted from the Comic Books (via Paul "Jesus" Monroe).
  • (12:33) Alexa Mansour ("Hope") reveals that Aliyah Royale almost wasn't cast as "Iris", and how that struggle brought them very close even before initial filming
  • (20:42) "Does Elizabeth [played by Julia Ormond] know where Rick [Grimes] is?" 👀
  • (37:42) Not only does Michael Cudlitz ("Abraham Ford" himself) direct an episode on TWDWB, but Annet Mahendru ("Huck") will be working with him on her husband's new movie, "Manifest West"
  • (38:12) Much will be uncovered about The Civic Republic Military (CRM - the group that rescued Rick Grimes, if you remember), as they are integral to the series, opening up #TWDUniverse
  • (43:15) The First Season is completely ready to air (6 Episodes)! Season 2 is mostly written-up.
Just to wrap up, SQUAWKING DEAD's 101st episode will be all about the news brought to us by way of these panels, as well as exploring the few extra scenes given to us by the extended teasers/trailers dropped, pertaining to each series in The Walking Dead Universe.
...But, wait,101st episode? What happened to Episode 100?! Well, our 100th Episode is going to be a very special one that will be all about us, as a podcast. It will not only be an episode of reflecting on how far we've come, but a great way to introduce new audience members. That's about all we can reveal, for now, as we're still trying desperately to put it all together! Your patience will be rewarded!

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