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Thursday, February 11, 2021

[Episode 117] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |Season One| Season Finale

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I still don't know how we did it, but we managed to break down the more than 2-hour Season Finale of TWDWB's 1st season, episode 1x09 & 1x10 ("The Deepest Cut" & "In This Life", respectively) in just over 2 hours! We take a REALLY close look at Huck's actions throughout the season, ALL of our characters' rapid growth (in particular our designated #MVP, #EltonOrtiz), and what direction our characters seem to be heading by the end of it.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Questions answered 
  • Character development, even from Percy
  • Elton literally carrying a burden: the reality of Amelia

  • Elton/Percy: knowing the hard truth; coming out from behind the camera; "Surprise, Rocket Man"
  • Taking on responsibility: Elton, Felix, and Ed (from FearTWD)
  • Charlie vs. Hope vs. Dwight
  • Elton’s first kill, "I don’t want to be afraid anymore, but i know i probably will be"
  • 15 or 30 years left of humanity?
  • Huck intercepts Elton’s S.O.S. Percy tells Elton the truth. #SaveOurSilas
  • Silas is NOT a monster: Hal Cumpston superstar
  • Poor Tony: Percy didn’t know who to trust
  • Liam, from Undead Walking, predicts Huck’s backstory is fake: does Elizabeth Kublek know what Huck did in the Marines?
  • Huck’s father
  • Lyla scaring us with her practice speech 
  • Huck’s bad actions vs. Kublek’s bad actions: are either justified?
  • Huck’s hesitation
    • Leo’s been gone about a year.
    • His messages stopped around 3 months ago.
    • Huck & Felix’s friendship.
    • Huck/Will meet Felix at the same time.
  • Will’s new role: he knows what happened to Campus Colony
  • Huck directs Felix and Iris 5 Miles north to safety? How?
  • Annet & Nico are stuntmen now
  • The Rick trick: Hal is trolling us
  • Huck knows about the forest people
  • Huck’s survivors: are they 5 miles north? Did she send Felix & Iris to them?

  • Hope/Iris = dream team: can’t have one, without the other
  • Silas’ sacrifice: Cuts his hand and becomes the hero Iris sees in him, but what is Kublek's plan for him?
  • Hope doesn’t know how smart she is
  • Jupiter
  • Relinquishing control 
  • Super Felix Voice 3: puts hair on Dave’s chest
  • Fighting skills improving: Iris quick to learn, Hope not so much 
  • Empty barbed wire snare trap: Huck slices Felix and One shot, Two Empties
  • Where did that silencer come from?
  • Huck is Anti-Strand: `least she’s honest about it 
  • Dr. Bavolar: Tracking Empty Migration. Elton mentions him, again.
  • Campus Colony Travel Sign behind Will
  • Civil Defense/Campus Colony symbols: Triangles

  • Talking Candy
  • Hope joining CR, telling Huck what she wants to hear
  • This has to be for the greater good
  • Emile’s charms
  • @Frecklesgraham says Dave should cosplay (a very old) Elton
  • Hope and Iris step over the barbed wire on the road!
  • Barbed wire Empties remind @Blazygardener of Iris’ dreams
  • Lyla’s speech to fake Leo in the lab: is Lyla good/bad?
  • A possible Season 3?!
  • FearTWD's 7th Season, confirmed!
  • Hope needs Iris

  • Driving lessons
  • Hope decodes the CRM book
  • Why have Percy & Tony in the story at all?
  • Hope and Iris becoming enemies
  • Felix’s injury and taking antibiotics before you need them
  • TWD Season 11 with 24 episodes, with movies coming, soon after.
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