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Friday, April 2, 2021

[Episode 125] Interview with Peggy Schott ("Tess" from Fear The Walking Dead)

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The ever-so-generous #PeggySchott sat down with us and discussed her TV, Film, and stage career, both past, present, and even upcoming. Most of the conversation revolved around the intersection of actors & film-makers in and around the Texas/Austin area, how that's influenced her opportunities, and how it all eventually lead to her winding up on #FearTheWalkingDead!
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Peggy Schott:
Sherrandy Swift:
Rachael Burt:

  • Huge thank you for participating in our fan videos & joining the audience during our Trivia Nights.
  • Her father is a 6th generation Casket Maker, specializing in "cut down" caskets to fit in the New Orleans Tombs. 2 of them appeared in Interview with a Vampire.
  • Her short film, Mary Lee

  • Played Varina Davis, on stage, in Sisters Under the Skin.
  • Produced the music video Can I Exist, by Missio (featuring Henry J Smith III: Colman Domingo’s stand-in on Fear The Walking Dead).

  • Directed short film, Laurie's Poem (featuring Avi Lake - A Series of Unfortunate Events - who will also join Peggy in Season 2 of Vindication).
  • Plays a cancer patient who belongs to a cult in Malignant (featuring Nick Stevenson as the cult's leader, who also co-stars with Peggy in The Debt).

    (You may have to click Accept All Cookies to play the trailer)
  • The joys of playing different types of characters.
  • She and Kevin, her husband, love visiting film festivals, especially the blocks of short films.
  • Rachael will try to get The Debt submitted to Hell's Half Mile (a local film festival).

    THE DEBT from Peggy Schott on Vimeo.
  • The differences in dynamic between short film sets & bigger productions, such as Fear The Walking Dead.
  • Acted alongside McKenna Grace (Ghostbusters, The Handmaid's Tale, Big Bang Theory) in Lucky Penny.

    "When you plant a penny in the garden what grows? Abraham Lincoln of course!"
  • While filming Malignant, Lawton was being built for Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season.
  • Performs Aileen Wuornos' Monologue in Monster. Loves playing roles that are so different from her own personality.

  • She mentions Paper Street Pictures, how they always seem to kill her, that she's acted alongside fellow FearTWD cast member Corey Hart ("Rollie") in one of their productions, and a short film of theirs she features in called Honor Student (also, be on the look-out for a new series called Skyvault)

  • Discusses the Eleanor Rigby music video for a Church production of Let it Be Christmas.
  • Her favorite Fear The Walking Dead character is June Dorie... or Morgan Jones.
  • @TylerPhillipCox (Let’s Taco bout the Dead) asks which character she would love to have scenes with on The Walking Dead.

    Tess & Carol, blowin' shit up!
  • When Austin Amelio spots Peggy for the first time on the set of FearTWD.

  • @RebeccaPunch_ asks: who else did you audition for on FearTWD? Most likely Doris played by Mikala Gibson.

  • @JessicaTCos wants to know if Peggy came up with her own backstory for Tess.
  • @bccastrillo asks inquires about her favorite moment behind the scenes.

  • Regrets asking for a bigger gun, hiking up and down a hill without a carry strap.

  • @comicbookboy_ asks: who is the funniest person on set?

  • Colman Domingo delivers a Shakespearean monologue, one night.
  • @WTFNyssa wants to know if Peggy has a favorite line on the show. Tess' compassion for others is what Peggy loves most.

  • Katy (@KatyE052293) wants to know what it was like to join a show with such a huge following. She loves the passion the fans have for the show.
  • @DayneRussell asks what her favorite movie of all time is.
  • COVID-19 is as close to a Zombie Apocalypse as she wants to get.
  • At least on TV she has great aim!
  • Watch her performance in Addict Named Hal

  • Vindication - a faith-based crime drama that's family-friendly, while tackling important and sensitive issues - has an upcoming Season 2 premiere. Vindication features co-star Todd Terry, who plays Lee, who made his 1st appearance on Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season.

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