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Saturday, July 31, 2021

[Episode 141] Interview with Bobbie Grace (AKA "Ranger Samuels" from #FearTWD)

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We had a very pleasant chat with Bobbie Grace , AKA Ranger Samuels from Fear The Walking Dead. Our conversation with her reminded me a lot of our conversation with Peggy Schott , especially when it came to describing the feeling of belonging to a large ensemble versus a short film. And, is it any coincidence that they are both gingers? πŸ‘€
The Unedited Interview Recording is... hilarious. But more than anything else, really slows down the conversation and exposes moments of levity in between the edits. You can enjoy it here:

Bobbie Grace:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA: @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • Introducing Bobbie Grace and her most notable projects, which you can check out here:
  • What made you want to pursue acting?
  • Thoughts on the audition process and being prepped for a role vs cold-reading.

  • The challenges of playing a vampire in Silken Luna.
  • The irony of Bobbie's desire to perform in suspense/thriller genre.
  • Bobbie's inspiration, growing up.
  • Thoughts on what Ranger Samuels first name might actually be.
  • @JessicaTCos asks about the backstory Bobbie Grace created for Ranger "Six-Gun Sammie" Samuels and what affects and changes she made to both be cast (prior to) and inhabit her role (once she got the part).
    Borrowing Craig Nigh's boots and pants during her audition.
  • ...and she happens to be a fan of FearTWD! She shares her favorite character(s) on FearTWD.

  • Did you have any idea what the fandom was like, prior to taking on the role?
  • Was it intentional for Samuels to appear to be a Virginia doppelganger?
  • Did she have any hand in choosing Ranger Samuels hat? The possible significance to the colors and her abandonment of them, altogether, after Ginny dies.
  • @lindy_draws_fanart wonders what prop Bobbie wanted to keep (and whether she got to keep it or any other prop).
  • What her absolute best moments on set were (Spoiler: it involves a particular animal)
  • @ajgram17 wants to know whether Victor Strand or Virginia made for a more powerful leader of The Rangers.
  • Who Bobbie Grace would team Ranger Samuels up with from The Walking Dead Universe.
  • Working with Raja Afghani (AKA Skidmark, the cat) and whether she prefers working with her human animal colleagues versus her animal co-stars.
  • Working on Short Films vs Large Ensemble television shows. What a typical day on set looks like (Spoiler: food has a special place)
  • Working with Weapons
  • The things she's learned from working on the set of Fear The Walking Dead.

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