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Saturday, July 30, 2022

[Better SQUAWK Saul: E8] Season 6, Episode 9 of Better Call Saul, "Fun and Games"

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This episode contains both the LIVE reaction to and FULL breakdown of Better Call Saul's 9th Episode of it's 6th and Final Season titled, "Fun and Games".
A WHOLE HALF HOUR was cut out of this 50-minute #podcast! ...and to be perfectly frank, it explains why Bridget attempted to end the show with the soundtrack from Super Mario Bros, Level 1-2. If you want to STREAM the ๐ŸŽฌUNEDITED version of this episode, support this podcast by creating a FREE Ko-fi account and at least buying us a coffee, here:

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  • This is not the first time we have seen a split-screen scene involving Jimmy McGill & Kim Wexler: we see this also in BCS 4x07 Something Stupid and 5x09 Bad Choice Road. In those episodes, they used a song called Something Stupid by the Lola Marsh Band (the original was sung by Nancy & Frank Sinatra), each episode having a slightly different version of the song, one of which was more instrumental. Fun and Games features a cover of Perfect Day by Dresage X Slow Shiver (originally performed by Harry Nilsson), illustrating how this is not the first time the show has employed musicians to enhance a song they wanted to utilize.
    Better Call Saul Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Kim Wexler? – Page 2
  • The painting that appears in this episode is the same one that remains in Saul Goodman's house during the season premiere opening scene (as the FBI conducts their civil asset forfeiture and are hauling it away). Why do you think he kept it all those years, during the Breaking Bad era?
  • Does Jimmy keep this painting as a way to remember Kim, and the "fun and games" they had before things went south after Howard Hamlin's death? Perhaps a reminder of how bad things can really get?
    Better Call Saul Star Patrick Fabian Reflects On Howard Hamlin's Death |  Game Live Story
  • Gustavo Fring and Kim Wexler's stories mirror each other in this episode. Gus is interrogated by Don Eladio, Juan Bolsa, Hector Salamanca, Marco Salamanca, and Leonel Salamanca about the death of Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca, while Kim is interrogated by Cheryl Hamlin about the death of Howard.
  • Kim & Gus both come to the realization that they cannot live the life they desire (outside their main pursuits) because it would be too dangerous, with the deaths of Salamanca and Hamlin as prime indicators.
    Better Call Saul' Season 6, Ep. 9 Recap: Fun and Games
  • Was Gus attempting to dip his toe into a social/romantic life, indulging in conversation with David, before leaving and deciding that building his enterprise was too risky to involve love?
    Better Call Saul' 'Fun and Games' Michael Morris Interview – The Hollywood  Reporter
  • Throughout the series, the fish (tank) has represented Jimmy's connection to the criminal underworld. Is there a significance to Jimmy cleaning the blood off of the fish tank this episode?
    Better Call Saul': Fans See Symbolism Behind the Fish Tank, Especially When  Lalo Kept Aggressively Tapping It
  • Is Mike Ehrmantraut struggling with the deaths of Howard Hamlin and Ignacio "Nacho" Varga because of how senseless they were?
    Nacho Varga Captures the True Tragedy of Better Call Saul
  • In this series, Mike has gone way out of his way to give victims families closure: he does it with the ice cream truck driver, earlier in the series, and again, in this episode, when visits Manuel Varga. In Breaking Bad, however, no one gives his family closure after Walter White murders him.
    Breaking Bad': The Most Pointless Killing in the Show Was Walter White  Shooting Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Did Mike reach out to Manuel - to give him closure - because he, too, is a father whose son was also killed senselessly for doing the right thing?
  • What does Manuel Varga want to happen to all of these "gangsters"? Or does he resign himself in the knowledge that there's no amount of justice that will make things right (if justice even exists)?
    Better Call Saul: Other Characters / Characters - TV Tropes
  • By destroying Howard Hamlin, Jimmy and Kim essentially destroyed Hamlin Hamlin McGill (HHM) which is where the pair first met, had their first kiss, and got their start (professionally/romantically).

  • Could HHM have survived had Howard lived?
    Better Call Saul' recap: Chuck and Jimmy's backstory grows clearer - Los  Angeles Times
  • Kim smoked inside the apartment throughout their campaign against Howard but is back to smoking on their balcony. Is this an indicator that she is back on the straight and narrow?
    Review: Better Call Saul S05E03 – The Guy for This - „Can... I talk? I'll  talk!“ - seriesly AWESOME
  • Will Carol Burnett be playing Kim's mom when she joins the cast in the next episode?
    Better Call Saul: Who Will Carol Burnett Play? | Den of Geek
  • After learning that Paige Novick is set to take over Kim's case, we wonder whether she started taking on pro-bono cases after their last conversation.
    Better Call Saul Review: The Guy For This (Season 5 Episode 3) | Tell-Tale  TV
  • Why did Kim pass over former paralegal, Viola Goto, to replace her on the court case?
  • Will Clifford Main ever tell Cheryl what he (thinks he) saw (when "Howard"/Jimmy kicks Wendy out of the car on the street)? After witnessing Kim & Jimmy rattle off their last moments with Howard, was he silent because he thought something was off with them and/or was it just something he deemed inappropriate at a funeral (highlighting their own possible sociopathy)?
    Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Wendy, Spooge debut - The  Natural Aristocrat
  • Is this the last we'll see of this timeline since Nacho, Howard, and Lalo are dead and Kim has left Jimmy?
    Better Call Saul' Recap: Season 6, Episode 9 “Fun and Games” - Nerds and  Beyond
  • What role might Kim Wexler play in the final episodes?
    Will Better Call Saul's Kim Wexler survive season 6?
  • Of course, buried together, Patrick Fabian and Tony Dalton (Howard & Lalo, respectively) are partying in "heaven".
  • Was Kim actually good for Jimmy?
    Better Call Saul' Peter Gould Interview 'Point and Shoot' – The Hollywood  Reporter
  • Was Jimmy good for Kim?
    Better Call Saul boss hints at Kim Wexler death in final season after  Jimmy's wife plots secret sabotage
  • What is Kim Wexler like without Jimmy McGill in her life?
    Better Call Saul Theory: Kim Wexler IS Walter White - On Tap Sports Net
  • What comes next for Gene Takovic?
    Better Call Saul: Will the Show Ever Spend More Time Post-Breaking Bad? -  TV Guide

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