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Friday, January 20, 2023

[Episode 210] Shootin' the $#!t with JOSH MIKEL ("Jared" | The Walking Dead)

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The timing of this #interview couldn't be better: As #TheWalkingDead comes to a close, what better time to resurrect the long dead #ShittyJared, himself, #JoshMikel? I say that because not only do we talk about his time on the show and life after #TWD, but some of the incredible things he has in store for all of you!
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Josh Mikel:
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:

  • When asked what he misses most about working on The Walking Dead, Josh Mikel says the consistent work. He also misses working on a show that is so loved by many.

  • He made lots of friends on set, working on a show he still holds close to his heart to this very day.
  • Gives kudos to the crew of The Walking Dead for their hard work.
  • His first day on set was awesome: even the audition process leading up to it was fun!
  • He started auditioning during Season 3 and it was around his 15th or 16th audition when he was finally cast.
  • It was also the following cast-members' first day on set: Khary Payton (King Ezekiel Sutton), Cooper Andrews (Jerry), Kerry Cahill (Dianne), Karl Makinen (Richard), Jayson Warner Smith (Gavin), and many more.
  • He assumed his death scene would be his last appearance on the show, but was brought back for Morgan Jones' hallucination in the finale for Season 8.
  • Being killed off by Morgan was radSherrandy asks Josh: had Morgan not killed Jared, who would he have liked to have been taken out by?
  • Rachael asked whether there was potential for Jared to join the good guys had he survived. He had asked Executive Producer (at the time) Scott Gimple, but...
  • Sherrandy asks about the craziest names he's been called.

  • It wasn't difficult to portray Jared: Josh conceived the character as a somewhat of a shitty older brother.
  • Josh suggests there could have been a familial connection between Jared and Negan Smith, since he was able to get away with breaking so many rules.
  • As far as watching The Walking Dead, he's only made it to Season 9, but finds the idea of Negan redeeming himself a little hard to swallow; however, the luxury of a Negan-redemption-arc is getting to see more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's on-screen portrayal.
  • Sherrandy asks whether Jared would have joined Negan in the upcoming spin-off, The Walking Dead: Dead City, had his character survived.
  • Josh paints Jared's pre-apocalypse backstory: a trust-fund kid who never had to really struggle.
  • His favorite characters are Morgan, Daryl Dixon, and Phillip "The Governor" Blake.
  • Josh was thrilled when Dave told him that Jerry & Ezekiel made it to the end of the series and hopes Khary shows up on a future spin-off.

  • The pandemic changed many things for Josh: he took a break from acting for roughly 9 months, but The Walking Dead was a major resume-boost, since many casting directors still watch it.
  • Josh believes that actors tend to fall out of touch with every-day people when they focus too much on acting and are in the acting/actor bubble. Many choose to take the craft for granted and put their career on cruise-control, refusing to challenge themselves.
  • Actors posting about their auditions is like posting that you bought a lottery ticket: there's toxicity in the acting community. Search the hashtags #onset and #bookedandblessed to find the worst of them.
  • Forming a rock band (and performing at The Camp) was a byproduct of COVID-19, but he had to drop out due to his hectic acting schedule.
  • @fanart_lindy: what's Josh's favorite car?
  • He enjoyed fulfilling requests on, but sort of gave up on it when he decided to refurbish his new home.
  • The Walking Dead helped him pay off his college loans.
  • Josh never swiped any props from set other than a few shell-casings; however, Andrew Lincoln got everyone a hand axe as a wrap gift at the end of Season 8. When asked what he would've taken if he could…?
  • One of his bandmates made and still has one of the original Lucille bats that was used in the Season 6 finale. His advice to take it to a convention and charge $10 for pictures with it have fallen on deaf ears.
  • The way The Walking Dead set itself apart from other projects is that it gave Josh the opportunity to maintain a recurring role for the first time. Up until that point, his roles have been one-offs.
  • Mikel really gravitates to comedic roles: hearing Danny McBride laugh as a result of something he did on the set of The Righteous Gemstones was incredibly rewarding.
  • He would love to be involved in anything that involves The Coen Brothers or, barring that, act in a western.
  • Josh wants you to check him out in:

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