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Monday, February 1, 2021

[Episode 110] Season 6, Episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Key"

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All the characters focused on, thus far, have gone through an evolution of some kind. None of them had it easy but, for the most part, they broke on through and were better off for it. "The key" here is that all of these changes were necessary more than anything else. #JohnDorie needed to see which way was up - and finally does, by the end of this episode - but at what cost?
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Comparing John Dorie to Althea in the last episode
  • Transformations
  • Morgan & Daniel's secret BOOM shack
  • Spray painter/Death Cult catches up, but don’t know Ginny
  • Ginny’s no dummy
  • A Mirror of the episode (4x04) "Laura"
  • The Color Green & Rot/Poison: Green/Dirty flames, Dorie’s tooth, Green Key flag
  • Officer Dorie in isolation
  • John is Ginny's pawn
  • Janis & Cameron: Did Strand/Ginny play a part in this relationship? They did have supplies 
  • Does John feel responsible for Janis’ death?
  • Strand vs. Carol 
  • Ginny’s Psychological torture of John Dorie: Bringing back June
  • Savior Strand sees the bigger picture
  • Janis was a marked woman and Stand stopped John from being next
  • Disrespect at Cameron’s funeral: Is Ginny showing her rangers the earring? Hats off/on
  • Hero Dorie: Dakota, "Ever kill anybody?"
  • Where does Dakota stand?
  • Strand is the only one attempting to stop John
  • Pulling an "Otis"

  • Necessary Evolutions
  • Myrna Rowland's, "As long as I have you" describe John & June, at this moment.
  • Dillahunt is a lefty, Dorie is a righty: Jenna & Garret received tactical  training

  • Chessmaster Ginny: Cameron’s death was a test for John Dorie
  • Strand infiltrating Ginny’s inner circle: Like Negan & The Whisperers? ...Hopefully?

  • What is going through Dakota’s mind?
  • How things work vs. how they should work
  • Unhappy Reunion
  • Jenna could not prepare us for just how dark this season is

  • Dave's friend watching TWDUniverse: gets a new segment called Matty’s Corner?
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