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Thursday, July 4, 2019

[Episode 56] Season 5, Episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The End of Everything"

Why miss out? Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail!

OK, OK, so we sh*t the bed and backed-off from going #LIVE last night, after the episode. As you may or may not know, this project is a labor of love we all do in our off hours - outside full-time jobs and taking care of our families - so, sometimes, life just gets in the way! It's all in the interest of providing you with a BETTER experience, in the end, and that's what's most important to us.
PLEASE, donate to Rachael Burt's #fundraiser for #StJudes Hospital: every #donation gets us one step closer to SHAVING HER HEAD (like #AlphaTWD)!

David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Meg The Geek (Dendy):
Rachael Burt:

  • Meg talks about #FFNJ: the good, the bad, and the empty
  • ...All the shout-outs for @celtictso's excellent #JennaElfman #cosplay from #CantHardlyWait. #AngelTheory #SydneyPark #MichaelRooker #LaurieHolden #JamesFrazier
  • TWD announcements and #keyart for #SDCC: July 19th. And that damn #TWDseason10 crew hat. Shout out to @wvbrandonwhite for the hat he gave Dave!
  • @JessicatNY gets @JohnnyODell to quickly fix the FTWD season 5B key art on Twitter
  • The closest we are going to get to an official timeline. Maybe. #RickGrimes
  • The episode was well-received by most, but some... Zzz...
  • ...however, you can't say we didn't get tons of character development for #Althea
  • ...besides TWD accounts giving up the ghost on #SydneyLemmon's character before the episode, Jenna reveals the importance of this episode to Meg
  • ...but we're not 100% convinced, on its face, but it was the smart play
  • And what happened to the webisodes?!
  • What if Isabelle's people aren't #TheCommonwealth? If they are, they are the antithesis of TWD ethos
  • What is Isabelle REALLY doing out there?
  • CRM uniforms: more and less than meets the eye
  • Ominous episode title... the helicopter, the bog tapes, and the ideas of both Althea's & Isabelle's idea of present tense
  • Other than Althea, a lot of characters reference waiting too long to accept the #ZombieApocalypse
  • "Al, you don't want to go there": Undercurrents of #Communism and human experimentation (shout-outs to @freakishorder & @felicia.wray). #CaptainKirk #StarTrek
  • Comparing the height and ages of our hosts
  • Willing to die for their causes, walking away unburdened
  • We thought we almost lost Althea... and in a way, we did.
  • What if the CRM group's origins were on Althea's tape?
  • "and I got to see the prettiest thing I've seen since the end of everything" this the last we've seen of "Jadis look-alike" (shout-out to @MsMazel)?
  • ...and if she does, it's all about "how"... but still left figuring out the big-bad: which is GREAT! ...because maybe Grace?!
  • ...which brings us right into #SneakPeeks: #DwightTWD taking care of kids, Kids phoning Logan? and Grace eluding #MorganJones
  • She opened the door to hope & possibility: Her name is #AltheaSzewczykPryzygocki and she matters
  • Isabelle's apple-picker-gun and a shout-out to @clout_henry & @minicarlwalkingdead #CassadyMcClincy #MattLintz
  • ...and Michael Rooker is a nutcase & baiting Jenna Elfman's hook for more info on the #midseasonfinale
  • Unexpectedly inappropriate reactions. Making our parents support us.
  • Deconstructing the mountain-climbing scene
  • More fast-paced scenes? No big-bad? Is breaking into a Musical is the big-bad? #ScottGimple, king of trolls. #ScottMGimple

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