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Saturday, September 21, 2019

[Episode 67] Season 5, Episode 14 of Fear The Waking Dead, "Today and Tomorrow"

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With some characters clinging to the past, others to the future, this episode offered us a window into the stakes, as this season begins to come to a close.
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#WSCAtlanta: WE HAVE A TABLE AND PRESS PASSES! Say Hi! Meg, Dave, and Carol will be there!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • You heard it here, folks: We're "better than #TalkingDead anyway" ~ @BlazyGardener
    • Monster beats Coffee
  • Rachael: Huge shifts in #MorganJones. Dramatic changes through the episode
    • #AltheaSzewczykPrzygocki is unlike herself: Not Isabelle's Boat
    • #FTWDSettlers are with Georgie? #AKeyToTheFuture
  • Dave solely remembers the dancing #SixFlags old man dancing to the #VengaBoys
  • Morgan's brother; #MaggieRhee crossover, with time jump? ...and #DuaneJones is #MadisonClark?! BLAZY is @celtictso?!
  • #ChildBullying clip has made the rounds: we're #racist, too
  • Althea's camera therapy works; Morgan: the challenging necklace knot
    • Morgan: his own worst enemy; #DwightTWD just needed to get away from #Negan
    • Racist Dave is Racist and #CouchSurfing
    • Happy ending: positive vibes for @negan_judith_cosplay284
  • Kids keep adults anchored: #CarlGrimes to #RickGrimes & #FTWDCharlie to #DanielSalazar
  • Grace & Daniel are Traveling Wilburys: #KarenDavid & #RubenBlades have both released music
    • Rachael is pro #Graniel, sorta...
    • Daniel sets the episode/season, "Being a realist is not a realistic option, anymore."
  • Grace's #DonQuixote / #ManOfLaMancha audiobook (narrated by #KharyPayton?): seeing the way the world ought to be. #TikkunOlam
    • building a nest
  • Sorting out both Morgan's and Althea's foibles
    • The power of knowing there's someone out there you love/who loves you
    • #TitleSequence actually had the discarded #vinyl records
    • The possibility of either Daniel & Morgan dying and reminders of Madison
    • Meg's in the chat, challenging people to fights over Madison being alive
  • Dave & Ginny's gross #LitmusTest
  • Pool Walker & #Althea giving us MAJOR Carl-is-bit vibes
    • the reality of #ZombieApocalypse / #ZombieOutbreak shows: it might not go the way you want
    • the shift away from lead protagonists; passing the torch
    • Congratulating #SonequaMartinGreen on her #SaturnAwards for #BestAcress on #StarTrekDiscovery
  • #Walkers in a #BowlingAlley. #ZNation #TDog #PuppiesAndKittens
  • Will Morgan make it back in time?
    • Anxiety going into #TWDseason10 via @Johnney5sAlive
    • breadcrumbs to Morgan saying, "I'm good": Remembering Jenny & Duane, The Tanker, The Horse, and #FTWDIsabelle
    • reminders of #FTWDLogan trying to save "Serena"
  • #SneakPeeks:
    • Grace is on the floor of the MRAP, but up again in another scene
    • Morgan, "This is not the end of the road" while Althea sees something she doesn't like [kicks a TV over]
    • Convoy: no cars, no food
    • Ginny doesn't save the day, attracts a herd (Negan 2.0)
    • Rick-on-the-bridge vibes; Walker falls on Al; Convoy's #TrailOfTears
  • Revisiting Dwight's asshole (Rollie); Twinkie as Cinnabun replacement; Spaghetti IS simple; Stone Soup; Morgan's stick is fixed; #ThePurge

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