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Saturday, September 28, 2019

[Episode 68] Season 5, Episode 15 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Channel 5"

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Two Groups/Philosophies and what feels like a Sophie's Choice. This penultimate episode of the season ends off on quite the ominous note. We're discussing all that and more!
#NYCC: Thursday | 6:30pm: Chris, Meg, and Dave are hosting a TWD panel!
Walker Stalker Atlanta: WE HAVE A TABLE AND PRESS PASSES! Meet Dave, Carol, Meg, and Rachael!
#ICYMI, we are able to deliver ALL 8 ARTICLES of #Michonne's #MultiCommunityCharterOfRightsAndFreedoms!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • UNVEILING a #Scream themed #TShirt in time for #WalkerStalkerCon!
  • Confronting critics who complain that everything seems to work out
    • who survives this season?
  • Ginny's hoaky #PSA & #SophiesChoice
  • #MaggieRhee crossover? nah...
    • "Fear needs #MadisonClark --I mean, Maggie!" shout-out to @TWDeadDaily
  • #BetaTWD was a musician?
    • maybe a #NothingBurger, like #CARYL? Deconstructing #DarylDixon
    • comparing #AliciaClark with #CarolPeletier
  • #GIVEAWAY ALERT: added #XanderBerkeley, #ThoraBirch, and #MaestroHarrell to the list!
  • Why Alicia needs to paint trees
    • moving beyond survival: purpose/meaning.
    • #DanielSalazar becoming the barber - not just a cover
    • #NaomiLauraJune became... amazing
  • #DwightTWD's #Negan & #TheSaviors #PTSD; #VictorStrand: Don't con a con-man
  • I'm not calling you Ginny; Virginia is Madison?!
  • Ginny violates #AltheaSzewczyckPrzygocki's journalistic integrity
  • "A Rec and a Rink!" and #MorganJones' stick, repaired
  • 5 confusing "keys": #AKeyToTheFuture? Thanks #Grover!
    • Georgie, too (Ginny by extension), must be a splinter of CRM
    • Rehashing who (and WHERE) Princess should be
  • #Continuity: Leaving FearTWD in the past, TWD in the Present, and #TWD3 is the future
    • the kids of TWD3 must be children of FearTWD (confirmed)
  • Rachael is softening EVEN MORE on #FTWDCharlie
  • Tom gratitude; Convoy's progress; building a podcast audience - shoutout to @Johnney5sAlive
    • and Strand exposing Ginny being threatened by Convoy; Negan, not Negan AKA Virgiรฑegan
  • Dave is not a pet fan; Rachael's parents' empty nest favorites
  • Ginny's obsessed with food; Dave's Immigrant parents #CandyBeansies #AuGratin #WaterCacki
  • It's a nice day for a white wedding? #RabbiJacobKessner
  • FearTWD Season 5 #SeasonFinale would mark the 200th Episode in the TWD Franchise
  • Hope, #HumbugsGulch, unexpected audience flack, and doing it all yourself
    • cowboy Walkers and Sheriff #JohnDorie
    • Guys never talk, but #FTWDGrace ain't any better; Daniel calling Morgan out
    • maybe saying goodbye is not saying it at all?
  • Being faithful to your characters: Alicia wasn't always a bad-ass
  • Morgan's sudden surge of leadership after Tom dies; Victor's concern has hints of former self
    • Did Ginny mastermind Convoy's plan to head to Humbug's Gulch, detour and all?
  • Tom as the archetype for hope, doing it for the `gram, and "slick shoes" #TheGoonies
  • #SneakPeeks:
    • Dwight running through the woods; Ginny & Sherry
    • Ginny milking Morgan's plea for assistance
    • Alicia to Morgan, "We can clear this place"
    • Daniel checking the fence
    • June is preggers?
    • Victor holding the fence, John clearing walkers
    • Grace & Morgan won't see each other again, if he leaves
    • Ginny arrives to Humbug's Gulch
    • #LucianaGalvez, "We're gonna be ok" as the doors to Tank Town close. Wendell & Luci?
    • Morgan & Dwight surrounded by walkers
    • Daniel knows war; Ginny will fight; but Dwight comes back
      • @msMazel: the group may be forced to kill Ginny
    • June on a horse; walkers washing away; walkers walking towards a chappel (painted tree by Wes & Alicia over the doorway)

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