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Sunday, November 10, 2019

[Episode 76] Season 10, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead, "What it Always Is"

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LITTLE PIG, LITTLE PIG! LET. US. IN! we discuss the web and the odyssey that was this episode! So many repeating themes, parallels, and call-backs! 

David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Tons of story, standard time allotment
  • First Impressions: Growth?
  • #Negan & #TheWhisperers: #Comicbook canon?
    • Brandon releases Negan in the comics, not show.
    • Was it #CarolPeletier? Hers & Negan’s pragmatism
    • Carol is emotionally reckless
    • All the call-backs
  • Ideally, prison = reform: Negan = reformed(?)
  • Comics vs TV Brandon
    • Call-back to Lizzie
    • #AlexandriaSafeZone: in comfort, we turn on each other
    • Brandon trusted to guard Negan?
    • Brandon isn’t real
    • Negan needs to be “Negan” for his community
    • Brandon romanticizes #TheSaviors, incorrectly: Negan’s Legacy
    • Saviors’ sketchy recruitment
    • #Lucille 2.0
    • #SaddamHussein now agrees with #RickGrimes’ version of community
    • Alexandrian “immune system” unprepared for the #ZombieApocalypse
    • Amelia calls #Walkers “Hissers”. #AndreaHarrison + Rick & Negan in the RV vibes
    • Negan saves, Brandon doesn’t react
    • Milo = missed-opportunity #CarlGrimes. #JudithGrimes #CaileyFleming #JeffreyDeanMorgan
    • Brandon represents “Savior Negan”, now dead
    • Dave, rooting for Negan to “blow your house all the way in”
  • Carol: a bazooka in a knife fight, blinded by vengeance, and f*cking crazy
  • #DarylDixon speaks! …in TWO languages!
    • Compiling the #ConnieTWD & Daryl moments
    • #CARYL: baggage & poisoned wells
  • I’m just #AaronTWD from Vermont
    • Eerie moment between #GammaTWD & #AlphaTWD
  • #KingEzekiel’s unexpected diagnosis
    • No time for haters or even abrasive opinions
  • Aaron’s & #AliciaClark: prepared to wield #TWDJesus’ sword
    • Call-back to Aaron’s recruitment, now with fighting skills!
  • Walkers are still dangerous! Doubly so with Kelly’s hearing loss
  • Annoying whistler, Brandon, “Enemy of my Enemy”
    • Negan talks about Lucille
  • #ForbiddenKnowledge: #Siddiq saw Henry die
    • How does Zeke feel about this?
    • Rachael’s needs the details, no matter what
  • #Magna & Yumiko’s (possibly unnecessary) backstory
    • Magna guilty of murder, but righteous motive?
    • Negan & Magna: prisoners
    • Magna’s group’s secret stashes
    • #TheHilltop formula: Gregory & Jesus, #MaggieRhee & Jesus, Jesus & #TaraChambler, to Zeke/Magna & Yumiko
    • #SelfFulfillingProphecy: Magna thinks Yumiko looks down on her
    • #TalkingDead’s “surprise guest” one of them?
    • Reconciling with a long buried lie
  • Magna listening to Pre- #BetaTWD, singing over #EmilyKinney’s “The Turtle and the Monkey”
    • “Oh, It’s sad but true” exact
    • “Call you up to apologize” exact
    • “And oh, oh, it’s a cold hard fact” exact
    • “We’ve served some colorful vocabulary, baby, that we can’t take back” similar
    • “And oh, oh we used to hold each other tight under sparkling trees” exact
  • Siddiq asks #DanteTWD about #RositaEspinosa, not Coco. #FatherGabriel
  • Alpha confirms the tree fall at Hilltop: grand plan = submission
    • Gamma infected? #PTSD
    • Alpha, The #Skinwalker
  • Negan, Aaron, Alpha, Gamma, Zeke, and Siddiq donning masks
  • Zeke doesn’t want Carol’s (possibly manufactured) pity/indifference
    • Will she risk not saying goodbye to Zeke to kill Alpha?
    • How will #TWDJERRY react? Might already know
    • What it always is & I/You know what it is
  • Gabe not at Alexandria? looking for Negan?
  • #ReleaseTheNegan: Carol both spray-painted #SilenceTheWhispers and let him out?!
    • Beta’s double knives at Negan’s throat; Negan/Alpha relationship; Negan’s Lydia knowledge
    • Carol seeks to destroy the horde
    • You’ve got a friend in “Classic Beta,” Office Linebacker. Testing Negan
    • Daryl FINALLY calls out Carol for making things worse
    • #EugenePorter / “TaterBug” on the radio; Who is on the other end? #FTWDCharlie #TheCommonwealth #TWD3
  • Clearing up TWD3 details; #TWDprincess, soon?
    • Eugene positioned for Commonwealth love interest?
    • Definition of CRM? 3 Communities
  • Debbie/Deborah: one of Alpha’s masks
  • #EasterEggs to other series, but no more #crossovers
  • An unlikely romance between Eugene & Alicia

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