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Sunday, November 17, 2019

[Episode 77] Season 10, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, "Bonds"

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HOW FAR will bonds bend until they finally break? Rachael and Dave try to hash it out in this week's podcast.
BONUS: Those of you have bought us a Coffee should've already received links to the RAW, Unedited version of this podcast: The first hour, Rachael & Dave bond, themselves (a podcast in its own right)!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave’s backstory
  • #comicbook similarities
    • #BetaTWD’s codependency with #AlphaTWD
    • #Negan and Beta dynamic is everything we wanted
    • Rachael has #HopeforBeta
    • Alpha is recruiting
    • Alpha enforcing power through fear
  • #EugenePorter: Taterbug
    • RositaEspinosa is missing Eugene
    • Who are YOU in the apocalypse?
    • Have we heard “the voice” before?
    • Eugene establishes trust
    • Cake or Waffle cone?
    • We learned what NOT to do from #AliciaClark on FEAR
    • #MargotBingham is panicking
  • Similarities between Carol and #KingEzekiel waking up
    • Hopefully a different outcome
    • The many manipulations of #CarolPeletier
    • Is Carol behaving like Alpha?
    • Carol needs to snap back to reality
    • Carol leaves a terrified #DarylDixon in the woods
    • 10.04 companion episode
    • Daryl is feeling the pressure of leadership
  • #TheWhisperers sound like #Heapsters
    • Alpha/Beta on the rocks?
    • #SamanthaMorton’s take on Alpha vs. the comics
    • Who is Beta without Alpha?
    • Community works - "it’s no bullshit"
    • All knives hate Negan
    • #Logcille
    • TWD dictates their own timelines
    • #TheSaviors among The Whisperers
  • Dave is in LOVE with #DanteTWD
    • Is Dante who he says he is?
    • #MichaelCudlitz directs next episode
    • Characters that most impacted #RickGrimes’ journey
    • Is Zeke’s condition real?
    • Proper Spy behavior
  • #TWD3 timeline
    • including the trailer, which clearly states in the begining where TWD3 story takes place: 10 years after the start of the #ZombieApocalypse
    • also including a tweet thread from @SarabethPollock on the tone of the series, which is anything but teenage:
  • #SneakPeeks
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