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Thursday, December 5, 2019

[Episode 79] Season 10, Episode 8 of The Walking Dead, "The World Before"

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Aww Dante, we hardly knew ya! Wouldn't you follow Carol into the shed with all the chainsaws? Though this #MidSeasonFinale comes to a hurried close, SQUAWKING DEAD keeps on truckin'
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David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Ashley Weidman (Talking Dead's Ultimate Fan 2018):
Rachael Burt:

  • Ashley was convinced #Siddiq survived #DanteTWD’s attack
    • Carol and Rachael are bummed Dante is so different than the #comicbook
    • Round of applause for the writers
    • Doctors command a lot of respect
    • Easy for Dante to be trusted
    • Dante responsible for campsite deaths in ep1
    • #NoHopeforDante: #AlphaTWD had her hooks in him
    • Questionable timeline revolving Dante / #LydiaTWD
    • Was Alpha testing Dante?
    • Holding Siddiq in the barn
  • #Negan / Lydia dynamic if she returns to #TheWhisperers
  • Is Alpha using #GammaTWD?
  • Rachael and @celtictso fight
    • Not everyone wants #CarolPeletier to DIE
    • TWD unafraid of killing off ANYONE
  • OG SQUAWKING D Carol G makes prediction about #RositaEspinosa
    • Will she meet the same fate #AndreaHarrison did in the comics?
  • #FatherGabriel’s evolution
    • Dave sheds light on Gabe’s eulogy
  • Did Dante have ulterior motives, painting #SilenceTheWhispers?
    • Cast doubt over Lydia?
    • Does #BetaTWD care for Lydia?
    • Only enough to support Alpha’s ideals
  • #AaronTWD back to his roots
    • So nice seeing Aaron and Gracie together
    • Gracie has a knit glove to match Dad's "Metal Arm"
  • Carol is letting her heart make decisions
    • Does she ultimately blame herself?
    • Letting #HenryTWD go to #TheHilltop in the first place
    • Carol’s feelings are justified, not her actions
    • #DarylDixon understands Lydia better than most
    • Daryl reminds Carol HE’S the one to confide in
    • we all find ourselves needing help, but don't know who to tell
    • #Selfish isn't a bad word
  • Carol has a history of acting without permission
    • Karen/David - prison
    • #Terminus
    • Burning #TheSaviors alive
  • Dave surprises us
  • Alpha can convince The Whisperers that society is an illusion
  • #TWDLuke’s favorite song references The Day of Wrath/Judgement
    • DON’T WORRY, #DanFogler is healthy!
    • Seems like #KingEzekiel is hinting at a future death
    • JULES at #TheOceanside - the big mystery
    • A love triangle between #EugenePorter, Rosita, Stephanie?
  • #JudithGrimes is wise beyond her years
    • Dave fanboys over #KevinCarroll
    • Judith is reading "The World Before"
    • Dave reminds us that Siddiq said to #RickGrimes "May my mercy prevail over my wrath"
    • #Michonne thinks the risk is worth the reward
    • Going with #VirgilTWD
    • Informed vs. ignorant decision making
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