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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

[Percolation Nation] December, 2019

Why miss out? Subscribe to our blog via E-Mail!

Welcome to the first of many monthly [Percolation Nation] addresses, where we shout-out the ☕coffee-backers who generously support us on, be they monthly-subscribers or one-offs! As you may or may not know, even a single ☕coffee ($3 - less than your average cup of actual coffee) grants you 30 days of access to the following perks:
  • The ability to join us in our exclusive, real-time chat, while we record our episodes!
    We used to go live to the general public and, although we enjoyed it very much, we found that our episodes were a little less polished, struggling to keep up with the public conversation. Pre-recording our podcast has not only freed up our mental bandwidth, but the real-time, no-lag chat means that we receive instant feedback/corrections from our coffee-backers. Doing this also frees up our hands/fingers for when we premiere the podcast to the general public - via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitch, and Mixer - allowing us to take part in the live-chat, responding to questions/thoughts, and just having a great time with great people, reveling in the banter.
  • a link to download the entire, raw, and unedited video!
    As a backer, you're not only entitled to the times when you're able to attend our recordings, but receive a copy of the raw podcast for your offline viewing pleasure for the times when you aren't! What does this mean? You basically get all the behind-the-scenes banter between we hosts/coffee-backers: before, after, and in-between the episode! This means bloopers, pre-show banter, post-show cool-down, etc! For all intents and purposes, you kind of receive 2 podcasts in one! We get pretty personal!
  • Early Access to new perks
    As more folks take the plunge and subscribe to monthly coffee-support, we'll be rolling out new features. What will that look like? Oh, I dunno... maybe early-access-entries to giveaways? Perhaps the ability to be pulled onto the podcast? We are also open to suggestions, too! If you have any good ideas for perks, let us know on our website, leave a comment in this blog, or just DM us on our social media (all are open!)
With that out of the way, it's time to shout-out our [Percolation Nation] for the month of December, 2019!

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