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Saturday, March 7, 2020

[Episode 89] Season 10, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, "Stalker"

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The Walking Dead PEELS OUT into the action/suspense portion of the season, featuring parallels between #DarylDixon & #BetaTWD, #AlphaTWD's & Daryl's painful past but wildly divergent outcomes, and #JudithGrimes pulling it all together in her conversation with #GammaTWD, "You met the wrong person, first."Want the uncut/unedited version of this podcast & be a part of the next recording via our real-time chat, all while supporting us? Head here

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • NO you can’t be on the POD
  • Multiple "Stalkers"
  • What's good for the Daryl is good for the #CarolPeletier?
  • #TheHilltop weaponry: get the whole set!
  • #RositaEspinosa gives us a solid time frame
  • #DanteTWD’s gilded cross
  • #ChrisHatesEverything
  • #ThoraBirch’s acting. #DanielSalazar / #RubenBlades
  • Dave is #HOTforPreacher: #FatherGabriel
  • #TheWhisperers, one-on-one
  • #LordoftheFlies = #Beelzebub = Beta?
  • #WeAreTheWalkingDead / #WeAreNOTTheWalkingDead vs The Whisperers mantra. #RickGrimes
  • Beta wreaking havoc in #AlexandriaSafeZone
  • In defense of Judith's #SelfDefense
  • Morgan Street: #MorganJones
  • We're all #EugenePorter... or Dead Meat
  • Parallels: Daryl & Beta, Daryl & Alpha, Alpha & Carol
  • #Ballistics
  • When Alpha sneezes, Beta gives everyone a cold
  • Gamma is more like Comic-Book-Beta
  • Will Beta surprise us?
  • Step Towards Mary?
  • Rosita taking on Beta. Dave taking on #Gabrita hate
  • #Negan is #TeamWhisperers... for now
  • Gas Station call-back to #Siddiq
  • Don’t take characters for granted
  • Should Daryl be dead?
  • #ShoutOut to @KirstenAcuna
  • Would Lydia killing Alpha have worked for you?
  • Gabe's direct line to God
  • Alpha's cloudy past and why does she claim she's "Strong"?
  • Daryl could've been Beta, if not for Rick
  • #RIPLauraTWD
  • Symbolic Flies and the fast-paced, bumpy road ahead

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