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Friday, March 13, 2020

[Episode 90] AMA: Who Do You Think You Are, SQUAWKING DEAD? An Interview Conducted by @wtfnyssa

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You've had questions, we have answers: @wtfnyssa grills Dave to get clarification on SO MANY THINGS that SQUAWKING DEAD has been up to, as well as take your questions via Live Chat!

David Cameo:

Keep in mind, even though Dave answers the questions, he expounds greatly on them, talking about his personal life, career history, experience in podcasting, and much, much more!

  • Why are you pre-recording videos, just to premiere them live?
  • Ko-fi-backers? that like Subscribers? But why?
  • Can anyone be a Guest-Host without Paying?
  • Do the Regular Hosts pay?
  • Do Hosts need to be Ko-fi-backers?
  • Where does the money go?
  • Why even ask for money? (Part 1)
  • How many Ko-fi-backers do you have, so far?
  • Lois: I want to know if it's cold there
  • Pรคivi: Why [podcast about] The Walking Dead?
  • Linda: Do you think Alpha has doubts about Negan's intentions?
  • Darren: If you could have any 3 people, past or present, on the podcast, who would they be?
  • Darren: What's the most dumb injury you've ever had?
  • Darren: If you could bring back anyone from seasons 1-4, who would that be?
  • Dom: Can fans join as Guest-Hosts without paying?
  • (Part 2 of why we ask for money)
  • What did you think of Sunday's episode?
  • Thomas: Stockpiled TP?
  • Thomas: [FMK] Tara, Maggie, Rosita

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