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Sunday, May 31, 2020

[Episode 97] #WSCAtlanta2019 Panels: Negan & Judith, Hilltop, Whisperers, and Fear The Walking Dead

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We finally got around to it! Your host, David Cameo, narrates our way through all 4 panels filmed, on location, at Walker Stalker Atlanta (2019): The Negan & Judith panel, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Cailey Fleming - Moderated by Ming Chen of Comic Book Men; The Hilltop panel, with Alanna Masterson (Tara Chambler), Katelyn Nacon (Enid), Callan McAuliffe (Alden), Matt Lintz (Henry), and Kelley Mack (Addy); The Whisperers panel, with Samantha Morton (Alpha), Thora Birch (Gamma/Mary), and Cassady McClincy (Lydia) - moderated by Jason Cabassi; and the Fear The Walking Dead panel, with Jenna Elfman (June Dorie), Maggie Grace (Althea), Garret Dillahunt (John Dorie), Austin Amelio (Dwight), Alexa Nisenson (Charlie), Mo Collins (Sarah Rabinowitz), and Cooper Dodson (Dylan) - Moderated by our friend and yours, Thomas O'Mara (Twitter/Instagram)
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Narrated by David Cameo:
Filmed by Carol Gallardo:
Filmed by Rachael Burt:

Below are the embedded videos we produced from what we were able to film and tweak during the Walker Stalker Con panels. All the videos, here, were used to create the audio podcast (click the image at the top of the blog to play it on all podcast platforms). We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved bringing them to you. If you like what you've seen/heard, please consider πŸ‘ liking our videos, ↪sharing them, and even πŸ’¬leaving us some feedback! It all goes a long way!
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