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Sunday, December 6, 2020

[Episode 100: Part 1] Our Best Clips Covering The Walking Dead's 8th Season

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After a LOT of hard work: listening to our back catalog, deciding on clips, clipping them out of each episode, editing them professionally, uploading them to YouTube, adding the descriptions/tags/details, crafting the thumbnails, and actually recording all 5 parts and finally editing this 1st offering, Part 1 of our 5-part SQUAWKING DEAD retrospective is FINALLY here! Take a trip down memory lane as we go through and comment on our best clips throughout our flagship episodes!

To grab the UNEDITED version of this podcast (filled to the BRIM with so much more insights into - not only the content, but - where we were at, as an emerging podcast, click here

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • New Riverside platform
  • Ultimate Fan contest almost over
    We announced the winners: Here, Again, and yet Again
  • Please buy us a Ko-Fi
  • Eating tainted pig meat? Not a problem apparently
  • Grace’s dad’s tattoo
  • NOT JERRY!! BIG characters deserve EPIC death scenes
  • A distrust for Enid
  • Predicting a future group: The Helios
  • Predicting the snowy weather
  • Carol predicts Simon’s Junk Yard massacre
  • Nyssa compares Steven Ogg/Simon and GTA Trevor
  • The color Blue: Hope?/Clues?/Innocence?/Harbinger of Death?
  • Carol predicts a 5 year time jump
  • Using ghosts to move the story and off-camera flashbacks
  • Simon the meter maid
  • Is a Negan backstory necessary?
  • Hate the character, not the actor: Josh Mikel on Cameo
  • Dave and Carol; firearms pros
  • For the love of Gabe: Makes sense he and Rosita would find each other
  • How do we build a better future? Stop killing
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