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Sunday, December 13, 2020

[Episode 101] Season 10, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, "A Certain Doom"

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WE'RE BACK, BITCHES! Finally covering an actual Episode, not a trailer/teaser break-down, a retrospective (like [Episode 100] Part 1), or a filler episode: we're breaking down the Season Fauxnale of The Walking Dead's 10th season! Are you too cool for Jules? Only one way to find out!
Want the unedited recordings, as well as be there in the chat and included in the conversation as we record?

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Thank you @BuffyBong (previously @Freakish.Order) for the new graphic (our website is updated in prep for Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season)
  • Did this episode feel compressed?
  • How long have Connie and Virgil been together?
  • Eugene and Co. never would have made it back to assist in the war
  • Dave wants to add drums to the intro
  • Beta the Prophet
  • Princess = Abraham/Tara combo
  • Foreshadowing for Pamela Milton? and those Commonwealth uniforms?!
  • Could Georgie have built up an army?
  • Who’s watching us?
  • Why/How did Maggie leave The Hilltop?
  • Negan's signature: should he and Lydia live alone?
  • Where are the Whisperers? Listen for the pan flute
  • Goodbye Beatrice...
  • Lydia and Carol lip locking?
  • Only Negan could do what he did 
  • Father figure Daryl
  • Stop punishing yourself Carol
  • ”Burning down the House”
  • Beta’s nightmare
  • Cool like Jules
  • Father Gabriel Survives! "You are my other half" 
  • Henry Simmons as Mercer? 
  • Masked Ninja is a MAN
  • Stop posing and kill the Whisperer
  • Get your BETA BEAR from (Liz) Iron Angel Creations

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