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Sunday, December 20, 2020

[Episode 102] The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Series Premiere: "Brave"

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As Rachael says, most notably, in this episode: it's a SQUAWKING DEAD first to be able to break down a #TWDUniverse series from its start! We hope you enjoy our coverage of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and that we do it justice! We are all on the same page as having not only enjoyed it, but excited to see it develop, based on the roadmap it has already laid out, pretty neatly.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • What if Zombies were horny instead of Hungry?
  • N.S.F. = The Night the Sky Fell
  • Connection to Flight 462?
  • Poor Dr. K. & Souls vs. People
  • Who’s “The Soldier”? Well placed blood spatter
  • Iris shares her nightmare with the world
  • Remembering Mrs. Ortiz
  • Using a fossil as a weapon?
  • Dark vs. Light/Iris vs. Hope
  • Hope: Psychopath or Reminder?
  • What is Silas’ story in Omaha
  • Elizabeth is looking for “HER”. Hope? Iris? Isabelle?
  • Pilotitis
  • Relatable Characters: Seeing yourself represented
  • Four Corners Agreement?
  • Elton Ortiz/Silas Voci [Editor's Note: Plaskett (Voci is his mother's maiden surname)]/Felix Carlucci/HUCK
  • @BlazyGardener: Iris=Martha?
  • Iris/Rick:Hope/Shane
  • Death predictions
  • Congratulations Brian Castrillo: SQUAWKING DEAD's #TWDUniverse Ultimate Fan

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