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Saturday, January 2, 2021

[Episode 104] The Walking Dead: World Beyond | 1x02 | The Blaze Of Gory

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Subheading: The Blazy of Gardener! We explore the stream-of-consciousness episode that is #TheWalkingDeadWorldBeyond's 2nd installment and it takes us down some unexpectedly emotional rabbit holes.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • "The Blazy of Gardener"
  • “Who you are inside, isn’t who you are outside” - Huck
  • Emotionally packed episode
  • Alexa Mansur’s performance was AMAZING
  • The apocalypse is like a Mandala
  • Elton and “The Endling” 
  • Iris fakes it til she makes it
  • A shock to lose Campus Colony 
  • What if Leo Bennet never sent any messages?
  • Are the “kids” more adult than the “adults”?
  • Felix’s abuse is emotional, not physical: Did he kill his parents?
  • Hope wants Iris to be “The Endling” 
  • Hope, leaving a trail for Felix, knows the dangers
  • This Episode has a dream-like flow
  • WASP HIVE WALKER: Matt Negrete's Trypophobia
  • Nature vs Walkers: Tree stump walker, Walker and fireflies, and Elton capturing the beauty in the Terror
  • Awkward "Big Mo"ment reminds us we’re dealing with children
  • Sherrandy: The Simpsons predicted The Blaze of Gory
  • Don’t like the acting? Watch a different show
  • FEAR is like your best friends cousin
  • Dave predicted TWD World Beyond
  • 2020 Quarantine and how they’d do it: Isolation
  • Will TWD's Story spill over into FEAR after TWD S11?
  • "Summus Locus" vs "Locus Summus"
  • John Cafferty's “Sleep Walk”, while playing Monopoly
  • The End Is the Beginning: Hope walking to the siren building at the beginning of the episode 
  • Iris’ 1st Empty
  • Swapping show titles: World Beyond with FearTWD
  • Cailey Fleming, improvising with Norman Reedus
  • NO ONE tells Norman Reedus he can’t yell cut
  • Will we see Al’s "The Bog" tape?

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