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Thursday, January 7, 2021

[Episode 105] Season 6, Episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Welcome to the Club"

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Although this episode is very #VictorStrand-centric, we do the dirty work of drawing parallels to both he and #DanielSalazar and other players as well. Do you trust Dakota? Are you as secretly impressed with Virginia, as much as we loathe her? Have a listen and let us know in the comments!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Thank you @buffybong (formerly @Freakish.Order) for the new graphics (representing FearTWD's 6th season)!
  • @BlazyGardener with us on vocals (for now)
  • Ericksonites love new/old Strand/Daniel
  • There was a real horror element: Ghostbusters Ooze & Creepy lighting 
  • Sanjay keeping his distance reminds @BlazyGardener of Jurassic Park
  • Title Cards: Single character, different color, music changes
  • Mirror image of these characters
  • #ShitFingers, Fake poops
  • Living at "The Lanes"
  • Did you believe Daniel lost his memory?
  • Tumbleweed Sugar Processing
  • The St. Christopher Medallion
  • Check out @BlazyGardener’s Fear The Walking Dead Q&A video
  • Is Georgie still around?
  • Alicia makes Strand a better person, which is why he has to push her away
  • Strand’s questionable leadership skills
  • Will Strand join Ginny?
  • AMC survey: Will Madison return?
  • Can we trust Dakota?
  • VirgiΓ‘egan: They understand People
  • @BlazyGardener wonders if Dakota patched up Morgan
  • Not liking Charlie isn’t the same as wanting her dead
  • YOU are Sanjay
  • Strand's Dark Side/Super Saiyan Strand
  • Season 10 in production: Melissa McBride/Lauren Cohen table read video
  • Heartbreaking to watch Daniel lie to his friends
  • Ginny, like Martha: Can’t see past the surface.
  • Morgan whistles?? A-Hyuk!
  • Why does Strand keep Janis close?

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