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Sunday, January 17, 2021

[Episode 107] The Walking Dead: World Beyond | 1x04 | The Wrong End of a Telescope

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Admittedly, this episode is a bit of a slow burn; however, that doesn't mean we don't get a few heaping spoonsful of eye-opening character development and emotional moments. The only thing we know, for sure, is how unsure we are of where the story might go next: the slight-of-hand, typical of #TWDUniverse, is in full effect.
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • AMC screwing with people
  • Critics vs. Fans
  • Late(r) is not guaranteed
  • Learning more about Huck
  • Father figures: Leo and Felix let Hope stew - Principal's Office & Jail Cell
  • Iris' fantasies about the past
  • Sadie Hawkins
  • HORROR ELEMENTS: Dave knew the wolf was coming, but what makes a walker flee?
  • Everyone loves to complain
  • Hvass High School: Home of the Hawks (Carrion birds)
  • Are there humans still out there?
  • The Wrong End of the Telescope: making a situation worse
  • Sabina James: a rebel
  • Felix knew about the communications cabinet
  • Hope’s bargain
  • Iris and Hope were both adopted
  • Can we make up for lost time?
  • Huck and the Wolf: what lies underneath the surface
  • Silas’ flashbacks
  • SMEAT is back!
  • What does Iris have to make up for?
  • Characters in Arrested Development
  • Silas unleashed
  • Nerds in Lockers and Elton’s flashes to his past?
  • Felix & Elton bond
  • Elton helps himself by helping Silas
  • #Siris
  • Huck eludes to her past
  • Iris the artist
  • EXTRA SCENE: Dr. Lyla + T.S. A402
  • The Cure
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