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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

[Episode 108] Season 6, Episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Alaska"

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In our largely Althea-centric episode, we celebrate the sibling-esque friendship she has with Dwight. There's joy-on-tap with some characters where, before, there was none. This episode, in many ways, holds a mirror to the last few but, in other ways, shows how different they are and how far they've come (in mostly great ways)... and we, of course, go through it all!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Knit Friends from @ironangelcreations
  • FearTWD Fan Q&A by @BlazyGardener

  • These episodes keep getting better, however...
  • The many layers of Althea
  • Morgan is our common thread in each episode
  • 16 different Morgan Joneses
  • Eastman told Morgan he would hold a baby again
  • Morgan’s new weapon
  • The influence of color
  • Dwight living vicariously through Al
  • Dwight & Al becoming siblings
  • Walkers with glass eyes and embalmed walker attacking Althea
  • Hanging bleach bottle
  • FΓΌeler Beer
  • Dwight dirtying his boots
  • The fall occurred in 2008
  • Genius Ginny places all our characters in the perfect spot (for her)
  • Plague Rats
  • What has Sherry been up to?
  • Al’s reaction to the plague people
  • Rachael is tricked by the timelines, once again
  • Al recognized Isabelle’s voice and cold beer in the supply crate confirms it
  • Al chooses Dwight over Isabelle
  • Colman Domingo directed this episode 
  • Fortuitous sequence of events as a result of Al’s choice
  • Slight transformation for Al
  • "We’re all infected," Plague walkers on 5th floor
  • Remember the human, not the walker
  • Dwight ❤ Sherry
  • "Slow Down" by Jesper Munk: brought on by Colman, introduced to him by Frank Dillane (AKA "Nick Clark")
  • Confusing emotions surrounding Dwight
  • Acceptable death to move story forward
  • Mirror conversation between Al & Nora sounds like Isabelle's convo with Al 
  • Don't underestimate Ginny
  • Will Ginny face off against this "death cult"?
  • Al and her brother spotted License plates like Aaron and his brother

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