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Saturday, January 23, 2021

[Episode 109] The Walking Dead: World Beyond | 1x05 | Madman Across The Water

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Where, at first, we thought we wouldn't have much to talk about, the further we discussed this episode, the more we learned about Elton, the zombie apocalypse as nature's "big f*ck you", and human nature as a whole (also, how many of us want Pluto's designation as a planet reinstated!)
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • AMC Plus late releases
  • Rachael realizes there's a difference between AMC premier and AMC plus
  • Elton’s past + some of Huck’s, too
  • Give Roger Dale Floyd, baby Elton, an award
  • Daquiritown
  • Amelia’s monologue 
  • Creation and destruction: a lesson from Elton's parents
  • Elton names his sister, Esmerelda 
  • Isaac, Elton’s father, and biblical ties
  • Baby Elton spends 3 days in the box
  • Bullet holes in the sheet metal: a sign of a bigger problem?
  • Shane’s flashback episode we see the military ‘cleaning house’
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Seeing someone so strong break down
  • Felix’s gruff voice
  • Hope to Felix, "We wanted a brother," but Felix’s idea of family is skewed 
  • If only they'd admit their fears: Elton & Felix
  • Just as Hope admits defeat Felix helps out
  • Plan B is splitting them up
  • Is Huck over confident? Her experience gives her purpose
  • "For Elton, my little Explorer" Elton adds to Amelia’s manuscript
  • Mother Nature is a Bitch and you must adapt, "We are the masters of our fate: How do we form our fate?"
  • Daquiritown’s animals in each character
  • Was this the first episode filmed? Actors finding their character
  • "Madman across the Water" was Elton John’s 4th album, released Nov. 5th (TWDWB's 5th episode)
  • Doc Robinson's "Meaning of a Songbird Calling"
    • Feel the sun come slowly, Makes the window glow like and old friend round in the dead end
    • all i need is a place to dream and all i need is clouds beneath my feet
    • they swing and sudden breezes through the leaves and leaves me breathless
    • say you're living by faith, you can get in my head, see the color of your clear eyes
    • if you could get in my head you could see where I've been, know the meaning of the songbird calling
    • you can fall asleep in a cave of dreams, paint the morning's paint `cross endless streets that go
    • twistin' off like blades of grass or strands of a bracelet, but new but were ancient
    • we try but we're fakin', we're real but we're vacant, the river just goes and no way to tame it
    • cause nothing is sacred, all form is shapeless, nothing can change it, all roads are aimless
  • Predator Vs. Prey exhibit at the Nebraska Museum of Natural history
  • PUBLIC ALERT EVACUATION: US Civil Defense and how the "Military" came before the "Civic Republic"
  • New character, "Percy," hiding in the forest?
  • Nicholas Cantu going through a growth spurt 
  • Elton’s calms down, reciting the planets
  • Poor Pluto, losing planet status
  • Hope's devastating connection to Amelia Ortiz

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